Monday, March 19, 2012

Protein Powder as an Emergency Food Option

by Shane White

I was reading the news today and they were talking about using protein powder as food in the case of an emergency. From what I am reading, protein powder is an great meal replacement that many people use on a daily basis. Why not put some of these in with your emergency supplies? It supplies all the calories that you need, is easy to store, it does not spoil even after opening, and all you need is some water to mix it with. You can't go wrong. Pour some in a bottle of water and mix it up and you have a meal and you will have plenty of energy to keep you going.

Naturally, you should always make sure you are buying a quality product as some are much better and healthier than others.  Some have even been said to have high amounts of heavy metals in them so you should read up on them before you buy.  Here is a link with some reviews of a few.

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