Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Cheap Home Solar Panels - The UK Experience

Despite the increase in popularity of solar panels in the UK, installing a system still costs thousands of pounds. Many people are attracted to the idea of installing panels on to their homes because they produce free electricity, are environmentally friendly and can increase the value of your property. However, the high price of solar panels can put people off. A standard domestic solar panel system costs in the region of £7,000 to £10,000.

Although the panels do save money on standard electricity bills, it would take decades for the original outlay to be recouped. For this reason, many people are keen on finding the cheapest way to install solar panels onto their roofs.

You Can't get Cheaper than Free!

There are numerous companies that are willing to offer homeowners free solar panels in the UK. This is because the government has a scheme, known as The Feed In Tariff, which pays a rate for all electricity generated through solar panels. These payments currently equate to just over £500 a year for a standard domestic system. Solar companies will offer to install a homeowner's solar panels for free in return for their Feed In Tariff payments.

The homeowner will still see a reduction in their electricity bill but it will be the solar company making the profit in the long run.

Get in Quick - Tariff Reductions Due Soon

Those wanting to apply for free solar panels should do so quickly. The scheme is going though changes and the tariffs are being cut. The tariff has already been reduced by over half and further reductions are due in August 2012. Should the cuts continue, it may mean solar companies stop offering free solar panels as it will not be profitable to them. Indeed, many companies are already advising applicants that the free panels are only available until 1st August 2012.

Why Let Someone Else Make all the Profit?

Of course, there is the option of the homeowners themselves receiving the tariff payments. The homeowner will still have to fork out the thousands of pounds to install the panels, but a hefty profit can be made. Tariff payments are tax free and guaranteed to last for at least 25 years. So, whilst the panels are not cheap in the short term they do represent a sound future investment. Although tariff payments are due to be cut, the new rates will effect new installations only.

This means once a solar panel system is installed its tariff will remain the same for the remainder of the scheme.

The Waiting Game - Prices will Fall

Solar panels are a relatively new technology especially in the domestic market - and as with all new technologies, this makes them expensive. However, as time passes, it is likely that the price will drop and solar panels will become cheaper. Once solar panels become available on a mass scale to domestic homeowners they are bound to drop in price. Therefore, in order to secure cheap solar panels it may well be worth waiting a few years.

On the other hand, the more popular solar panels become the less likely it is that government scheme such as the Feed In Tariff will exist. So those wanting solar panels will have to weigh up the possibility of cheaper panels against the loss of payment tariffs.

Solar panels are not cheap and people should be wary of any company offering solar panels at a heavily reduced price. Free solar panels are available but do not represent a sound investment. Ultimately, people may be forced to wait for the market prices to fall in the future.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to Prepare for the Zombie Invasion

Zombies have been a part of horror culture for many, many years. This terrifying possibility does not leave the back of the mind for many people, and knowing what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse can truly save your life. Essentially, you are going to need to keep several important things in mind.

#1 Know How To Kill A Zombie

This is essential, because if you are surviving in a post apocalyptic world over run with zombies, you are likely going to encounter a few as you live out your days. Generally, killing a zombie lies in high impact strikes or shots to the head. Decapitation works as well, but you rarely want to find yourself in a situation where you can use this option, because this would suggest you are far too close. Firearm blasts to the head is usually good to take them out, perhaps more than one just to be certain. Gunshots are the most effective means, but there are other options like bows and crossbows in desperate situations.

#2 Know How People Become Zombies

Some people who happened to start this mess just died naturally, and something has brought them back to walk the earth. Their thirst for human flesh and brains creates more zombies. A simple bite from a zombie can infect a person with the virus carried within the zombie genetic make up and in a short time kill the one who had been bitten. They then return as a zombie. It is also widely assumed that anyone who dies within this time of the apocalypse will also return as a zombie, whether they were bitten or not. Protect yourself, wear bite proof armor if you are leaving a safe area.

#3 Location, Location, Location

Know where you'll set up your base camp, because you need to consider what is in the vicinity. You need sources of food and water readily available for as long as possible. Setting up near a major grocery store can be a wise decision, as this will likely have been abandoned in the shock and panic of the attack. Be mindful of drifters, floating zombies that could lurk around any corner in any aisle.

#4 Bring The Boom

Before you set up base camp, even now before the apocalypse even occurs, you are going to have to go on a hunt for weapons and ammunition. If you have none of these, check local ammunition shops, pawn shops, and major chain stores like Walmart. These generally carry both weapons and the ammo for them, and you can get a few tools and makeshift weapons to help you in a clutch. These will be far more scarce after zombies have come back. Once these resources have been tapped, you can search door to door, especially in more rural areas, but ensure you take a gun and ammo with you to dust any zombies in any of the homes you are checking.

In conclusion, this will be a terrible time to be living in. But if you are able to take the advice listed above, you should be able to fend them off. This plan does not come without risks, but there are risks in everything when zombies are involved. Parting words of wisdom for what might be coming: check for bites, keep yourself armed, move quickly when out in the open, and never blindly trust anyone in this new world.

