Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Mini-Pocalypse: How to Get Ready for Little Disasters

The media has made a fortune scaring us to death with sensational apocalyptic scenarios like asteroids, hostile alien takeovers and super storms. In reality, you are much more likely to encounter an everyday mini-pocalypse in you and your family's daily life than we are to encounter one on a global scale.

A mini-pocalypse means getting trapped in your car in a snowstorm, or a ceiling tile dislodging and knocking you out at your local Costco, or perhaps your bank's system got hacked and you don't have access to your cards or accounts for a few days, would you be ready? While small disasters may not warrant the use of that rad semi-automatic you've been itching to use to go all Mad Max on your adversaries, storing up on the boring stuff is equally crucial.

According to USA Today, the Council for Excellence in government conducted an extensive search and found that, on a scale of one to 10, the average American only earns a 3.31 in readiness, are you one of them?

Financial Foibles

Say there's a small, temporary financial crisis that doesn't knock out the economy, but it affects either your financial institution, your region, or your access to your funds.What if a flash flood, earthquake or storm affects your ability to access a bank or ATM, but the economy is still alive and kicking? There are any number of situations that can cause banks and ATMs to close, what would you do in this case?

Keep cash in a safe place at home, depending on where you live, always keep enough for each person to feed themselves for at least 3-5 days, according to Although there are downloadable apps in the works that will allow you to pay with your cell phone or bank account number, they aren't here yet. Investing in a fireproof and waterproof safe and storing some cash in it is something every home should do. They can range from $25 to thousands. Consumer Reports is a great place to find the perfect safe to keep your cash safe.

Medical Maladies

You're far more likely to get crushed unconscious by another car in a parking lot than to find yourself battling hoards of zombies outside a prison-turned camp. Medical problems plague most of us in some way or another, and preparing for the worst can make the difference between life and death in an everyday scenario. If you or a loved one is in an accident and are unable to respond to those around you, you're going to hope you've got something that alerts them to your medical needs.

Put it on the Card

Although we have allergy bracelets and blood-type cards, your medical history is much more extensive than that. That's where Fortune High Tech Marketing's MyLifeID comes in. It's the size of a credit card, yet it stores your entire medical history, and can be accessed with a swipe. If you're comatose in the hospital, you're going to want to check out one of these FHTM products.

Banish Germs in a Pinch

In the home, while you don't need to store a pharmacy and a defibrillator in your safehouse, gathering some essential medical supplies will come in handy. Extra Asprin is always essential, as is gauze and iodine, which can be used to purify water and injuries.

Patricia Samson
Patty helps women to become empowered and fix things on their own, without a man's help. Her articles are inspiring and offer simple, easy-to-follow steps.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Embrace the Suck – Choose Your Attitude

When venturing out in the wilderness, you always hope things go smoothly. You hope for temperate weather, wish for clear skies, and pray that all of your gear holds up to the uncertainties of trekking through the outdoors. However, no trip outdoors trip is complete without some sort of mishap, whether it be relatively minor or quite severe. Dealing with these issues defines how successful one will be in thriving in the natural environment, and equally importantly, how enjoyable the overall experience is.

Imagine this: you’ve set out on a flat-water canoe trip, and have prepped all of your gear for the seven days out. The second day brings rolling thunder clouds, which force a mid-day evacuation to the riverbank in order to avoid giving the incoming lightning several exposed lightning rods sitting on the open water. Having safely set up a rain tarp and huddled beneath it to stay out of the downpour, the natural tendency is to lament the situation – why us, why now, on our long-awaited trip?

No one can honestly say they truly relish sitting in such conditions – damp, cramped, and stationary – but the right attitude can make it less miserable, maybe even enjoyable. There are a lot of things that are out of one’s control in the backcountry, but the one thing that remains in control at all times is one’s attitude and outlook. Choosing your attitude (“C.Y.A.” for short) reminds us that we control our daily destiny.

Some of my favorite moments in the outdoors have come from such sub-optimal conditions. I clearly remember a “lightning drill” – crouching low to the ground in sheets of biting rain, everyone twenty yards apart from everyone else, waiting for the storm to pass – that turned into a sing-along and joke-telling extravaganza, despite being soaked to the bone. We intentionally made the best of the situation, and I remember genuinely enjoying the hour we spent huddled in the mud.

Debriefing the trip afterwards, many of the participants mentioned that specific instance as the moment when the group bonded. Choosing to incorporate the discomfort as a part of the trip, rather than hoping for it to end or allowing it to dampen spirits, helped everyone to embrace the experience and enjoy it as much as possible.

The concept of choosing your own attitude is helpful in reminding others to own their experience. On trips with kids familiar with the Choose Your Attitude ethos, a quick “C.Y.A.” in their direction can remind them that they are making the active choice to be unhappy and can quickly and easily reverse the process.

