The Aftermath: How To Prepare For The Results Of Damaging And Dangerous Storms

While some storms can be dangerous and devastating, there are many ways to prepare your home and family before it reaches your home. Residents are often informed ahead of time of the storm before it reaches them, giving them time to prepare and find shelter. These are the storms that can cause extensive damage to your home. Preparing for a devastating storm’s aftermath is just as important as getting ready for the storm. Here are some things to take care of after the storm passes:

Utilize Your Emergency Kit And Food Storage

Even if the storm wasn’t that damaging, using what you have in your emergency kit and food storage can be quite helpful. Instead of frantically running to the store for food and water, use what you have in your home for less stress, and a simple way to save gas in your car. Following a natural disaster, stores are filled with long lines and out-of-stock essentials, so avoiding that mess if you can will help your situation and give you time to focus your attention on other important matters.

Insurance Information

After the storm passes, you will probably be without power and Internet service. You will not be able to open your laptop, go online and find your insurance information. Before the storm arrives, take the time to organize all of your insurance information such as policy numbers and phone numbers and put them some place safe. Once the storm has calmed down and everyone is safe, make a call to insurance company as quickly as possible to get the ball rolling and find out what other information they need from you.

Take Photographs

If your home has some unique features like a stained glass window or doors with intricate designs carved into them, you will want to photograph them in case they are damaged or destroyed in the storm. You might think that you could easily describe them for someone trying to recreate them, but this is not as easy as you think. Having a picture handy will help get these features replicated. If you have some expensive electronics in your home such as a brand new flat screen TV, take a picture of yourself in front of it. If you have photographic evidence of items that were damaged or destroyed during the storm, it will help you get an insurance claim processed quickly.

List of Professionals

The aftermath of a storm can leave your house in need of professional help. Your pipes might be damaged or electrical wires exposed. Take the time before the storm to organize a list of professional services and their contact information. If your septic tank begins to leak in the storm, you will want someone to look at it right away.

Keep Dry

It’s very important to know how to stop a flood and dry out your home after a storm. Flooding can quickly cause thousands of dollars of damage, and if you don’t remove the water quickly enough, it will be too late for repair. Flooding can cause mold, mildew, structural damage and host of other problems. Be sure to turn off the electricity if you are dealing with water, and begin relocating as many items as you can to a dry area. Use towels and vacuums when you can, and call a professional for major flooding to take care of the problem.

Emergency Plans

After weathering the storm, your home might need a lot of repair work and it could be unsuitable for your pets and small children. Make arrangements for a safe place for your pets and children to go after the storm in case your home is unsafe. Relying on your neighbor wouldn’t be the best idea, since they are likely in the same situation you are. Give yourself some options to keep your family safe if you can’t stay in your home.

The aftermath of a storm can be a chaotic time filled with uncertainty. With a little pre-planning, you can make it easier to deal with any damage or repercussions of the storm.

Informational credit to Kamloops Septic Service.

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  8. One thing I keep on hand to help supplement my water storage is a supply of individual size juice cans – V8, fruit juices – most are good for 6 mos to a year and I only buy what I like to drink so I can keep them rotated. That way if the emergency is such that I have to break into my stored water, it's not the only source I have for drinks.

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  18. Latest news update- approx. 18,000 homes are without power due to Hurricane Arther, probably still triggering heavy rain,high winds along the upper East coastline.

  19. Good article – loads of practical things to think about. Where I live in NE Florida – we have almost daily pop-up storms this time of year and they can be ferocious with lots of wind and cloud to ground lightening. I just had a bunch of limbs from a neighbors huge oak tree cut back away from my roof line – it's important to keep an eye on your trees and do the maintenance needed to keep the dead limbs cleared out and the big limbs away from the roof.

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