Greg Diffley writes about pop culture and film as well as employment verification.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why Should You be Prepping

by Shane White

You may have noticed that everyone seems to be talking about prepping, doomsday, or zombies. Well, when people do this, it is a sign that people are starting to get worried. People are losing their jobs, and losing their homes. Cities, states, and countries are taking desperate steps to survive financially. On other news, you hear about bird flu, swine flu, bat flu, West Nile, and other unknown diseases popping up. People are talking about how global warming will destroy the world. More and more countries are becoming nuclear, and they are constantly threatening each other. The sun keeps belching out solar flares. Large asteroids are whizzing past earth all the time. Need I go on?

There are many different ways that the world can instantly change with little or no notice. People are worried for good reason. Different people take prepping to different levels. Some like the 3 day rule. Three days food and water is fine for many short term events. Some tend to believe in balance between living for normality but preparing for a worst case scenario. Still others plan for every conceivable event. This might be extreme to some, but not if something happens. It is all a sort of a gamble. Nobody knows when or even what will happen, but we do know that something will happen sooner or later. History shows civilization changing events happening all the time. The world is one big ticking time bomb.

On another note, minor crisis happen almost constantly. Read the papers and you will see hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and widespread power failures are all too common. If you are not worried about something big happenning, you should be ready for something smaller. You should be ready for your power to go out for an extended period of time. You should be ready for your house to be blown away. You should be ready for your car to break down 100 miles from civilization with zero cellular reception. This is what prepping is all about. Being prepared before something happens.

If you even slightly agree with these statements, you should start prepping. Prepping is not a bad thing. You probably do it already in some ways. You might be saving for retirement. You might be going to college. You might even be courting your girlfriend. These are all just different ways of preparing for the future. Prepping is just the same thing except you are buying food supplies for an emergency, having some water ready for when you need it, or just having some emergency equipment lying around that can get you out of a bind. What level you want to take it is up to you. I would rather be over-prepared than under-prepared. Being under-prepared is basically the same and being unprepared.

I hope this has given you something to think about. Things will be much simpler if everybody was ready for catastrophe. I wish nothing bad ever happened, but when it does, I hope you are ready. Good luck and happy prepping.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Essential Medical Kit For The End of The World

The End of the World is fast approaching, are you prepared? Have you got you essential medical kit all packed and ready to go? Here are a number of medical supplies that you may need when doomsday arrives. Since we cannot be certain of the exact situation we will be put in, it’s best to prepare for all of the worst case scenario.

As a precautionary measure it would be good to take a first-aid class if you don’t already have basic first-aid skills. What you learn is sure come in handy if there are not any hospitals or doctors available. If people have to fend for themselves you could become an almost pseudo-doctor in the absence of a trained professional, you could even offer your medical services in exchange for food or other important items. What will you need to step up as a pseudo-doctor? Here are some suggestions of what you should put into your essential end of the world medical kit.

What container to put your kit in?

It would be ideal to store your medical essentials in a very durable, waterproof box. This is to stop all your preparation going to waste. You can buy a specific container for it or alternatively you could use a container you already have in the house such as an old school lunch box or one of those Tupperware boxes you have in the kitchen cupboards.

Pain Killers

This one is a given, you don’t know what will happen on doomsday it’s best to be prepared. These can be used for injuries and general ailments.

Antiseptic Cream

If you find yourself with any lacerations or grazes you will need to disinfect the wound but if you don’t have any of this around Alcohol is a good substitute. I suggest vodka as it is purer than other spirits and does the job well whilst being able to give you some dutch courage.

Antihistamine/Epi Pen

Don’t let your allergies stand in the way of your survival. Even if you don’t have any known allergies, I would still recommend packing some antihistamine because you don’t know what foreign substances may enter our atmosphere. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Wandering around lost outside also makes it more likely that something bites or stings you compared to the risk whilst sat in your comfortable computer chair right now.


Chloroform can be used as an anesthetic, if someone close to you has hurt themselves badly, you can put them to under whilst you treat the problem.


Use these to treat sprains or cuts. You could even fashion them into a sling if you need one. They are a must have for any doomsday medical kit.


Scissors have multiple uses. You may need them for cutting bandages, rope or as a surgical tool / weapon. You could substitute this for a Swiss Army Knife.


Be sure to pack a supply of any prescribed medication you require. Some of you may face death if you run out so pretending to lose a few packs here and there to build up a supply and get more prescriptions from your doc might not be a bad idea. Remember your private medical insurance won't pay out after doomsday so what you have now is all you'll have ... forever.


You may struggle to find shelter and have to spend a lot of time in the sun, the last thing you need is nasty, red, peeling skin. Pack some sunscreen to avoid this.


Can be used instead of stitches when sealing an open wound. It can also be useful when it comes to repairing anything else you are carrying on your person. Superglued shoes that are coming apart at the sole can often last another year or more.