Unfortunate events happen, and successful people are the ones who best deal with misfortune. Having the mental strength to make the best out of situations, celebrating the good and the bad, is a skill that is valuable in all different contexts, both in and out of the backcountry.

Craig Caudill offers basic survival training at Dan’s He is also a Survival Instructor who enjoys teaching others to enjoy the great outdoors.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mountain House Review

by Shane White

I was happy to get a box full of food from Mountain House for this review. They sent me the 72-hour emergency kit that included 9 freeze dried meals in pouches.

I am impressed that all you need to cook this is boiling water and that you don't really need to cook it in a pot or even use a plate. You can eat out of the bag. The packaging is thick and resealable as well. Everything was fresh tasting and cooked completely. One pouch is plenty of food for one very hungry person. The only thing you need for these products is a fork or a spoon. This is perfect for long term storage or your bug-out bag.

Chicken Teriyaki with Rice - The Chicken Teriyaki with Rice tasted very good. It was very easy to prepare and was full of meat and vegetables. One pouch has 2.5 servings at 220 calories per serving.

Beef Stroganoff with Noodles - Just opening this pouch, the Beef Stroganoff with Noodles smelled good. The directions were easy to follow and it tasted great! There was lots of meat, mushrooms, onions and other good stuff in it. One pouch has 2.5 servings at 250 calories per serving.

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon - I thought this mix was a bit watery after cooking. I had two so I was able to confirm that I didn't make a mistake during preparation. Even though it is watery, it is still pretty good. One pouch has 1.5 servings at 210 calories per serving.

Rice & Chicken - I thought the Rice and Chicken tasted excellent. I really liked that it had nice big pieces of chicken in it. One pouch has 3 servings at 280 calories per serving.

Granola with Milk and Blueberries - This one I made a mistake while cooking. This is the only pouch in the box that asked for cold water instead of hot. I was disappointed that I ruined it by putting in hot water and double the amount of water at that. I am sure that I missed out on another quality Mountain House product here. Just be sure to actually read the directions when you prepare. If I really needed this to survive, I am sure I would have still eaten hot soupy granola. One pouch has 2 servings at 260 calories per serving.

Pasta Primavera - The Pasta Primavera is another excellent tasting product. It was easy to prepare and had excellent noodles and delicious vegetables. One pouch has 2.5 servings at 210 calories per serving.

If the products that I have received are any indication of what you are getting from Mountain House, you can't go wrong. The food that I tried all tasted great, were very solidly packaged, were easy to prepare (that is when you follow the directions), and it is a nice bonus that you can eat them right out of the package which makes them nice and portable.

Mountain House claims that their food, if stored properly, will last for at least ten years (with the exception of their ice cream which is two years). Their products stored in #10 cans should last for 25 years. Mountain House has been around for 30 years so I believe them when they say that they have personally tested their food that is 30 years old. If they send me a 30 year old sample, I will try it and let you know what I think.

See our Survival Food Page for more information on Emergency Foods.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Ultimate Doomsday Survival Boat

There are so many unknowns with the apocalypse, it’s foolish to overlook the need to survive for a substantial amount of time on the water. Even if we don’t end up in “water world,” there’s a good chance that some serious super storm or global warming flooding might have us parting ways with dry land for days, weeks, or even months at a time. So the simple answer is “gat a boat,” right? True – but like any prepping, there are some more complex factors to think about when you strategize the design and layout of your small survival watercraft. Take a look at this shortlist of some of the “must have’s” when it comes to surviving on the water.

Small Size

Let’s assume that you actually won’t be having to survive in a “water world” where global inter-ocean long distance sea travel will be necessary. This means that you will be able to live with a small craft that skirts coastlines, or floats in flooded cities with the bare essentials onboard. Furthermore, it will be essential to have a small craft as you’ll want to be able to maneuver to the many tight landing spots you’ll need to get to as you gather supplies, and escape enemies (zombies can swim!) So let’s start here by envisioning a 15-30 foot skiff, catamaran, or raft that can access tight docking spaces, yet pickup descent speed for a getaway.

Standard Sails

I’m not going to block out the idea of a motor here – both because fuel salvage is never an exhausted option – and motors rock! However, it would be quite foolish to have a doomsday watercraft that doesn’t include wind powered sails. These can be ordered online along with a descent mast that can be applied to several modified boat designs. Note: even if you’re not an East Coast dandy like Ralph Lauren, you might want to practice some sailing sometime. This will help you understand the working of a sailing boom – which is as valuable as any other survival skill.

