Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ultimate Survival Vehicles

by Shane White

If you are stuck in a world after the apocalypse that leaves you constantly mobile, why not be mobile in style. Here are a few vehicles that will help you along your way down the path of a road warrior.

First is the UNICAT INDIVIDUAL MD48 has got it all. It is basically a house on wheels. It has tons of security features, power supplies (including a solar system), storage, and many luxury features including a bed and a shower. If this isn't big enough for you they have plenty of much larger vehicles.

The guys at Sportsmobile have created something pretty awesome. The Sportsmobile Ultimate Adventure Vehicle is a 4X4 van that has all the amenities of a large motorhome. They are in the business of converting Ford, Chevy, GM, Nissan, and Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans into a number of different configurations. This one will get you there and you won't have to sleep on a rock.

The Siberian by Tiger Adventure Vehicles is their largest model. They start with a F450 Crew Cab 4X4 and work their magic on it and it becomes an offroad beast. It comes with many features you would find in an RV. It also includes a solar system, is all aluminum (except for the truck of course), and has a beefed up offroad package all included. This vehicle is an adventure in itself.

Any of these awesome vehicles would be ideal for a life on the road, or just a short adventure. They are all tough, able to go about anywhere, and have comfortable living quarters. Be sure to check out their web sites for more information on how cool they are.



  1. Now, how to get gas for these vehicles during doomsday... ;)

    1. That is why they call it prepping. You get them before doomsday. :P

    2. Of course getting gas for them may be an issue.

    3. Yeah.... Guess we better start running and get in shape lol.

  2. Must have fusion engine that converts trash into fuel like those from Back to the Future movies.


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