Another item to pack into your kit is alcohol because it can be used as a disinfectant if you run out of antiseptic cream or for any other internal uses.

Head Torch

You may need to treat yourself or others around you in the darkness a head torch would come in very handy.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Real Food Plan

by Shane White

Immediate - The power has been out for several hours. Not just for you, the power is out for several miles in every direction. You do not want to open your refrigerator or freezer. Your food in the refrigerator will only last around 4 hours with the power out as long as nobody is opening it up. Food in your full freezer can last up to 48 hours if it remains closed. Replacing this food can be an unnecessary expense. After a couple hours, you will want to hook up a generator to your refrigerator if you have one. If your refrigerator is running you will be able to open and close your refrigerator as normal. If you do not have a generator, you may need to cook a lot of your food or something because you might not have much time before the temperatures start to rise in your refrigerator and freezer. This is not ideal, but at least you can salvage some of your food. You can also put some food in coolers if you can get some ice from somewhere.

So what do you eat? Think of food that does not require electricity. If you have a gas burner, or a camping stove, you can cook some of your canned foods that require cooking. You can also eat granola bars, fruits and vegetables that are not in the refrigerator, or pull out those MREs that you have had laying around. It might also be a good idea to have some boxed dinners in your pantry that do not require anything refrigerated that you can cook. For breakfast, maybe some just add water pancake mix.

Short Term - After the first day, you will be needing to make sure that you can get some gas for your generator. This might be difficult since gas stations use electricity to pump the gas as well as to charge you for the fuel. If you can't find a gas station you are going to need to start using the food in your refrigerator and freezer before your generator runs out of gas.

Hopefully you have stored food before now. Three weeks would be an absolute minimum of food in your storage. If the power is out longer than three weeks and that is all you have stored, you will be in big trouble. Six months to a year or more of food storage is much safer in my opinion. You can't go wrong having too much canned and boxed foods in your pantry as long as you cycle through them. Consider writing expiration dates on them so you can quickly see what needs to be used. This will help to keep you from being stuck with a lot of expired foods.

If the power is out, most grocery stores will be closed. They will not have a may to charge you for your food, monitor their inventory, or even keep their lights on. Their food will be spoiling as well. Stores just do not have a plan for long term power failures. Eventually they will be forced to sell their food without power, but until then, you may have trouble finding food if the power is out.

Long Term - If the power has been out for over a month, it is a good chance it will be out for a long while. Your food stores can only last so long and you cannot count on getting your food resupplied as readily as before. Even your freeze dried food that is expected to last 25 years is only going to help you if you have enough to feed you and your family.

Something you can do now to be ready for this is to grow a garden. If you have food growing, you will have plenty of food when the crop is ready. Also consider investing in canning supplies. If you can your food, as it grows, it can be good for another couple years. I guarantee that the quality of the food you grow is much better than anything you can buy already canned.

You can also raise a few animals and learn how to get milk, eggs, and meat from them. Some communities allow for some chickens, rabbits, and other animals in your back yard. Find out what the local ordinances are for your area.

Do what you can to make sure that you have plenty to eat in any kind of a catastrophic situation. They happen all the time. There is just a matter of time before they happen to you. Store food and stay fed.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Zombie Hunter's Manual - Don't Leave Your Hide-Out Without It

Most people have, at some point in their life, fantasized about what it would be like to experience a zombie outbreak. These days, it doesn't really seem all that far-fetched. There are already plenty of mindless people out there. Once they start craving brains, you need to be prepared. Strap on your gear, and let’s get going.

Early Outbreak
You should already have a list of friends who have planned for this their entire lives. If you don’t, you don’t know enough people. These people are awesome to have in your support group; they already have a plan in place.

Know your zombies. There are two kinds: Sluggish, air-headed freaks who drag their feet and walk into walls and are easy to outrun—and then there are the fast and raging ones that still have enough brain function going on to figure out a ladder or a door knob. Pray for the slow ones.

If you’re pre-stocked for the occasion, that’s awesome. If not, time is running out. Find weapons fast – pocket knives, kitchen knives, machetes, hunting bows, guns, etc. Anything that can penetrate a skull is needed. Throw the knitting needles in the bag!

Grab some first aid supplies; non-perishable foods; anything handy, like duct tape, rope, flashlight, batteries, or camping gear; a reliable, comfy pair of shoes; and get out of dodge.

While it might be a good idea to build your team, make certain any survivors you come across haven’t been bitten before letting them into your group. DTA is your new motto—don’t trust anybody!

On the Run
Your car can outrun even the fastest zombie. Just don’t stop for pedestrians when zombies are around. Survival of the fittest!

You’re probably going to want to check on some loved ones. Don’t waste too much time. Getting somewhere safe is a priority.

When your time comes and a zombie has zeroed in on your brains, use a knife if possible. Decapitate, aim for the eye socket—do anything you can to save ammo.