Fishing Gear

No doubt, the easiest way to catch some food on a boat is to fish for it. Think about what your local waters carry, and stock the proper non-live bait, fishing poles, line and nets to catch these buggers. Another nice touch is the fishing pole mount for the side of your craft. This will allow you to work busily on other projects like mending clothes or manning sails while your bait dangles tantalizingly from the side of your craft. They even make them with little bells so you can tell when a fish strikes the line, or is caught. Also remember some good knives to clean the fish.

Solar Oven

You’re going to need a way to cook all that fish you catch, and what better way than a small onboard oven? Solar ovens are essential when all the wood, propane, and charcoal are lying at the bottom of a large body of water. They take a bit longer, but can cook meat thoroughly and just as tasty. Remember to engineer a nice little mount for this baby on the back of your craft so it won’t fall into the water, and can always stay nice and hot in the bright sun. Note: might not hurt to grab some potent spices that will give you lots of flavor while taking up minimal space. Cooking is a health necessity, but also one of life’s best treats.

Rainwater Collection System

While it may be easy to forget; water is the essential ingredient of life – and without it, we’re dead. You will undoubtedly need a method for collecting rainwater when you’re living for weeks at a time out on the water. This would apply whether you’re out on the ocean (you can’t drink saltwater) or in a flooded freshwater plain, where the water you’re floating in will no doubt be to contaminated to simply dip in a drink. Collecting rainwater out on your watercraft is the best way to accumulate fresh water. There are many unique and adaptable systems out there to trap, channel, and store rainwater. Many current models are developed for organic gardens, etc. – but are easily adaptable to a boat. This is one thing you’re not going to want to forget – as the human body can only survive for about 3 days at a maximum without fresh drinking water.


A good anchor is completely necessary when you can’t tie off to a pier or beach your craft on land. You’ll need to sleep on the water, and it can be dangerous to simply float adrift at sea waiting for the water to bash you against a rock and ruin your custom craft. For a boat this size, the anchor doesn’t have to be very large - probably 50 – 60 lb will do. Of course you’ll need the anchor line rope to make the anchor effective. Depending on how deep you would expect the water to be, that will define how much anchor line you need to have. Of course you can never have enough, but think within reason about how much space you have – and how far out to sea you could really survive, where you would even need more than 100 feet of anchor line.


A compass is essential – you need to understand where you’re going and where you’ve been to get where you need to go. Even if you’re a Magellan level astro-navigator, you can’t always rely on the stars to get you where you need to go. Overcast skies can leave you In the dark, literally – and you won’t be able to utilize your ancient navigation completely. Printed maps are helpful as well, as they will let you know how far you’ve gone, even if the coastline of the world has changes somewhat.

Author Bio: Tyler Watkins is a online blogger and web contributor, his content can be found across many website genres.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tracking in Leaf Litter

by Craig Caudill

by Craig Caudill

Looking for tracks allows one to ascertain the story of a place – who was here, what happened, and even when it happened. Gaining this insight requires skills and knowledge, including the shape and size of the print, understanding how the spacing between prints indicates speed, and the environmental factors that would encourage or discourage an individual animal to act a certain way.

Often tracks appear in dirt, clay, or sand, and the print is easily visible. This article will address tracking in under less pristine conditions, when there is leaf litter or other organic material covering the exposed dirt layer.

Timing is important for tracking in leaf litter – you will want to track either in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is lower in the horizon. A lower sun casts more revealing shadows on the ground and leaf litter and will expose where disturbances have occurred.

In regards to positioning, you always want to have the sun be on one side of the tracks with you on the direct opposite. The order of “sun, track, you” will help you see more clearly any of the telltale signs of tracks, whether they be animal or human.

And what are the telltale signs? Well, to gain context for the area, one should look at a nearby section of leaf litter that is noticeably flat and uniform. This undisturbed area will look consistently shiny and is called the baseline.

In contrast, a disturbed area will have leaves that are standing up, casting shadows and indicating that something has recently moved through that area. In examining this area, it can be helpful to change your elevation – from standing, to crouching, to lying down – in order to better see shadows and to identify things that you might miss from a stationary perspective.

There will usually be a spot where the leaves have been completely cleared from a small area, uncovering the dirt underneath. Not only does this reveal the fact that an animal has passed through, but it also may, under closer inspection, give clues as to the type of animal based on the size and type of print.

Tracking is a lifelong pursuit, and the only way to become a good tracker is to get out and practice with people who are knowledgeable.

Thanks for reading, and happy tracking!

