Post-Apocalyptic Fare: What’s on the Menu When Doomsday Comes?

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Never before has there been more interest,
speculation, and excitement surrounding doomsday theories. The Mayan calendar
predicts the end of the world on December 21st of this year,
another theory suggests that Planet X –a mysterious brown dwarf star hidden
by the sun—will enter our solar system in 2012 and destroy humanity, and some
scientists claim solar flares are scheduled to hit planet Earth before
January 1, 2013. While there are plenty of arguments for and against these
theories, it is clear that the topic is on a lot of people’s minds (just
think about the number of “end of the world” movies released in the past five
years and the millions of dollars they gross in the box office).

Whether we buy into the theories or not—and considering our recent string
of natural disasters— it is definitely worth thinking through how we would
react in a crisis situation. Our chances of being involved in some sort of
catastrophe may be more likely than we would care to admit. And it always
pays to be prepared.

Possibly the most frightening aspect we have to
confront when considering such a situation is that the most basic elements of
our everyday lives, those things we tend to take for granted, are no longer
readily available. Because food and water are our most essential needs, any
emergency preparedness plan should include food storage. Acquiring adequate food
storage is not a new idea but many shy away from doing it because initially
it may seem like a huge task. It can be fairly simple and when it’s the
difference between life and death it is certainly worth the effort.

The most obvious and essential item to begin with when building your food
storage is water. Whether you’re stuck in your home because of a zombie
apocalypse or because an earthquake has made it impossible to get to the
grocery store, you are going to be thirsty and you’re going to need water.
Experts suggest that an adult should drink between 9 and 13 cups (around 2.5
liters) of fluid per day. Use these rough numbers to calculate daily, weekly,
or monthly needs for your specific situation. While any fluid will do, water
is the cheapest and safest to store for extended periods of time without
refrigeration. If the thought of just drinking water for every meal is
unsavory, you may consider powdered drink mixes to add a little flavor.

Once you have your water needs adequately planned for you will want to
build a decent food supply. It might seem silly to ask, “what’s for dinner?”
after a tidal wave has swallowed half of the continent, but you have to eat
to live and you want to live. Building your own food storage doesn’t have to
be complicated, just stick to the basics. Grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy,
meats and beans are all part of a healthy diet and should be the staples of
your food storage. Flour, rice, and macaroni are easy to find in large
quantities and will last for a long time. Dried fruits and vegetable are also
readily available in larger quantities. Take care of your dairy needs with
items like powdered milk, yogurt bites, and freeze-dried cheeses and look
into purchasing large cans of dried beans and freeze dried meats to ensure
you will be consuming enough protein to have the energy you will need.

While this list probably won’t be found on the menu of your favorite local
restaurant, many of these foods are fairly tasty. More importantly, of
course, they will help keep you alive.

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