Protect Your Ass-ets
Most places that are well stocked with everything you will need are more than likely already overrun with zombies; don’t fool yourself. You won’t want to stay in town. At the same time, you will need food. An off the beaten path convenience store or grocery store is perfect. Anything with supplies and few entrances will work.

Hopefully, by now, you will have teammates to help you prepare your hiding spot. Barricade the doors and windows. If there’s cement mix available, use it. Don’t be naive. Think Fort Knox.

Fill any containers with tap water on day one or two; the water may not be on for long. Even if there is a large supply of bottled water and you’re favorite brand of beef jerky, it won’t last forever. Conserve.

If and when someone on your team is bitten, don’t take any chances. Even if it’s little Sally from next door or your best friend Steve, they cannot be saved. This is no time to be nostalgic or compassionate. Finish them off before they have a chance to do it to you first.

Just because they wear t-shirts and jeans in zombie movies, doesn’t make it safe. Fashion some armor out of heavy leather or aluminum siding for when you have to go out for supplies. Better safe than sorry.

If the outbreak becomes an all-out war, chances are civilization as we know it will no longer exist. You won’t be able to rely on electricity and running water forever. They may only last a couple days. You also won’t be able to stay in your initial hiding spot forever. Supplies run out and defenses can be broken. As time goes on, you will become an experienced zombie hunter. You can’t rely on anybody coming to save you. You should operate as if you are on your own and will be for the long term. Plan, be proactive, always look over your shoulder, and never underestimate a good pair of running shoes.

Derek Greggs enjoys writing about hypothetical apocalyptic scenarios and credit reports.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review of Anti-Tear Gas Protest Gas Mask with Voice Amplifier + Drinking Tube

by Shane White

I received this gas mask for review from my friends at Check them out! They have great stuff.

My first impression when I opened the box was, 'Wow, this looks easier to use than I thought.' I played with it for a little while, put it on and scared my wife. Awesome! Don't worry she gets me back later. I did notice that there were not any instructions, but it hardly needs any. I wasn't going to look at them anyways.

To put it on, you just pull back the straps and slip your head into the mask and place your chin on the chin rest. Easy. Next, you tighten the straps with the simple to use strap adjusters. It fits my head great, and I am told I have a pretty big head. It will also adjust for a smaller head as well. I tried breathing for a while and thought it felt as if air was moving past the edges over my face. I then put my hand over the hole where the filter goes and found that I could only breathe out in this way which tells me it was working properly. When I put on the filter, I was still able to breathe fine. It did take a little bit more effort, but not much. Breathing was not strained at all.

The next thing I did was run around the yard with it on, shaking my head vigorously. It didn't even seem loose. It was still fairly comfortable. It was a little warm, but it was also pretty hot outside when I tested it. I was also breathing in it.

Here was where my wife got her revenge. I bought her some pepper spray/tear gas in a spray bottle and had her spray me with it. I felt no effects and asked her to spray me again. This time I could tell she sprayed me. I could see part of the spray on my lens. I was still able to breathe just as well after being sprayed as I could before. After I took the mask off I could see that she had sprayed me with two good shots that would have hurt me if I had not been wearing the mask. I consider these tests a success. I definitely trust this mask to do the job if I was in a position where I would need it.

There is also a drinking attachment on it. Inside the mask there is a piece that goes into your mouth and on the outside there is a place where a tube screws on that you can put into your water bottle. I found it a little tricky at first to put the piece inside into my mouth, but I was able to use this after I figured it out. Drinking with this mask on will not be a problem.

Immediately after I took the video, I took a good shower and scrubbed all the pepper spray off. I only had a little wash into my eye. Ouch! The pepper spray works. I could only imagine what a full dose would feel like. Very glad the mask worked effectively.

If you are hit with pepper spray or something similar, please make sure that you clean yourself off thoroughlyas soon as you can after you take off the mask. Also, be careful not to touch your eyes or other sensitive areas.

This mask is a quality product. I highly recommend this mask if you may be put in a situation that puts you at risk for pepper spray, tear gas, or mace. You can also use it to scare someone if you like.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alternative Energy Sources for Your Home – the Low Down

What would you do if you couldn’t light or heat your home, cook or use any electrical appliances due to a long-term power failure? Should the worst happen, it would be comforting to know that you weren’t solely reliant on the national grid. With a number of different alternative energy sources available to generate your own power at home, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Here we look at them in turn, providing you with the pros and cons to allow you to make an informed decision about which will be the most suitable choice of alternative energy source to power your home.

Solar panels Solar thermal panels work with your existing heating system to provide you with hot water. As long as the sun shines you get hot water for free. However, they can be expensive to install and might require you to buy a new water tank. Another type of solar power is photovoltaics, which use the sun’s energy to produce electricity. If you are able to generate a surplus of energy, this can be fed into the national grid, providing you with additional income, though their installation cost means that it will take you some time to recoup your initial outlay; however grants are available to help with initial set up. Both types of solar panel rely on your roof facing within a 90 degree angle of the south to benefit from the sun’s rays, so you are limited by the position of your house.

