Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Doomsday: 6 Things That Could Actually Happen

Doomsday is a term heard often nowadays, even after the supposed end of the world near the end of 2012 didn’t end up being a concern. But there are still a variety of potential doomsday scenarios that people should really be concerned about. They’re less about zombies and ancient rumors, though, and more about science and the environment. These are things that could happen, offering valid reasons to prepare and work on your survival skills.

nuclear explosion photo: big nuke explosion-nuclear.jpg

Nuclear Holocaust

In 2010, a Ploughshares Fund Report reported that about 22,000 nuclear weapons were located in various locations around the world. This means that at any moment, a nuclear holocaust could occur from these weapons being set off. That would lead to almost immediate disaster, a lot of lives lost and most likely, the newest doomsday event.

black hole photo: Black hole SNF0122A-682_568744a.jpg

Black Holes

If you own a web design Philadelphia business, a fashion boutique or even a small farm, there’s no way to protect it from the potential danger if black holes. A black hole is caused by large stars in one area collapsing at the same time, providing a gravitational pull. It’s possible that a black hole could happen close to earth, causing the next Armageddon. There are black holes in the galaxy wandering about, and you never know when one might wander closer to our planet.

gamma ray photo: Rayos Gamma Type_1c_Gamma_Ray_Burst_01_zps3aefda66.jpg

Gamma Rays

Gamma rays are another persistent worry, as they could cause doomsday scenarios in the future. A gamma ray is a burst of high-energy beams that are shot out of a supernova. They can also be caused by an exploding star. This isn’t just global warming - it means enough radiation to cook most (if not all) of the planet.

bird flu photo: Avian Bird Flu Bird-flu-460x276.jpg


Bio-terrorism is a term used for potential bio-weapons, including various diseases and illnesses. There’s so much technology we don’t know about, such as genetically engineered cells or bugs that could start a plague or breakout at any moment. Worries like the bubonic plague, Q fever, brucellosis, tularemia, smallpox or anthrax are just the beginning.

particle accelerator photo: New Particle Accelerator hadron-collider.jpg


Antimatter is produced by particle accelerators, but so is matter. When the two are produced at the same time and bump into each other, it causes annihilation. Antimatter isn’t something just floating around in the world, but in small amounts it can be manufactured. If enough is manufactured and released, even by accident, it would mean complete destruction and doomsday.

super volcano photo: The Yellowstone caldera, or super volcano 268.jpg


Lastly, there’s the threat of a super-volcano to cause the next doomsday. Super-volcanos are exactly what they sound like; a giant volcano. The volcano would need to explode and release its sulfuric acid and ash into the atmosphere. This could cause something similar to the Ice Age, for which no preparation could really help. It may seem far-fetched, but like others on this list, it’s a persistent threat.

The odds of all these occurrences vary, and depending on whose opinion you listen to, some are thought to be more likely than others. In any case, you don’t want to be around for any of these doomsday scenarios.

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