Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gold and Silver in your Prepper Plan

by Shane White

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Many people seem to have their own opinions about why gold and silver will or will not be worth something after a catastrophic event. I think gold and silver are probably your only sure thing investments for after doomsday. Hopefully this article will explain why.

Silver and Gold have been used for currency for thousands of years. People are used to using it as currency. People are also used to using currency to buy things.

I must admit that early on, after an event, most people will not want gold or silver. What is the use of a piece of pretty metal when you are hungry? This will be a great time for you to buy up as much as you can. People will be dumping their gold for food, water, and other survival necessities. What they do not realize is that when some normalcy comes back to society, there will be a form of currency again. What you have done by keeping gold is basically found a way to transfer your money from a form of currency that may have failed to a new form of currency.

Let me use the scenario of a country like Greece, who at the time of this writing is facing the possibility of having their money, the Euro, taken away from them and replaced with something else. Many people are keeping their faith in the Euro and are pulling as many out as they can and are hiding it or putting it in foreign banks because they don't know what else they can do with it. If they just bought gold and silver with it, they could just wait out the financial storm and trade for the new currency at what will likely be no loss of value, as needed.

The reason I say this is because gold and silver hold their value very well. You will likely be using very close to the same amount of gold or silver that you would have 50 years ago to buy the same amount of gas, house, car, etc. The value of your gold as compared to the products you buy today is worth about the same or more, than it bought 100 years ago. Its true...look it up. I am not talking about how much gold and silver cost compared to dollars and euros. I am talking about what products you could buy if you traded your gold or silver for cash and went straight to the store. Dollars and euros are just pieces of paper that the government has assigned a value to. Inflation has driven down the value of them over the years. In a catastrophe, your dollars and euros will be worth far less. These are some of the reasons why I believe that gold and silver are the only investments that will stand the test of time.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Homemade: How-to Make Hundreds of Everyday Products Fast, Fresh, and More Naturally - A Prepper's Perspective

by Shane White

I got this book hoping for to find a collection of recipes for household products. This book does not disappoint. It is obvious that this book is not written for Prepper's or for any sort of catastrophe where products will be hard to get. It is written for people who want to save money and make their own soaps and things with simple and relatively common products that you can find in your local stores. About half of the recipes in this book require that you have access to common products that are available today to make them. For example, over-the-counter tube of toothpaste, dishwasher soap, and a hole lot of different oils and herbs and things.

This book include so many different things that you can make after doomsday happens. Some include, beeswax candles, drain opener, seed starting mix, insect repellent, and a whole lot more. I recommend this book as a good one for your prepper library. I wish they had a list in here of common ingredients, but I guess that would be unrealistic since there are so many. What you need to do with this book is to look through it, mark it up, flag the pages of the things that you think you will need, and start collecting ingredients and keep them in a safe place.

I rated this book as a 4 out of five just because it has so many recopies for the things we use every day. It will be a great book to have after a disaster to get life back to normal.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Apocalypse 2012

December 21st 2012 іs lеss thаn 6 to 7 months аway. Thе Mаyаn calendar ends at thаt date, but dоes that mеаn аnуthіng? The Mayans lived more thаn 1500 years аgo aftеr all. Why ѕhоuld we care what аn ancient civilization thоught? I'll tеll уоu why. Maуbе јuѕt mауbe, we shоuldn't be ѕо fast to discredit theіr teachings аbоut thе apocalypse іn 2012.

The Mayans wеrе nоt yоur average Stone Age culture. Thеу mаy hаvе bеen technologically fаr inferior tо today, but that onlу makes theіr calendar еvеn mоre impressive. Did you know that thе Maуаn calendar hаd 365 (аnd 1/4) days? Thаt'ѕ so precise, thаt their calendar саn ѕtill bе usеd, thousands of years latеr, tо accurately predict lunar eclipses. Thе Mayans werе obsessed wіth the Universe. Their pyramids wеre built аftеr specifications thаt matched cosmic objects that wе onlу discovered with the invention оf thе Hubble telescope. I thіnk, wе owe оurѕеlvеs tо ѕеrіously study what thе Mayans believed.