Craig Caudill is an outdoor survival contributor to Dan’s Depot. He is also a certified Survival Instructor

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Doomsday Basics: Prepare Your Vehicle

While many may assume that after the lights go out, all human technology will be obsolete – this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, even though refrigerators and toaster ovens won’t help you warm your food, you’re still going to use a lot of manmade tools when you’re fighting zombies – not least of which is the automobile. Even though cars won’t be in production after the apocalypse, there still going to be one of the most useful tools you will be using on a daily basis if you’re lucky enough to survive past the doomsday event. Along with learning as much as you can about automotive maintenance in general (keep printed books,) here are a few basic alterations and additions you can make to your vehicle in preparation for the doomsday even.

Manual Fuel Pump

As we already know in our current lives, if you don’t feed the best – it won’t do the work. You are going to need to refuel your vehicle even after the gas station attendant is long gone and money has no value. Fear not, there will be lots and lots of gas stations with fuel still left under the ground in their holding tanks that you can scrounge for spare fuel. The one thing you’ll need is a solid hand powered manual fuel pump. These can be obtained pretty cheaply, for as low as 25 bucks in fact. If possible, try to find one will a very long intake tube for those almost empty tanks you’ll be scrounging from. If you can’t find one, you can always add on some manual hose extension later. Just think of everywhere you’re going to want to travel after the doomsday – through the wilderness hunting game, across broken streets in search of medicine… You can’t do any of that effectively without a vehicle, and you can run a vehicle without fuel.

Skid Plates

There are any number of awesome Off Road accessories we could profile in this post, all of which will be useful after the apocalypse. For the purposes of unique ides though, we’re going to stick to ones that have the most relevant doomsday specific effectiveness. For example, vehicle skid plates are going to help you immensely in a zombie chase situation. Even if your car is heavily armored with steel bars so zombies can’t get in, if you’re in a mob of hundreds of them – you’re not going anywhere at all. Even a well equipped truck or SUV will get quickly bogged down as masses of soft tissue jam in the intricate working parts of the undercarriage. This is where you’re resident vehicle skid plates are going to come in handy! Skid plates protect the undercarriage of your truck, hoisting the vehicle’s center above zombie flesh like a snowboard through fresh powder. This leave your tires free to gain traction amongst the carnage, and push your vehicle onward.

Roll Cage

A good roll cage is as simple as asking yourself whether or not you want your vehicle to be totaled every time it tips over. Yeah, that’s right – when a typical vehicle tips or “rolls” on its side, even at a very low speed, it is often totaled due to the body damage from the vehicle’s own weight. Pressing in on itself. The only answer to this is a quality roll cage, one that’ custom fitted to your truck or SUV. Don’t expect to be able to install one of these too easily after the power goes out either, so act now with heavy duty vehicle modification like this one. Bonus – a roll cage is like the basic building block for an entire cage you can add on to keep zombies out… Couple this with your skid plates, and you’ll ford your way through even the densest zombie mob!


These are just a few of the many vehicle modifications you can make that will ultimately help you after the doomsday. Think about your unique natural and manmade surroundings to perfect the vehicle that will benefit you the most. Sure, everybody would be best off in a military grad tank – but isn’t that over the line? Maybe not…

Author Bio: Tyler Watkins is a online blogger and web contributor, his content can be found across many website genres.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Basics of Tanning a Hide

In this article we are going to get back to the basics with primitive lifestyle skills. We are going to talk about how to tan a hide. This is not a complex skill to develop, it is quite easy to do. Now take note that we’ll talk about the basics first, and this would mean taking out the excess and unwanted material stuck to the hide. Due to the nature of modern day busy lifestyle we will also need to learn how to preserve it,

So the first thing you can do when trying to remove excess material from the hide is to use a dull knife or even a conventional spoon to scrape the excess material such as meaty or fatty tissue off the hide. Don’t use a sharp knife as you might cut through the hide. Please note that this is an easy skill to do, only if you dedicate some time to it. When cutting of excess material from the hide, such as fatty tissue always scrape away from you and at 90 degrees with the knife. Apply firm pressure and scrape through the area as best as you can. You can also pull on the edges of the hide to make it taut. Making it taut will assist in making it easier to scrape.

If you have a stubborn portion that doesn’t want to cooperate and can’t be easily scraped off, you can try pushing the edge of the knife with firmer pressure to force the stubborn fleshy portion off. You can also use the point of the knife by using it to get through the dull portion. The trick to this is to pull the hide so it becomes really taut and you can get in there and remove the stubborn portion. Remember, patience and some degree of finesse is the key.

It is going to take you some time to remove all that excess stuff. You also have to take into consideration that you will be busy with family, work, school, etc., that you won’t have time to scrape it all off in one sitting. This is where preservation comes in and it’s really pretty easy. You can get a can of salt and sprinkle it liberally on the hide. After that you can fold it and roll it up and put in a bucket with some stones in it. This allows some of the excess fluid still present in the hide to drain between the stones, allowing your hide to dry out further. You can check your bucket once in awhile and make sure you drain any excess fluid present. With this salting method you can preserve the hide for several months and can easily go back to where you left off.