Wind turbines Far cheaper to buy than solar panels, but a certain amount of controversy exists over how much power they can generate – whilst they work well in more exposed areas where wind speeds are higher, in more built-up residential areas their ability to generate as much power is generally diminished. Be warned, they are also noisy, so you probably don’t want one too close to your house.

Heat pumps These utilise refrigeration to generate heat from water, the ground or air, using an electric pump to deliver it to your home. Once set up, there is little in the way of maintenance needed and like other forms of alternative energy, subsidies are available to encourage us to install them in our homes; be aware though that air-source pumps are the cheaper option of the three. If you intend to use a heat pump ensure that your home is well insulated, as while you are still able to heat a poorly insulated house, the pump has to work harder, resulting in more electricity being used and higher bills. If you’re a landlord with an all inclusive package of rent and bills this can represent a huge opportunity to increase profit without increasing rent.

Micro-hydro While this is only an option if you have a river close to your home, unlike solar panels and wind turbines they guarantee a much more reliable source of power. On the small scale for residential properties, there is not the environmental damage that is usually associated with hydro-electric schemes. However, this is likely the most costly alternative power supply to your home, as more initial construction is still required compared to other methods.

Micro combined heat and power This is a type of boiler, which contains a generator to produce electricity. While they are currently used for a whole community, developments are underway to allow them to be used in individual homes. For this reason some uncertainties remain over how efficient these boilers will be in a home. They also have the disadvantage that the boiler is likely to run on fossil fuels, so you won’t be blunting your carbon footprint to the same extent as with other alternative energy sources.

Your budget, location and power needs may well influence your choice, but whichever you plump for, with increased interest in alternative energy sources, you will be far from alone in making the switch to generating at least some of your own power.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family Guy - Da Boom - A Prepper's Perspective

by Shane White

Family Guy has had episodes relating to just about everything. Back in 1999 they did a doomsday episode relating to the Y2K doomsday scenario called Da Boom. This episode looked at the worst case scenario of what people thought would have happened if the Y2K bug had caused the devastation that some people predicted. Airplanes fell from the sky, trains went out of control, and all the nuclear weapons launched and created a world that nobody was prepared for. Except for Peter Griffin.

When Peter finds out that the end of the world is nigh, he stocks up some freeze dried foods and enough beer to last a year. When he improperly prepares the meals the family suddenly finds themselves without food and are forced to find the legendary Twinkee factory.

Upon finding the Twinkee factory, Peter founds a new city and gathers all his friends to try to reestablish civilization. With Peter as Mayor, he quickly makes himself making decisions that cause the new cities infrastructure to be at risk. The townspeople decide that they cannot afford to keep Peter in their city and banish him and his family only to find that his final decision that got him banished was the second decision that he actually got right.

In my opinion, there are many lessons to be learned here. Storing food for at least a year is a good idea, but it is enormously important to understand how to prepare the food that you have stored. While we are all used to having canned foods, Freeze Dried foods and foods such as MREs are prepared differently. Make sure that you understand the preparation processes before you need to get them right.

Having a backup plan is important as well. Your first plan may fail. If your house is your main plan, it could be overrun, or destroyed. By having a backup plan, you will still have a chance for survival.

When civilization is starting to come back together, make sure that you are valuable. Learn some skills that can contribute to the community. By learning and practicing skills now, you will become a valuable asset in the new world.

Finally, self-defense is vital. Even if you feel that you are safe, and maybe you are, you should be prepared to defend yourself, your family, and your friends. If you are without defenses, you will be vulnerable to any sort of attack. Most threats will be attracted to the easiest targets first.

As far as the episode goes, this show is hilarious. It is one of my favorite Family Guy episodes. If you want to watch it, look for Season 2, Episode 3.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Skills That Will Come In Handy On Doomsday

Storing supplies in preparation for doomsday is very important, but it is also important that you have the skills necessary for survival. You have to be able to use the supplies you have stored to your advantage to survive after doomsday. The ability to generate power is a very useful skill, as is the ability to hunt and gather food and the ability to purify water. The ability to create shelter is an extremely useful skill, as are any medical skills you have or can learn before doomsday.

The Ability to Generate Electricity

Humans depend on electricity for almost everything in our lives, including cooking, heating and communication. Some people have the ability to create their own power by harnessing energy from the wind, water or sun. We don't know what resources will be available after doomsday, so it is a good idea to have several ways to generate electricity available to you. Being able to create your own electrical generator and repair the generators of others is a very useful skill that will likely be highly coveted after doomsday.

The Ability to Hunt, Fish and Gather Food

It is essential for all preparers to have a large supply of canned food available to survive on, but the ability to obtain fresh food is an important skill. Whether you have the ability to hunt with a crossbow, catch large fish from the river or gather berries in the forest, food-gathering skills are essential to long-term survival. It is also important to know how to prepare the game you are able to catch. The animal hides can be used for clothing, shoes and other household items. Animal bones can be used as tools or weapons if you know how to fashion them. It is smart to practice your hunting and fishing skills before doomsday so that you will be ready to put these skills to the ultimate test.