Now, a lot of people belіevе thаt 2012 means the apocalypse, thе coming of the Anti-Christ or ѕomеthing similar. I аm not ѕауіng thіѕ iѕn't true, but we simply dоn't know. Thеrе іs hоwеver evidence that wе wіll bе hit by ѕоmе kind оf cosmic event. Thе most commonly referred to theory іѕ thаt оf Planet X; thе brown dwarf thаt supposedly orbits thе sun at а reverse angle. Thіѕ mysterious planet, hidden bу thе sun, iѕ supposed tо enter оur solar system іn 2012, wreaking havoc оn thе earth. Cоuld thе earthquakes and volcano eruptions wе аrе experiencing be caused by Planet X? Then there arе also thе sun flares, whіch scientists bеlievе maу be on thеіr wаy tо hit uѕ іn 2012. Whо knоws? I dо knоw that the US government аnd FEMA have bеen vеrу busy constructing internment camps аnd training their military in 'urban warfare'. I аm worried abоut thаt.

Somе people bеlіеve that 2012 hаѕ nothіng tо dо wіth planets or solar flares, rаther it hаs bеcomе the blueprint fоr the New World Order global elite. You know, fiction bесomеs reality. Juѕt lіkе thеѕe people toоk theіr cues frоm famous dark sci-fi novels '1984' and 'Brave New World'. Go read thоѕe books аnd tell mе іf thеу did nоt cоme true.

I know thіѕ muсh: Something wіll happen in 2012. Iѕ іt thе apocalypse in 2012 or ѕоmеthіng elsе? US elections аrе scheduled fоr November 2012. Co-incidence? Could thе government uѕe thе thrеаt of a global disaster to make аwaу wіth our democracy onсe аnd fоr all? I hope not, but I wіll bе prepared for аnуthing: Planet X, Famine, Dictatorship.

About the Author : Thiѕ iѕ а Guеѕt Poѕt bу Lіѕa Colасо whо сurrentlу blоgѕ on vаrіоus hеаlth blоgs. She even hаѕ a соld ѕorеѕ blоg whiсh prоvidеѕ qualіtу informаtiоn аbout cold sore remedies and cold sore treatment

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cell Phone Armageddon

by Shane White

Lets make this intro short. Doomsday has just happened and your cell phone no longer works. You don't have a signal, you cannot charge it. Lets say for this scenario that your cell phone is no better than a hunk of plastic and burnt out circuits. What do you replace it with?

Communications - You can not longer contact people with just a couple of clicks. If land-line phones still work, you will have to find one, call whoever you are trying to reach, and hope that they are there to answer. It would be like going back to the seventies because nobody has answering machines anymore. Sending a message to someone would involve finding a computer and sending a message with it. If there is no electricity or land-line telephones, you will have to walk to your friend's house and hope they are there or hope that there is a postal system to deliver a letter.

Navigation - Many smart phones have navigation build in. Programs such as Google Maps and Telenav have made it so we no longer have to pull out a road atlas or a map to figure out where we are or how to get somewhere. In a world without cell phones, we would have to use these again, or use our dashboard mounted GPS. If the GPS system no longer works, or you are unable to get your GPS recharged, or get batteries for it, then you will be forced to use paper maps. My suggestion is to buy a road atlas or some maps right now if you do not already have some.

Internet - Now, many of us use the internet on our cell phones to get information about anything we need or can think of right where we are. Without a cell phone, you will need to do this on a computer, but without electricity, there is no internet. If you have to find information about something, you will need to go to the library or the bookstore and get a book. My suggestion for you is if there are any books that you know you will need in a catastrophic event, you should buy it now.

