Friday, September 06, 2013

Follow the ‘Golden’ Path to Save and Invest

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Are you still lost in the woods and wondering why your money value is falling? It’s time you came out of the mess to tread the golden path of saving and investing. Till now for generations man has been saving money in banks as deposits or buying property; those conversant with the games in the share market opted for stocks and waited for chance to do the trick. But the recent Great Recession has made the entire globe sit up to the reality of vanishing virtual money and tumbling property prices. USA has been worst hit. Detroit has declared itself bankrupt. When America sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold. In some form or the other the rest of the world, developed, emerging and developing has been negatively impacted.

So what is the remedy? It’s simple, buy gold, buy gold bars, buy gold coins, buy silver UK. How to buy? No! You will not have to trudge from one shop to another to evaluate prices and genuineness. All you have to do is to go online in the comfort and privacy of your own house or office and hone in on the websites dealing with gold and silver. Online shopping has become very popular in UK – 60% opting for it; It’s averaging £1,083 per head annually. The Brits spent £68.2 billion in 2011 on online gold shopping. Proportion of British buying gold is 12.7%.

The concept is new because till now gold and silver were connected with women buying jewellery for special occasions like weddings and birthdays. Since the 19th century the idea of buying gold coins has receded in the background. The two Great Wars brought about this change. There were so many transactions during these critical years that it was bothersome to physically deal with bulky sacks of gold coins. Paper money began to be given preference. The Information Revolution brought about another big change – virtual money. Money crossed hands via the Internet typed in figures. It all combined to result in the Great Recession. People lost faith in money – paper or virtual. It resulted in gold coming back with a bang.

The same Internet Information technology is being used to buy and sell gold. Old gold and silver trinkets lying can be sold in exchange for gold coins or new jewellery. Gold is gold – it’s beyond value. It will never rust. Its value will never depreciate but always appreciate. The value of gold has gone beyond doubling. In 2009 it was £428.83 it shot up to £1180.33. For a brief period it fell but it is all part of the game – ultimately the value of gold has gone up. The pendulum swing is so vast that it can be compared with no other commodity.

The online sites sell pure gold as gold bars and coins. These are obtained from the choicest refineries of the world. The availability will suit all types of purses. The items will be delivered at your doorstep.


  1. There was some scams floating around for online gold buying.. now for the life of me I cant rememebr where. I personally woulddnt buy unless it was local.

  2. I feel much more comfortable holding good in my hand than a piece of paper.

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