Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Surviving Out of Your Pockets

by Shane White

I am thinking this article might be geared a little more towards men because women have a slight advantage when it comes to carrying capacity then men do. Women usually have a purse and men usually only have their pockets. That doesn't mean that women can't get some ideas from this list, however.

This list is just few items that you can carry in your pockets, stuff in your wallet, wear on your wrist, or just basically carry on your body somehow that can come in useful in a crisis.

Paracord - Paracord, or 550 cord, is basically just a lightweight rope that used to be used on parachutes in World War II. Soldiers found that there were many more uses for paracord, and it caught on. It is used for quite a lot of applications today. If you need a bit of rope, keep some of this on you. You can buy or make things like keychains, bracelets, necklaces, and shoelaces so you will always have a bit of rope with you at all times.

Pocketknife or Utility Tool - Try to cover as many situations as you can. A pocket knife or a utility tool is jammed full of different tools that you can use when you don't have your roll around tool chest handy. Keep one of these in your pocket or on your belt at all times.

Micro Flashlight - Those little novelty single LED flashlights can actually put out quite a bit of light for those times when you really need it. Some of them actually seem to last a while too. Keep one on your keychain or in your pocket. Optionally, many smartphones can use their LED camera flash as a light with the proper app, although this will only last as long as your phone's battery.

Credit Card Tool - These look like they are junk, but just having a couple extra tools around can come in handy. It is a low profile way to compliment your pocket knife's tools. Keep this in your wallet.

Money - In a credit card world, nobody carries cash anymore. Stash some cash on yourself somewhere so you will have some if you cannot use your plastic for a while. A hidden compartment in your wallet is a good place. If you don't want anyone to find it, consider a less obvious place, like a utility tool holster, or in your shoe. Just remind yourself that it is for emergency use only. Replace quickly if you spend it.

Gun - If you are in an area where you can do this, get your required permits, and holster a gun somewhere on your body. A gun is an excellent deterrent for would be troublemakers. Pepper spray or tasers also work, but please check your local laws on these as well.

Tactical Pen - I have seen these around on the internet, but have not used them. What they are is a hardened pen with a sharp end for self defense and sometimes the other end has something that will break glass or something like that. I may get one in the future. It seems to me that if you are carrying around a pen that you might consider one of these. I would put them in the optional category until I get one or two and try them out.

Fire Starter - There are some fire starters that you can put on your keychain. Usually just flint and steel on a keyring, or a lighter. It could come in handy someday, but more likely will just make your pockets bulge more. If you feel you need a fire starter with you at all times, consider this item. I would put this item under optional as well. Consider learning to start a fire without tools. Fire is your friend.

Emergency Water Filtration Straw - There are many types of these water filtration straws. It is basically just a straw with a filter in it. Research them before you buy. Some are much better than others. These are small enough to keep in your shirt pocket. I am undecided as to whether I would carry one with me all the time though. If you carry too much stuff, it can get awkward getting poked every time you sit down. I would put this in your optional list.

Just another note for the women out there. Make sure your purse is secure at all times, especially if you are keeping all your survival tools inside. Don't let a purse snatcher strip you of all your survival gear. Consider something with a sturdy strap that can stay with you more securely. Always pay attention to people around you. I recommend having a bottle of pepper spray in your hand if you are walking somewhere you feel less than totally safe.

These items are not intended to replace your survival bag. Just a backup plan in case you are not able to get to your supplies.

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