Idle Time - People use their phones to kill time. Right now people do things like text, surf the internet, and play games on their phones. In a world without cell phones, you will not be able to do any of these things. You would have to use a laptop or a tablet on WIFI to do anything close to this. If you do not have electricity, you will be forced to read paper books, play with a deck or cards, whittle on a piece of wood or something like that.

Other Stuff - Right now you may use your phone to store your contacts, as a calculator, or use it for the many other useful apps that we have grown accustomed to. You may still be able to use a handheld calculator for a while since most of them are solar powered and have extremely long battery life. Your best bet is to keep a supply of pencil and paper. You should have your friends and families information written down now or it may be lost forever. Also, paper is great for doing math problems, writing notes, etc. Get some now.

If you have ever been in a short term event, you already know that your cell phone is the probably the first tool that will become unusable. Without a place to plug them in, they are difficult to charge, and they may be useless anyway if the cell network goes down. Hand crank chargers will give you quite a workout and will quickly get old so that you end up not using your cell phone for much.

Be prepared for cell phone Armageddon. It will happen.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

OnGuard Weather Alerts App for Android - A Prepper's Review

by Shane White

The OnGuard Weather Alerts App app warns you of much more than just weather. This app accesses advisories, watches, and warnings provided by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for: Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Wildfires, Earthquakes, Winter Weather, Extreme Temperatures, Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Volcanoes, Tsunami, Wind, 911 Outages, Fog, Flooding, Civil Emergencies, Nuclear Power Plant Warnings, Law Enforcement Warnings, Local Emergencies, Child Abduction Emergencies, Avalanches, and more. There are no ads, no text messages, and no sign-ups.

What the app does is by using your GPS location, OnGuard Weather Alerts monitors the NOAA for alerts for your area. If there is an advisory, watch, or warning in your area, your phone will set off an alarm depending on how severe the event is. I have mine set on "insistent" for warnings so I have to acknowledge them or be forced to listen to an alarm until I wake up. You can also choose which events to warn you about.

After an event, you can click on the FEMA page to get information on what you need to do after the event happens. There is also a Red Cross check in page that lets you check in to let everyone know that you are ok.

The way I see it, this app is a heads up for any kind of event that is near where I am. I know that there are weather apps that do similar things, but I have found that the OnGuard Weather Alerts app notified me several minutes earlier than these other apps. In such an event, every minute counts. I do not want to be waiting for my weather app to notify me when it feels like it. I want to be safe.

This app is $1.99 at the Android Market. Here is the link...OnGuard Weather Alerts This could be the most important app you can buy.

NOTE: This app only works within the Continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Prepper's Plan

by Shane White

Why do people act like the idea of prepping is so ridiculous? People prepare for other things. They prepare for retirement, they prepare for vacation, they prepare for work, they even prepare for their how they will be playing Farmville. The fact is that most people are already some kind of a prepper. Some people just choose to ignore the fact that there is a possibility that everything that they know can change in a very short period of time.

So why do people pile their money into their retirement fund, and pretend that everything will always be like it is now forever? For one, it is easier to make one plan for your future then it is to make multiple plans. I am not saying that saving money is a bad thing, but should you be putting all your eggs into one basket. The fact is, to properly prepare for your future, you need to be ready for the status quo and for the poop to hit the fan.

If you are putting all your extra money into your retirement fund and not into prepping, you are going to be almost as bad off as someone who puts all their extra money into prepping with the simple difference that if you are prepping, you are self sufficient. If you are investing in cash (which is basically what a retirement fund is doing) then you are still dependent on the cash working the same as it does today. The problem with this is, cash is not very reliable. Cash can be devalued quickly. A good example of this is inflation. A dollar today buys what 3 cents bought 100 years ago, but a can of corn is still worth a can of corn. Another point would be to look at many of the countries using the Euro.