Okay now I think it’s time to practice, as this can take some time to master. Remember, be patient! Learning how to tan a hide takes some time.

Craig Caudill instructs on how he uses machetes, hatchets, and saws in the great outdoors on Dan’s Depot.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Now

It is time for us to step out of the shadows.

We started small with a strategic partnership in the 1960s with an unknown filmmaker, George Romero, and since then our business and our budget has grown exponentially. Through due diligence on our part, we have inserted zombies into all segments of popular culture. From inserting zombies into "Call of Duty" to the creation of "The Walking Dead" to writing "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" (okay, Jane Austen deserves some credit for that one but still), we have been behind it all. Our mission has been singular and absolute.

Our mission has been to prepare all of you for this; you cannot say we didn’t warn you. We here at the American Zombie Research Initiative have been working across all forms of media to get each of you psychologically and emotionally prepared for this day and now it’s here: The Zombie Apocalypse. We hope you have been paying attention.

We also tried getting you all physically in shape by distorting images of already beautiful celebrities and models in advertisements to get you to ascribe to an impossible standard of duty. Unfortunately, we failed to take into account that as Americans you simply don’t want to exercise.

This memorandum is not to inform you how to survive or what to do next. You should have that committed to memory by now. This is strictly our first public communique to explain the possible causes for this outbreak. At this time, we don’t have enough information to pinpoint the exact nature of this outbreak which may, in fact, be a combination of several factors. We will not know for several more days and by then all routes of communication are likely to be cut off and survival will be the only thing that will matter.

Our internal data points to one or more of the following causes:

5. Inexplicably Resurrecting Corpses
As seen in: The Walking Dead, Cemetery Man
Recent occurrences: Brazil and Argentina

This may seem a bit of a cheat since in every zombie apocalypse, the dead rising is kind of how this thing works. The difference between this and the other apocalyptic scenarios is that this is how the whole thing starts - just the dead rising from their tombs for no real reason other than that’s what they feel like doing at the moment.

Yes, this is the least likely scenario to explain our current situation, which is good. What is bad, however, is that this is the absolute worst scenario that could occur. If these zombies started off by rising out of the ground, we would need to deal with nearly every human who has ever existed and each person who succumbs to the dead for any reason will rise up. If this is the case, humanity is doomed.

If this truly is the case, there is only one piece of advice that we can give: either give up right now or aim for the head.

You probably don’t need special zombie ammo. It does exist just in case, though.

4. Neurotoxins

As seen in: Resident Evil 5
Recent occurrences: Ever hear of a little place called Haiti? Non-verifiable claims come from the island on a regular basis. In 1996-1997, there were three cases worthy of publication in the academic journal, The Lancet.

According to all of our data, this is where the zombies first began to appear. These isolated incidents were of little interest to us until the Cold War, when we realized we could turn these husks into stand-ins for the Ruskies as well as start our program of infiltration as a way of advance warning about this impending terror.

From tests first conducted in the 1930s and then reconducted in the 1980s, when we actually had a grip on things like basic science, we have determined that a neurotoxin is a highly probable cause of the current zombie outbreak. According to our analysis from data collected by anthropologist/ethnobotanist Wade Davis, the active neurotoxin used in zombification is a compound known as tetrodotoxin. The sources of tetrodotoxin are varied, but the most common is found in the pufferfish.

Combine the tetrodotoxin with other ingredients in the traditional zombie powder, namely more animal derived poisons and some human flesh, and you have the beginning of an outbreak. The downside to this is that the traditional method of zombie-making cannot turn humans into zombies, but that doesn’t mean that a rogue cell hasn’t been able to weaponize this toxic compound and make it transferable from zombie to human.

For your protection we have installed a specialized unit of zombie-hunting sharks around Haiti. Results have been mixed.

3. Astronomical Anomalies
Heavily hinted at in: “Night of the Living Dead” and seen in: “Fido”
Recent and near-future occurrences: ‘Supermoon’; Annular and total eclipses of the sun; Transit of Venus across the sun; Massive solar storms

The fact of the matter is that we don’t know the exact ramifications of the high volume of astronomical phenomena we have and will continue to experience throughout the year. The sheer amount of solar radiation generated by the massive solar storms and increased solar flares this year could create incalculable damage on our infrastructure and electronic devices. In addition to the possibility of fundamentally changing the way our society functions, the consequences from massive amounts of solar radiation are little known. There are also strange fluctuations in gravity and the magnetic field in cases of eclipses.