It is also essential to be able to create meals out of whatever ingredients you have on hand. You may not always be able to eat the food you are in the mood for, but having the ability to improvise and properly season your food will mean that the food you eat will taste good and provide your body with adequate nutrition. It is very unlikely that restaurants and grocery stores will be available after doomsday, so eating will become a matter of survival instead of a matter of choice.

The Ability to Purify Water

The human body can only survive for a couple of days without water. Water filtration systems will be vitally important after doomsday because nobody will know whether the water is still safe to drink until they have the time and equipment to run extensive tests. A portable water filtration system made from charcoal is an easy and convenient way to treat water before you drink it. These systems are small and can be stored easily.

If you don't have access to a water filtration system, boiling your water is an effective way to make it safe for drinking. The water should be heated to boiling for at least 20 minutes to kill microorganisms and bacteria. It is equally important to make sure the water doesn't become contaminated after you have purified it. The best way to prevent contamination is to keep all drinking water in closed containers and make sure that the containers are stored at least 70 feet from any existing water source or dwelling.

The Ability to Create Shelter

Shelter protects your body from the elements and helps to keep your body warm. Being able to build a strong shelter is a skill that will be coveted by many after doomsday. It doesn't matter if the shelter is made of wood, bricks, fabric or any other material. The important thing is that the shelter is sturdy enough to keep you and your family safe and dry. It is best to build your main shelter before the apocalypse, but it is also a good idea to have a tent or other portable shelter available because you have no way of knowing whether the shelter you have built will survive the apocalypse or whether moving often will be necessary. You will probably be able to trade your shelter-making skills for clothing, food and other items that are necessary for survival.

First-Aid Skills

You don't have to be a doctor or nurse to know that first-aid skills will be vitally important after doomsday. With no hospitals or doctors offices available, people will be forced to rely on each other for medical care. People with first-aid skills will be in high-demand and you may even be able to trade your skills for food or other items.

Your first-aid kit should be stocked with basic items such as bandages, alcohol wipes, gauze pads, tweezers, scissors, bulb-suction devices, saline solution and rolled gauze. It is smart to take a couple of first-aid classes in preparation for doomsday because you never know which skills you will have to use.

Honing Your Skills

Most people focus on gathering supplies for doomsday, but it is just as important to hone any skills you believe will come in handy. Taking refresher classes and practicing your skills is an excellent idea because you have no way of knowing which of your skills will save the lives of you and the people you love.

About the Author

This Doomsday Article was created on behalf of, creators of one of the internet's most popular Doomsday Countdowns, which can be found on their website at

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Surviving the Heat - Indoors

by Shane White

The power has failed and the temperatures are rising. You know that your home is not designed to be cool without air conditioning like the old drafty houses from days gone by. Today's homes are designed to maintain their temperatures. The problem is that as the temperatures rise, they hold in the heat. So how do you stay cool in your home on a hot summmer day without functioning air conditioning?

Basements - If you are fortunate enough to have a basement, you should know that your basement will be several degrees cooler than the rest of your house. it might even be comfortable enough to sleep in. It will probably be dark so bring candles with you.

Blinds and Curtains - During the day you should keep your blinds and curtains closed to help block the sun from heating the inside of your home as much as possible.

Windows - Opening the windows in the early morning before the temperatures rise will give your house the chance to get some cool air inside. Remember that security can be an issue with the windows opened so be aware that some people may take advantage of your opened windows.

Fans - If you have enough power to run a couple of fans, this could be very beneficial for moving air through the house. I suggest getting a couple of box fans, put one at each end of the house at open windows. Point one fan inwards and the other outwards. Create a path from one fan through opened doors to the other fan. Make sure all the other windows are closed for this to work properly. If you do this correct you will create a sort of wind tunnel effect. If this does not work with your setup, you may need to try some other arrangements of the fans.

Cool Room - It is easier to have one room that is cool than all the rooms in the house. Find the room that seems the coolest. If you have a small air conditioner or some fans, put your focus on keeping that one room cool.

Water - Water is a great way to keep cool. If you get a bandanna, a towel, or washrag wet and keep that on your body, it will help you stay cool. Filling a bathtub or a small pool with water is also a good way to keep cool. Fill with water and get in.

Trees - If you do not already have trees around your house, consider planting trees in strategic areas around your house can be a great help in blocking the heat. That won't help you today, but as it grows, it will provide some nice shade.

Heat Stroke - If you notice that someone is turning beat red, is very hot, is no longer sweating, or has symptoms of confusion, you need to cool them down quickly. Move them to a cool area (shade, or a cool room), remove clothing (to promote heat loss), and cool them down with cool water. It is also important to give them plenty of water to drink. If they are unconscious or cannot drink, you may need to give them hydration intravenously. If available, seek medical attention.

