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You may know of them as survival bags, 72-hour bags, grab-and-go bags, bug-out bags, and several other names. If you have ever experienced a your own short term doomsday, you already know that life would have been much better if you just had a few things that you didn’t have together already.

Just imagine that you were just in a large earthquake, tornado, hurricane, zombie apocalypse, or some other equally devastating event. There is no electricity, no clean water, no gas, and you are unable to return to your home for a few days at least, or maybe even never. Wouldn’t it be handy for you to have a bag of some kind that you can grab in a moments notice that would hold nearly everything you need for just long enough for you to figure out what you are going to do next.

Another more common possibility is a short term crisis event in which you lose one or more household services such as electric, water, and/or gas for more than a day or so.

What we are going to do here is to all work together to create a survival bag, or possibly several variations of survival bags. We feel that this is important enough that we are going to make a special location on this site for them. Keep you eye on this post as I will be updating it possibly every day for a while as I get in touch with you and get more ideas on my own as well as fill in more information on what we have so far.

Here is a list of what I would have ready. I would keep this bag in my car or somewhere where i can get to it quickly if I have too:


Bug-Out Bag contents


I recommend a backpack because if you are in a situation where you have to walk a long distance, it will be much easier to carry. I have seen several prepackaged survival bags that are in a duffle bag, or even a 5-gallon bucket. I don’t think this is something that I would want to carry around with me for three days. A backpack I can just throw on my back and go. Portability might be an important factor in your survival. You never know.


Some people feel that it is important to have something like an MRE (meal ready to eat) or something similar. If you are on a budget, there are cheaper alternatives such as energy bars. it doesn’t matter what it is really, you need calories to survive. If you don’t have food, you will get weak and this could lessen your chances for survival.


This is even more important than food. There are all sorts of ways to get water. You can get water filters, purification tablets, or whatever, but I would recommend just getting water in some kind of a container. This will be a heavy thing to carry, so you should try to figure out exactly what you need and carry just that. Remember that if it is hot out, you will sweat and need a little more. They have water pouches, water boxes, but I think water in bottles is good enough. I am not really worried much about the shelf life of water, but I will be rotating my water bottles every so often because I usually drink bottled water anyways.

Mylar Blanket

These are also known as space blankets. These things work well, so I have been told. They trap your body heat and keep you nice and warm and they take very little space in your bag. They also have mylar sleeping bags.

ok…here is a good start…I can seriously keep going as I have a lot of things that I am going to add to the Survival bag page on this site in a couple of days so check back often. Click here for the Doomsday Moose Survival Bag Page. I appreciate your input.

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by Shane White

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