We’re not saying we are definitely going to have zombies and that the Maya were right or anything, but think about the fact that the transit of Venus across the sun is even rarer than Halley’s Comet. The event has only been documented in 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882 and, most recently, in 2004. By the time the next one rolls around, we will all be dead. In conjunction with all of the other astronomical events, this seems to be an indicator of major problems in the present.

Of course, if we cannot stop the zombies we’ll all be dead well before 2117 anyway.

2. Street Drug Proliferation
As seen in: “Planet Terror” [yes, it is technically a chemical weapon, but the fact that if a person gets a continual supply, the side-effects can be slowed dramatically puts it into the drug category on a technicality]
Recent occurrences: Miami, Louisiana, California, Miami again and several others

Okay. We know that this has been going around a lot lately. We have known about this combination of chemical compounds – methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MPDV), mephedrone and pyrovalerone – and their ability to turn humans into bloodthirsty cannibals without higher brain function for quite some time. (Yeah…Sorry about that one.) Why do you think we gave it such a terrible name? I mean, come on, bath salts? Are you a 50-year-old woman with a single glass of pinot grigio taken from a box in the fridge soaking in a tub and reading Nora Roberts?

Sometimes we fail to take into account the abject stupidity of drug abusers.

So now that this horrifying combination is known by everybody and legally available in most states – sometimes even available at gas stations, because that’s a good idea – there are a lot of people who want to copy something stupid they saw on the internet. We used to refer to this as “The Jackass Effect” and before that “The Three Stooges Effect”.

This drug basically shuts down the body’s ability to function at a higher level or fall asleep. After prolonged ingestion, a person can suffer from a form of psychosis leading to all sorts of atypical and asocial behavior.

At this moment though, we can inform all members of the general public that although your face might get eaten off, these people are not technically zombies. Yet. They’re probably developing something a little closer as we speak though. Therefore, although there are probably a few of these guys roaming the streets right now, more than ever before actually, these guys probably are not our biggest problem and probably will not be in the future. That’s really good because even headshots tend not to take these guys down quickly.

Seriously though…Bath salts? Who would take a drug called that?

1. Brain Parasites
As seen in: Resident Evil 4
Recent occurrences: You’re probably infected right now…

Half of all humans on the planet are infected with Toxoplasma gondii. That’s about 3.5 billion people.

The favorite animal and unofficial mascot of the internet is the common housecat.

There’s a connection.

This one is mine. I always knew she would be the cause of my death.

The housecat: haser of cheezburgers, eater of flies, destroyer of cardboard, guardian of the litterbox and hunter of rodents. Most of that is just fine; it’s the last two parts of that that have probably doomed humanity’s collective existence.

Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that is known for contributing to schizophrenia in humans, but it’s what happens in rats that makes this interesting. You see, humans and rats are not all that dissimilar, which is why rats are used for all sorts of medical testing reasons, and it’s the rat connection that is worrisome. When a rat is infected with toxopasmosis, it will actively search out areas where cats are likely to be found in order to get eaten. Toxopasma gondii will then use this opportunity to reproduce in the belly of the cat. The cat then defecates and then we get infected when we demean ourselves to clean up their mess.

The most terrifying aspect of this parasite is that it completely affects judgment and the instinct for self-preservation in rats. With little more than a slight mutation, this could do the same thing to humans and turn us, as a species, into a bunch of mindless, shambling, living corpses – no longer human, yet remaining in human form.

Of all the reasons behind the legions of humanoids bent on the destruction of our society, this is probably the most likely reason behind it and it’s all the cat’s fault.

These tiny cells will be the undoing of humanity and they already lay dormant in you.

Enjoy the apocalypse, fellow citizens. It was a pleasure to serve you all these years. If we’re lucky, we might just make it through this. In the meantime, get away from heavily populated areas and aim high.

Joe Vampire is horror movie aficionado and a writer for One strategy he suggests for surviving the evil undead is to blend in and dress like a zombie.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Creating An Appropriate Emergency Car Kit

No one knows when something will go wrong while taking a trip on the highway or a different road. This is when it is vital to have a properly constructed emergency car kit. It is always wise to have essential supplies on hand when becoming stranded. Here is a look at important items to pack in an emergency kit for the car.

