Thursday, August 07, 2014

6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Home Flood Disaster

Homes located in low lying areas are prone to flooding if steady rain occurs. Home flood disasters are sometimes unpredictable. In other cases, a person can prepare an advance for an inevitable flood. Here are six ways to prepare yourself for a home flood disaster.

  1. Consult with an electrician. An electrician can help you elevate your furnace, equipment and water to a safe level that is well above the natural water levels in your area should a flood occur. Electrical components like switches, sockets and wiring can all be increased to at least a foot.

  2. If there is a basement in the area, one should hire a plumber. A licensed, experienced plumber can be consulted with to install an exterior or interior backflow valve. The backflow valve can ultimately prevent sewage from entering the basement if significant flood occurs.

  3. It is important to prepare an evacuation kit. This kit should include a wealth of documentation. Items to be included are insurance documentation, copies of prescription and other information that you’ll need when you are far from home.

  4. The sump pumps in the home should all be inspected to make sure that they are prepared to handle sudden flooding. The sump pumps and drains should ideally have a battery backup. There should be extra batteries on hand.

  5. The fuel tanks around the home should be anchored. The unanchored fuel tank can contaminate the home with oil if it drifts. It could also float downstream and cause damage to nearby homes in an area.

  6. All appliances located in an area should be elevated. This can be done with masonry or cylinder blocks. Appliances like washers and dryers should be at least one foot above the level of water anticipated should a flood occur.

If there is an evacuation order issued, you should definitely leave the area. When preparing for a flood, take the evacuation kit and only the essential items. Remember that timing is of the essence when it comes to preparing for an area flood. If the home happens to have a garage, then consider having a flood barrier and seal kit installed for the home. Companies like The Garage Door Co Ltd offer products like these that can be easily added to a home.

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  1. Good info especially about elevating appliances and having a working drain/sump pump. I have been through a flood and it isnt pretty!

  2. Thanks I hadn't thought about some of these ideas, and it's good to have them in mind, just in case. And way easier to prepare ahead!

  3. probably another asteroid, or we nuke ourselves

  4. I think the end of the world will be caused by disease.

  5. Natural disasters will eventually end the world

  6. Love that there are many areas covered not just one or two. Might need a "if you're a novice this is how to start" section. It can be a little overwhelming if you're just starting out.

  7. These are very helpful. When I was twelve, our house was flooded and I remember my dad putting the stove upstairs in my bedroom and the fridge on the stairway. We had water come to about four inches on the first floor and the appliances were saved! :)


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