Friday, February 28, 2014

5 Unconventional Things to Stock up on Before the Zombie Apocalypse

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Apocalyptic events seem like the stock of pop-culture shows and extremists, but just last week, the 9th largest city in the US came to a stand still for 2 days when a snowstorm hit the south. The year before, Super storm Sandy devastated areas of New York and New Jersey, causing looting and crime waves. Now matter where you live, you should be prepared for the possible, if not inevitable likelihood of a major disaster. This includes stocking up on those things that could be most helpful in an emergency situation.

Anything necessary in an apocalyptic moment is something that should be considered essential in the realm of our daily lives; always be prepared, right? Here are the must-haves for a prepared home, on any given day, zombies or not:

Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is light, portable, and easy to assemble. Use it to ensconce a wood fence, or double-up for maximum security. Insulates your property from intruders, keeps your kids and dogs in the yard. It can also come in handy should you need to raise your own poultry after a major disaster, or create a safe zone.

Nail Gun

A nail gun could be an invaluable tool in the event of a catastrophe. Whether you're looking to build some comfortable shelter, or just wanting to repair your home, a nail gun can save you a lot of time, and energy. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, a small army of volunteers from nearby states poured in to Louisiana to help people put their lives back together. Those with nail guns were able to quickly provide short term and long term relief to the survivors. Having a tool that can quickly board up windows and doors could be a life saver if you get word of an emergency storm alert.

Ample Fishing Supplies

If the shelves of the grocery store are empty, you'll need another way to find food. Some disasters can last a lot longer than you might hope or expect, and it never hurts to keep some fishing gear handy. Whether you live in a dense urban area, or in the middle of nowhere, you will likely be near some body of water that has fish in it. Keep a couple of poles, nets, fishing lures, and ample fishing line on hand. Even if you aren't particularly adapt at fishing, you can share them with someone who is and get some fresh food.

Power Tools

Preparing for a disaster is threefold, you need to have the supplies on hand to help you do some timely disaster prep, like boarding up windows, supplies that will help you during a disaster, like a radio and shelter, and supplies to help you after the event has passed. Power tools like band saws and skill saws can help you before and after a disaster to build shelter, and clear debris. A portable band saw, for example, could be used to salvage valuable metal parts and pieces that you might need, or to clear debris in tight spaces. If you do keep power tools on hand, be sure that they are well charged, and that you have replacement parts on hand. Chances are, the hardware store will be closed after a disaster, so pick up some extra batteries, or Makita band saw parts. You can get the supplies you'll need to keep your tools up and running at a local store or online at sites like


What an underdog. Your lighters will eventually run out of fluid. If you plan on eating anything warm after the power and gas grid fails, you best be gathering these endlessly useful flint-sticks in bulk. Get them for free! Fill your pockets at every restaurant, gas station and wedding you go to. Matches should be falling out of every drawer in your home. Even if you use them to barter for other necessities, matches will not be something you regret stocking up on.

No matter how convinced you are of an impending disaster scenario, it wouldn't hurt to have these five items around your home for day-to-day use, and for protection.

Marlena Stoddard writes on emergency preparation and energy independent homes. Originally from Senoia, GA, Marlena lives in Santa Rosa, CA with her husband and 2 children. When she isn't spending time with her children or writing, Marlena enjoys hiking and photography. For more on Marlena, you can follow her on Google+.


  1. These are all great tips useful year round. Power outages can happen any time

  2. Simce you mentioned a nail gun wouldnt a stapler gun work well too? Nail guns usually involve using air like so many power tools and a staple gun doesnt (the old kind)

  3. Thanks for the awesome tips love this blog!!

  4. I was thinking the same thing - don't you need a compressor for a nail gun?

  5. matches?? really? the standard bic lighter is rated for 3000 lights or about the same as 150 books of matches. I can carry 2 bics in my pocket without noticing it, can you carry 300 books of matches around? once the fuel runs out I can take of the wind guard off and still use the sparks to light tinder, can you keep using those matches? They may be good for barter as long as they didnt get wet or crushed but ill trust my bic over matches anyday..

  6. I like the matches idea for bartering. I agree that you should have some bics as well but matches as a form of monetary compensation is ingenious!

  7. A nail gun can also be used as a weapon.... just saying :) Recebtly my brother in law was shingling his house and the fool put a nail trough his ankle. Trust me, they can be a weapon! And I did recetlly see a crodless nailgun.

  8. some of the water-proof kind would be best


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