  • Food. If a car breaks down far away from town, it will be important to have something to eat. It is tricky to store food in the car since it is exposed to various temperatures. The best ideas include nutrition bars which are not temperature dependent. They are a tasty treat that will keep energy high. They also are less likely to make a person thirsty. Since many contain fiber, they will keep a person feeling full for a long period of time.
  • Drink. Water is one of the best beverages to keep stocked in the car for emergencies. It is essential to remain hydrated. Water will be a good way to wash wounds in case an accident has taken place. If the car overheats, this liquid will come in handy as well.
  • Light. The staple of any car emergency kit is a source of light. Flashlights can be useful in various situations. It is important to remember to check batteries often. With today's technology, there are LED flashlights that hold a battery charge much longer than traditional flashlights. It may also be wise to pack waterproof matches, candles, and light sticks as well.
  • Source Of Warmth. If a person is stuck in cold weather conditions, it can be a miserable circumstance. It is wise to pack blankets and other sources of warmth. Wool blankets are best because they are extremely warm, soft, durable, and easily cleaned. Warm packs are also smart when heat is needed quickly. They can be placed in shoes or pockets to keep hands and feet warm. Some companies manufacture blankets made especially for car emergencies. They are lightweight and foldable. Often, the materials used are reflective and hold up to 80% of the body's own heat.
  • Tools. Every car's emergency kit should also contain certain things like a collapsible shovel, pocketknife, and a roll of duct tape. It may be smart to supply road flares as well. These devices should never be used as a source of light and should only be lit on a surface that is not flammable. They must be used in a ventilated area since they can cause terrible fumes.
  • First Aid Supplies. If a car accident occurs, it is essential to have the proper supplies on hand. A first aid kit must include things like running alcohol, gauze pads, antibiotic ointment, bandaids, a pain reliever, tissues, and tape. These supplies will hold a person over until professional medical assistance is available

There are numerous emergency kits available for sale that can be customized for personal needs. It is a smart way to have all items safely packed away in a compact manner which fits in the trunk of the car. It is always smart to be prepared when a person becomes stranded on the road. In case of an accident or car trouble, it will be a relief to be prepared.

About Author:

Lauren Sawyer is a freelance journalist who writes about emergency safety. She enjoys offering tips on how to prepare for an unexpected problem while travelling on the road. She often writes about truck parts related topics like grade 70 chain binder and load binders and other trailer accessories like bungee straps.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Can Your Food Storage Keep You Alive During a Doomsday?

There has been a lot of talk about of the world ending recently due to the Mayan calendar. The calendar was suppose to abruptly on December, 21st, 2012. Since we all clearly saw nothing happened and we are all living today, there was no doomsday. However, since some people did believe that this was going to happen, some people were smart and stocked up on emergency supplies which honestly is not a bad idea. With the economy collapsing, war raging out of control, diseases spreading, and stronger hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, and other storms, becoming a prepper isn't such a bad idea.

A prepper is a person who stores a large amount of food and water inside their home. Some do this in case there's ever an emergency, while others save their stash for when the world does end. Regardless of the reason, even a full food storage unit won't last forever.

The average person can survive three days without water and one to two weeks without food. This means that having water is extremely important. Emergency teams recommend having at least three liters of water per day. Since Doomsday will probably last longer than just three days, preppers can also use water purification tablets and a rain collector.

In terms of food, long lasting items, such as canned goods, beef jerky, picked or canned meat, cereal, whole grain crackers, peanut butter, and nuts, are easy to consume and are recommended. Of course, these too will run out, and that's why it's important for preppers to have a garden. If living in a warmer climate, they'll be able to grow all the food they need year round. Living more north can make matters harder, but by gardening inside, learning how to can items, or using freeze dried food, this will no longer be a problem.

Meals Ready To Eat (MREs) may also be used in a disaster. These waterproof packages have been designed to contain a well balanced meal. An example of one meal may be grilled chicken, bread, green beans, coffee, gum, applesauce, peanut butter and crackers, apple cider, Skittles, and protein powder. As can be seen, these contain every item of the food pyramid, meaning that the survivor will receive more energy after their meal. That being said, eating nothing but MREs can get old quickly. This is why starting a garden in additional to having a good supply is key.

The final way to guarantee safely after Doomsday is to raise animals. Cows can be used for beef, goats may be used for milk, and chickens will supply the household a steady supply of protein. Best of all, all these animals require very little care as they eat mostly off the land.

Author Bio

Annabelle is currently a loving and caring mother of two children. She lives outside of Milwaukee, WI and loves cheering for the Bucks and Badgers. She is a blog enthusiast and loves writing, if she is not writing she is cleaning up after her two lovely angels.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Knife Safety Considerations

The knife is a highly versatile tool and your mastery of it is an indispensable skill for survival situations. A knife could be used for a myriad of things in the great outdoors, so in this topic we are going to teach you some basic knife safety skills to prevent accidents from happening to you and others.

For starters you need to be aware that most knives have two critical parts, which are the sharp razor’s edge and the point. Rule number one keep all the sharp edges and the point, away from you and other people. Never point a knife at anyone, nor engage in horseplay when holding a knife. Following this rule at all times will ensure that you avoid accidentally cutting or stabbing yourself and others.