The most important thing that you should be doing on a hot day is to stay cool. Heat related illness should be taken very seriously. Hundreds of people die from it every year. If you know someone in your area who may be alone, check on them every so often to make sure they are OK. Stay cool and stay alive.

Friday, July 06, 2012

A World without Internet, As We Know It Today

Imagine waking up one day, going through the works and then trying to access Facebook on your android phone only to realize that you are unable to connect. Forcibly stalling the bubbling panic in your chest you next try to use your computer broadband.

Later when you find out about the worldwide internet blackout wouldn’t you feel like curling up and dying somewhere? Come on, don’t tell me you aren’t an addict too.

The Ramifications of No Internet:-

A world without internet as we know it today would entail a world where snail mail would rage rampant again. And to some of us loyal internet fans the Return of the Letterbox is indeed a horror movie come to life. Because now instead of receiving mails in under a second you will have to wait for the postman to bring news in three days’ time. THREE DAYS? That’s like eternity in today’s time.

A world without internet would mean a world devoid of Skype or other such video calling services that has made international contact with family and friends as easy as shouting out, “Hi!” to your neighbor.

Not to mention the fact that interviews for jobs abroad would be closed forever and owners of MNCs would find it harder to conduct routine checks on their overseas operations.

Online shopping would become a myth and would join the ranks of fairytales you will be telling your grandchildren during bedtime. That means no more online grocery shopping, book browsing on Amazon, music downloads on itunes or fashion catalogue run-throughs on the website of Prada.

Businesses would suffer mightily as they would lose a chunk of customers living in foreign nations. And clients would suffer too as they would lose instant services during product malfunctions. Not to mention the loss of reviews that always helped us decide if we should buy a Sony Viao or a Dell Inspiron laptop.

Add to this the unfortunate chain of events that would crush a common man’s avenue for cheap advertising and you have a world reverting back to the days when billboards and TV Ads ruled the roost and were controlled solely by the elite. Not a sunny prospect for healthy competition, I say.

Google would no longer be there to help you finish your assignment the night before submission. Dusty tomes and nooks and crannies of libraries would house such information that once used to be at your service only a click away.

And if you are one of those inquisitive kinds who thrive on extra info and trivia then you better be prepared to scan the Britannica yourself since you wouldn’t have those cool websites anymore that have fascinating facts that pop out at you.

YouTube videos that once used to be the answer to your boredom wouldn’t be around to give you endless laugh riots either.

Shakira, One Direction and Eminem wouldn’t have the scope for enticing international audience anymore. And neither would you know about the newest singing sensation, Shady Chacha in the US if you were a resident of Cambodia (the name doesn’t exist in reality if you are confused).

Mark Zuckerberg and his brilliant creation would no longer be causing the buzz in the hive. And the tweety birds of twitter would have died a sorry death as well. So you say you are an introvert? Guess what, you just lost a thousand friends on Facebook. Now you will just have to be satisfied with the 1 you have in real life.

Blogging would no longer be an avenue for non-violent rantings and ragings about the universe in general. So you better be prepared for nervous breakdowns, fistfights or the possibility of a really poisoned crowd who can’t handle the fact that now they only have their moms listening to their misery. And not even that most of the time if you know your old lady.

Gone will be the safe and ecofriendly mode of work and communication. Banks would become battlegrounds again. Train and airplane ticket bookings would become a pain.

And you wouldn’t know that there were 10 more hotels better than the one you booked a room in over the phone for your three days’ vacation with your family. So in short the world will be doomed if internet ever stopped existing on this planet.

But just like every bad calamity has a silver lining hiding somewhere the lack of internet would also entail a lot of positives.

The Pros of Not having Internet:-

All the lazy couch potatoes who didn’t want to move their butts off the chair to even buy groceries would finally have to jiggle into their jeans and jog down the block. I know that you can still call in home delivery but there is a limit to that. So I guess it’s safe to presume that there will be a marked decrease in the obese population of the world.

Artists, musicians, authors and a myriad other professionals wouldn’t be losing a chunk of royalty since online piracy and free downloads of copyrighted stuff would finally be shut down for good.

Children will venture out of their homes more and play in the sun and rain as they should instead of staying glued to the chair before their computer screens playing World of Warcraft with a kid in China or Germany or whatever. But then lack of internet wouldn’t mean lack of traditional computer games or TV so I don’t know how far this positive will actually work.

Knowledge will be hard to get and thus will be respected.

Net addictions will finally go down. Do I hear parents in China sighing in relief? Maybe. I just hope cold turkey doesn’t drive the kids to drugs or anything worse.

There will be a marked improvement in social skills. People would stop hiding behind their laptops and would interact with the world more because now they would have no choice but to go in person and get what they want.

