Thursday, October 17, 2013

Survival Slingshot Review

by Shane White

Survival Slingshot

I saw this product on another site and it looked amazing so I just had to get my hands on one. I was pleased that the folks at Survival Slingshot sent me a standard model to "play" with.

Assembly was very easy. Literally just a couple of parts that snap together. I do recommend looking at the directions so you don't have to take it apart after realizing that it doesn't look quite right like I did. It will save you a little bit of time that you could be using on target practice. Once it is assembled, it is possible to take apart again, but it is not easy. It is pretty solid after it is put together. I am just keeping mine assembled and putting it in my Bug Out Bag. Please note that this is for the assembly of the standard model and not the Archer model or any other model.

Now, I will have you know that this slingshot is NOT a toy. I am confident that this slingshot can be used to hunt small animals so I would not recommend target practice with Rover the dog unless you plan on putting him on the menu.

This feels very solid. It is build with a hollow aircraft aluminum tube with various places to mount some of the optional extras that you can get for it. Options include an arrow attachment and a flashlight attachment (not reviewed since I don't have them). I couldn't find a place on the web site that allowed you to order the options at the time of this posting, but I am going to suggest them to the people at Survival Slingshot so hopefully we will be able to order them soon.

The base of this slingshot unscrews in a similar way that some Rambo style survival knives do which actually works well for this slingshot. The aluminum handle is water tight and has a compass built into the cap. Included inside is a needle and thread, a small fishing kit that includes a couple of hooks, some fishing line, and a couple of weights, some waterproof matches and a striker, and some steel shot ammo. I personally would pull out all that other stuff and just keep the tube full of ammo, but there is plenty of room in the handle for this stuff and plenty more in my opinion.

This slingshot is quite fun to shoot. I found that it shot quite consistently and is pretty easy to aim with a little practice. The handle is reasonably comfortable, but the same thing that makes this so cool (the tubular handle) is also the one thing that makes it a little uncomfortable to shoot. Not terrible, but just not as comfortable as a slingshot with a grip more designed for your hand would be.

The manufacturer states that the slingshot will shoot 250 yards. While I did not actually measure this, I will say that it does shoot quite a long ways. I never did find my shots again.

Overall, this slingshot is a great addition to your survival supplies. Ammo can be replenished anywhere you find a pile of rocks, the built in water tight storage is a great adder for stuff you don't want to get wet, or just for ammo. Shooting the slingshot is a breeze. With a little practice you will be hitting your targets. I also recommend that you buy some replacement bands just in case. I think the bands will last a long time, but I strongly suggest you have them just in case. At the time of this posting they are just $6.95 so it is well worth it.

One final note. There are several videos showing the slingshot being folded by slamming the slingshot together. Don't do this. The slingshot tube is made out of aluminum and is subject to metal fatigue and will break as mine did. The proper way to fold this is to gently pull apart the arm support and then fold. After I broke mine, the people at Survival Slingshot quickly replaced it within a few days. They stand by their products.

For more information on this product, be sure to check out their web site for more information on this cool product. You can find them at


  1. looks fun for a boy i guess :) lol not too up on my slingshots these days.. he he

  2. who says that they're only for a boy??? they are great for any prepper. can use for small game, protection and the stealth is great!!! i use to be an awesome shot with a slingshot and have finally bought a new one. now i need to get back up to speed with it. this 59yr old gramma is gonna be an awesome shot again!

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