Although some activities may seem easier with the knife’s edge pointing at you, having a puncture wound or a laceration in a survival situation is something that you just don’t want to happen, so better not to risk it for the sake of convenience.

Now lets talk about some basic knife skills. If you need to cut, let’s say a piece of string, your natural tendency would be to cut near your body as you can generate more force by keeping the blade near you. This is generally fine, but following rule number one, always cut away from your body (this makes sense doesn't it?). Another common mistake is cutting with any part of your finger, (particularly the thumb) parallel to the blade. For example, a lot of people would try to cut a twig or a branch using the thumb for leverage, now if the knife suddenly cuts through that twig or branch, the thumb gets cut with the blade. In this situation, always remember to position any part of your hands or fingers offset and not directly parallel to the blade itself. Another situation is when people need to cut, sharpen, or shave a branch. Again following rule number one, always cut or shave away from you. For added strength, you can put your finger on the back edge of the blade for extra power.

Some other safety considerations to be remembered, is never leave your knife lying under any circumstances It is much better to ensure your knife is sheathed when not in use to prevent accidents from happening. This also ensures that you do not lose your knife. Losing a knife in the wilderness could very well be a critical mistake.

Last but not the least, if ever you are with somebody or are in a group, make sure that no one is near you if you ever have to use the knife. Should you ever use the knife, it is important to let everyone know that you will be using your knife or any bladed implement for that matter. These are just a few reminders on basic knife safety and usage. Following these tips will go a long way in preventing accidents from happening to your or to others. Remember, an accident in the wilderness is something you should always do your best to avoid.

Craig Caudill is a wilderness survival instructor and regular contributor to Dan's Depot.

Friday, January 04, 2013

The World of Zombies

Zombies are everywhere…in video games, movies, costumes, clothing, posters, books, and calendars… everywhere we walk zombies seem to be following in our shadow, just a short distance away.

Is it possible that the world is being overrun by zombies? The popularity of zombies seems to have brought the walking-dead back to life. Zombie merchandise is gaining in popularity with a cult following that spans the ages.

And the interest in zombies goes far beyond a population obsessed with movies and DVD’s. Zombies have found their way into costumes, conventions, magazines and books, artwork, music… in fact zombies appear to be taking over the internet!

Online searches include game applications such as ‘The Walking Dead’, zombie screens, and online slots, like ‘Zone of the Zombies’. The online gaming niche continues to gain in popularity. Many games have features that allow users to personalize their individual zombies as well as their gear. Games such as the ‘Left 4 Dead’, and the ‘Resident Evil’ series, provide players with opportunities to enjoy interactive zombie gaming.

Zombie movies, also increasing in number, include many favorites. AMC’s, "The Walking Dead" literally brought the living-dead to computer and television screens. While zombie movies have entertained viewers for decades, today’s audiences just can’t seem to get enough. Many Hollywood zombie favorites, such as ‘Zombieland’ and ‘Dawn of the Dead’ continue to contribute to the increase in zombie popularity.

Young and old walk the streets on Halloween wearing purchased and homemade zombie costume if, in fact, they are costumes! Stores and websites offer a great variety of zombie gifts: t-shirts, weapons, survival gear, and novelty items, all specially designed for the walking un-dead! Various zombie paraphernalia provides fascinating gifts. Zombie fans everywhere appreciate ‘walking dead’ t-shirts, books, and other deadly memorabilia.

Will zombies arrive soon? Are they already here? What we know for certain is that zombies are enjoying a comeback as a favorite attraction for horror movie fans and gamers. Books on zombies provide zombie survival skills and captivating fiction. Zombies have an incredible way of intriguing people of all ages. Disturbing and captivating at the same time, zombies have successfully crept their way into almost every corner of our daily lives, as well as into the darkest recesses of the night!

Adam Robinson is a journalist and blogger who writes about all things related to gaming and tech. He likes to play at intertops casino and anywhere else he can find cool new slots games.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Doomsday Giveaway for January 2013!

This is our first giveaway for 2013! The Doomsday Giveaway for January 2013 is a Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit Knife.

The Rothco 3235 Adventurer Survival Kit knife comes with fish line, hook, sinkers, band-aids, pencil, harpoon, signal mirror, Morse code, finger tip saw and more (matches not included). All of these items fit in the hollow handle of the knife. A threaded top with a built in compass screws into the knife handle to keep everything dry.

All you need to do is use the rafflecopter tool below to enter. You can tweet about this giveaway or another link on this blog, follow us on Twitter, "like" us on Facebook, share us at your favorite social network, or follow this blog. Easy as that. On February 1st we will select the winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Good luck!

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