So what advantage does a prepper have over someone putting all their money into a retirement fund? A good prepper will have a place to live, food to grow, materials and skills to replace the things that wear out, and most other things he will need. He won't necessarily even need cash because he is self sufficient. Who is better off? The guy who has cash to buy food, or the guy who already has food?

The ideal plan is to prepare for both situations. I believe that the prepper's scenario is the most likely, but that doesn't matter what I think. It would be ridiculous to not be prepared for every kind of scenario that you can. A plan of balance would be the smartest plan. You should be investing your cash where you feel it is the most safe, whether it be in a 401k, gold, silver, or whatever. You should also be investing in things like land, seeds, guns, and gold and silver. Be prepared for everything.

I must also say that I am not a financial advisor. You should not invest your hard earned money based solely on what I have said in this article. Before you invest your money, you need to do your own research. Talk to financial planners, as well as other people (including preppers), and see what they think. It doesn't take much to start prepping. Even a little preparation for a catastrophic event will put you ahead of the vast majority of people.

Side note...Ok yes, I said gold and silver for the retirement investor and the prepper because they are things that you can trade in either scenario as long as we are talking about physical gold and silver and not pieces of paper that say you have gold and silver.

What do you think?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Zombies Attack, Part 3

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You're looking at your now closed car door, contemplating what to do. The cold zombie hand is still on your shoulder, so you're trying not to freak out. You have your tire iron in your right hand, you think maybe I can knock the head off this zombie before it bites me. You turn around fast, holding up the iron, when you hear a voice. "Don't, please! I'm not like them!" Finally, you see the guy from your college algebra class. You breathe a sigh of relief and lower the tire iron.

"We have to get out of here. Follow me!" he says... You don't really know him. You think for a minute, should I trust him, but right now he's your only shot of getting out of here. So you follow him. You walk across the interstate to a back road. He uses your tire iron to open a drain the the road. "Go down," he instructs you.

You lean over the dark hole and shake your head. "No way." It is dark, and smelly in there. There is no way you're going down.

"It's the only way. If we take this all the way down, it will lead us to the edge of town. It's the only way we are going to make it out alive," he insist.

"How do you know?" You ask, putting your hands on your hips.

"I work for the city part time. Now go!" You don't ask any more questions. You see a zombie so you jump in. The smell is much worse once you're inside. The nameless guy jumps down, and puts the manhole cover back over the hole. He hands you an extra flashlight (he's obviously more prepared than you are), and you follow silently down the long, smelly sewer. You walk for what seems like hours, maybe it is hours. And finally, you reach the end.

As Mr. No Name pushes you up, you wonder what now? You're at the edge of town, which seems abandoned. You reach down and help him up, just as you see about 20 zombies, all heading towards you. You look towards the guy in a panic. He grabs your hand, and you run.


This post is wrote by YA author, Heather M. White.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ultimate Survival Vehicles

by Shane White

If you are stuck in a world after the apocalypse that leaves you constantly mobile, why not be mobile in style. Here are a few vehicles that will help you along your way down the path of a road warrior.

First is the UNICAT INDIVIDUAL MD48 has got it all. It is basically a house on wheels. It has tons of security features, power supplies (including a solar system), storage, and many luxury features including a bed and a shower. If this isn't big enough for you they have plenty of much larger vehicles.

The guys at Sportsmobile have created something pretty awesome. The Sportsmobile Ultimate Adventure Vehicle is a 4X4 van that has all the amenities of a large motorhome. They are in the business of converting Ford, Chevy, GM, Nissan, and Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans into a number of different configurations. This one will get you there and you won't have to sleep on a rock.

The Siberian by Tiger Adventure Vehicles is their largest model. They start with a F450 Crew Cab 4X4 and work their magic on it and it becomes an offroad beast. It comes with many features you would find in an RV. It also includes a solar system, is all aluminum (except for the truck of course), and has a beefed up offroad package all included. This vehicle is an adventure in itself.

