Creating Your Mobile Survival Vehicle

by Stacey Thompson

Living in a house with wheels comes with an underserved stigma in our country. Derogatory terms like trailer trash are tossed around in popular culture, as if living in a mobile home exclusively dictated a person’s economic status and level of decency.

Seeing the volatility of our world in environmental and geopolitical aspects, it’s about time that we change our views on mobile living. If you think about it, being able to move around with relative ease (moving furniture from one place to another is either expensive and/or laborious) is the way to go.

The average RV or trailer is fine for the most part, but most of them are not really built by default as a vehicle that can provide its inhabitants with all the essentials of living. Given the lack of resources, one has to get a little more creative and innovative in order to maximize what resources they have on hand.

Here are a few clever ideas that have already been done by people in order to make mobile living just as good, or even better than living in a regular immobile residence:

Convert a Truck or Bus

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