Most importantly illegal pornography and terrorist manuals will no longer be easily accessible. So you wouldn’t have to worry about a simpleton eco-terrorist making bombs using a recipe off the net because he thinks he can save the planet by blowing up a tanker transporting tons of crude oil in the Pacific (irony thou name is eco- terrorist).

People will not be scammed as easily anymore. Nor would they have to fear hackers worming into their computers and stealing credit card information or worse installing viruses.

Also people will stop taking advice during medical conditions from websites whose writers don’t know the difference between a lung and a kidney in real life. I know that your neighbors and family can easily replace the How to’s section of the internet but self-medication disasters will nevertheless go down.

The Final Judgment:-

Considering all the pros and cons of living in a world without internet as we know it today I will say that the cons are far more than the pros, which we already saw aren’t really pros all that much.

Thus I will conclude by saying that I would rather face Armageddon and go off quick that live without internet and see the world deteriorate from lack of advancement. Because at the end of the day internet is a symbol of evolution and we all know that evolution is always for the best.

Ria Majumdar is a writer from India. You can find her on her blog Spyglassviewer, which is a humor blog focused on observing the real world and laughing at the quirks of the people living in it. She is also a tough-skinned internet addict.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Invisible Hand - Episode 2 - Gold vs. Chickens

Recently I was interviewed by CBC Radio for a show called The Invisible Hand. They asked for my opinion about the value of gold after doomsday. They used some of the interview for their Episode on Gold vs. Chickens.

Here is a link to the podcast if you would like to listen to it.

The Invisible Hand - Gold vs. Chickens

What do you think? Comment below.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Apocalypse - Life After the End

Sooner or later, we will find ourselves in a post-apocalyptic world. Our world’s governments are so preoccupied with power and military strength that not fundamentally destroying our world’s society would be considered laziness on their part. As such, it is only reasonable, nay, responsible, to think through some of the potential scenarios we may find ourselves fighting through in our inevitable matrix-like future.

In the wake of total global destruction, our digital infrastructure will surely be destroyed. Amidst the rubble of collapsed skyscrapers and broken bridges, finding a functional ATM would be like finding Elvis. You many think you’ve done it, but you’re actually just a crazy person. Today’s world of online bank transfers and check deposits through our iPhones will be gone. Our items of value will become the tangible items we can gather. Physical resources will be both the point of focus and the point of contention.

In a world that looks like the one from Stephen King’s The Stand, wiping out a thick wallet and thumbing through a wad of hundred dollar bills will get you nowhere, aside from perhaps a swift punch to the head. Paper money will hold zero value. Our money is based on the accepted purchasing power it holds, and in a place with no centralized system of transactions, bank notes would have no such purchasing power.

The most desirable of resources will be those that offer protection, transportation, and communication. Assuming a total breakdown of our political structure, a centralized ruling body will hold no authority, and the task of protecting yourself will rest squarely on your own ability to do so. Guns and ammunition will become some of the most sought after items. But we all know this. It is only natural to want protection in a lawless world. Thinking in a more economic sense, possessing personal weaponry will give you serious bartering power in post-apocalyptic marketplaces, in more ways than one. Not only do you have a precious resource that others would have a real interest in acquiring, but if negotiations go sour, you’ve got a gun. Loose a few rounds in the knee of your foe. Then take what you were trying to barter for in the first place. It’s a lawless realm, take advantage of it!

The ability to travel is also critical in this environment. Property ownership will mean nothing; being able to move from place to place will be the key to survival. Again, without a means of assigning real value to an asset, owning a plot of land or a building in an apocalypse would be worthless. With no forms of public or private transportation services to be found, being without a reliable vehicle will mean you are stranded. Natural resources will dry up quickly in a planet with a scorched sky and barren ground, so moving from one source of nourishment to another will be constant. Inherent in this need for travel will be things like engine parts and fuel. Unless a collection of Good Samaritan’s gets together to re-establish the oil industry, fuels will become a wildly rare and finite resource, more precious than gold. Like with guns and ammunition, if you’ve got fuel, you’ve got the power to negotiate. Brush up on your siphoning skills. You’re going to need them.

The least essential of the major sources of value will come from communication devices, radios, receivers, perhaps even cell phones, assuming our warring world did not turn every satellite orbiting the earth into some kind of missile. Though not directly essential in the hunt for sustenance and personal protection, the ability to connect with others of a similar condition can be important for any kind of long term survival. If there is any hope for some semblance of a civilization in the aftermath of the apocalypse, communication will be a must.

The landscape of our post-apocalyptic world will be chaotic, to be sure. As humanity has grown more and more apart from its hunter gatherer roots, our first response in the event of a collapse of society will be to find things that emulate it; finding a valued currency, a way to establish control and hierarchy. This will take time. While everyone is running around, trying to reestablish order, be sure to arm yourself, find some reliable mode of transportation, and a device to communicate with others; things that have real worth in these times. Even with all this, you may still find yourself at the mercy of total chaos and anarchy, but at least you can shoot someone in the knee if you feel like it.

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Sunday, July 01, 2012

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