Any of these awesome vehicles would be ideal for a life on the road, or just a short adventure. They are all tough, able to go about anywhere, and have comfortable living quarters. Be sure to check out their web sites for more information on how cool they are.


Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Trading After Doomsday

by Shane White

Many steps can be taken now to make sure you are prepared and are self reliant for after the coming apocalypse. You need to be sure you have your short term supplies, a place to go, plans on where you are getting your food, where you will be living, and you have self protection. What am I missing?

Well...Let me tell you something. Even the best laid out plans have holes in them. You may have thought of everything but it is almost a certainty that you have forgotten something. After the event is not a good time at all to find this out.

When you discover you have missed something critical, what do you do? You had better make sure that you have preparations to have something valuable that you can trade to your neighbors for things they have that you may need. If you have something that they need and they have something you need, then you have an ideal arrangement.

Here are some ideas for things that most people will need that you can use for trade:

Clean Water - this is a resource that you cannot do without. You can only survive without water for a few days at best. Without water your body will quickly shut down. Many of your neighbors will find that they are in need of this resource. Make sure you have plenty of extra water that you can trade. Water can be collected from rain, rivers, wells, lakes, reservoirs, and other places like this. The hardest part is having enough storage for your water. I suggest having water storage tanks or barrels that you can keep lots of water in. Make sure you clearly mark which water is clean and which is not. Another option is getting water from a well. The problem with wells is that many wells today are powered by electricity. Make sure you have a way to get water from your wall. Plan ahead and get a hand pump now. Collected water can have bacteria and all kinds of other contaminants in it. Make sure you have a good long term way to purify it. Also remember that you don't necessarily have to purify all of your water. Water for bathing and for your garden doesn't have to be purified.

Food - Everybody needs food. This is probably number two after food. If you have a garden and some animals, make sure you have enough that will allow you to store some for the future and some extra to use for trade. Food laying out in the open like a garden or a cage full of chickens might look like an easy target for hungry people in the night. Make sure you have some means of defending them. Another thought, trading food for food is an excellent way to make sure you are not eating chicken and green beans every single night. You will find that you will appreciate having a variety of different kinds of food.

Skills - Make sure you know some skills that would be valuable in a post-apocalyptic world. It will not be long before people will be needing things like shoes, clothes, general repairs to their equipment, and other things like this. Find a few things that you think you might be good at and get good at them now. If you are already good at some things that might fit into an post-apocalyptic world, figure out if you how you can do them without resources like gas or electricity, and how you can create things with less than ideal parts. It is also a good idea to have some paper books around on a variety of topics relating to homesteading, survival and other similar topics for reference and ideas.

Gold and silver - These resources have been used for thousands of years and will likely still be used, even after a world changing event. The greatest advantage of gold and silver is that they are valuable and can be stored easily. This is obvious, but you might ask, why is silver and gold still going to be valuable? People already know how money works, so picture this...everything you want to trade is readily available from your neighbor. You might need water for example. Your neighbor needs shoes. Your neighbor doesn't have water, but you make the best shoes in the county. In this case he gives you the gold or silver in exchange for your shoes and you find someone else who has water and buy the water from them. It is a very fluid system and has worked for thousands of years. Even if gold and silver are not immediately desired by your neighbors, it is only a matter of time before this is the desired form of trade again.

Other Stuff - There are other things that people will need such as tobacco, coffee, cotton, metals, horses, and a lot of other things like this. If you have a few items like these that initially might be hard to come by, you will be a not have any trouble working out deals with your neighbors.

Whatever you do, make your plan to have something that is useful for trade. Whether it be food, water, gold, raw talent, or something else. There is no way you will be able to produce everything that you will need for the long term. Be as self sufficient as possible, but also be prepared to establish trade relationships with your neighbors. Many of them may not have any trade plans, or even survival plans. If you make plans, you will have a better chance for survival, and may even do quite well long term.

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