Saturday, November 03, 2012

Tovatec Sport Zoom LED Flashlight Review

by Shane White

I was sent the TOVATEC Sport Zoom (Model# SZoom) LED Flashlight for review from Dive Lights Direct in Carmel, Indiana.

At first glance, this flashlight looks a lot like those cheap ones you find by the register at your local hardware store. It is not like them at all.

First, this is very heavy and solidly put together. Taking it apart to put in the batteries is easy, but as you will find out when opening it up, it is a nice solid piece of of aluminum and provides an excellent seal. The button on the end is easy to work and has a good piece of rubber over it. The flashlight itself has four modes that you can toggle with the switch. It has a full on setting, a dimmer setting, a strobe setting, and an SOS setting. The end of the flashlight slides out to make the beam more focused. The flashlight is rated for 200 Lumens which is pretty bright for an LED. For comparison, the Maglight LED flashlights are only rated at 100 Lumens so the Tovatec should be approximately twice as bright. This flashlight is also very durable as well as small enough to fit in your pocket and will not take much room in your bug-out bag. It is just a bit bigger that the flashlights at the check out counters at your local hardware store (for size reference). The Lithium batteries are supposed to last for four hours. I have been playing with this flashlight for well over four hours and it has not even started to dim yet.

This flashlight is supposed to be waterproof to 25-feet (8 Meters). I tested this by turning it on and dropping it into five feet of water for a couple of hours. It light up the water tank (which was kind of cool). That is how bright it is. When I pulled it out it was still on and working just fine. There is no sign of water inside, under the lens or anywhere. I am very satisfied with the survivability of the flashlight in and around water. I would expect this coming from a dive store. After a few hours, there is no sign that it was even in water at all.

Overall, I love this flashlight! I am replacing the flashlight that I had in my survival bag with this one.


  1. Looks good. I wonder if it would be good to have a wind-up torch as well just incase the batteries fail and couldn't be replaced easily.

    1. That would probably be a good idea for when you run out of batteries. Also, many of those wind up flashlights come with radios as well which are also useful.

    2. Sounds great - we're always having power cuts!


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