Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Montie Gear - Y-Shot Slingshot - Review

by Shane White

The folks at Montie Gear gave me the opportunity to review this cool slingshot. The Y-Shot Slingshot. At first glance, it looks pretty ordinary, but the more I look at it the more I like it.

This slingshot is capable of firing up to half inch steel balls up to 150 feet per second. It is made with a half inch water jet cut aluminum frame and is wrapped with 550 paracord. It uses a TheraBand Gold band with 16 pounds pull weight. It is also the perfect size and shape to cram into your already packed bug-out bag. Let me tell you about more of its features.


The most important part of a slingshot in my mind it the handle. The handle of the Y-Shot is wrapped with 550 paracord. I can't tell you how much, since I figured that I would never rewrap it as nicely as they did. The paracord wrapping makes this slingshot very easy to handle (no pun intended). Montie Gear also has a wrist rest accessory that you can get with some slingshot kits or as an optional accessory. I didn't get a chance to try this out but I will try to get one in the future for mine.


Seriously...these people have everything a slingshot could ever need! They have iron and fiber optic sites, arrow kits, replacement bands, double bands (increases pull weight to 35 pounds), slingshot holsters, magnetic ammo holsters, thumbscrews (if you like to take it apart without tools), and various sizes and types of slingshot ammo.


If you like your slingshot a certain way, they can deliver. Here are some of the ways you can get yours:
  • Frame Colors: There are three at the time of this review. Black Powder (what I got), Clear Annodize (metalic), and Pink if you prefer a pretty one (pink costs a bit more though).
  • Wrap Colors: You can always rewrap with any color or style paracord you like, but the colors of the 550 paracord you can order it with are Digital Desert Camo, Digital Woodland Camo, Black, Pink, Safety Orange, and Zombie Green.
  • The tactical version comes with their fiber optic site, a wrist brace, and a picatinny rail.
  • The Zombie Apocalypse version comes standard with a zombie green handle, extra ammo, extra bands, and targets so you will always be ready.
  • The D.I.Y. verson is the one you need if you want to save a few bucks, would like to put it together yourself, or need to paint yours or whatever. It has all the parts and instructions you need to put it together yourself.

This product was a thrill to play with. They don't recommend using rocks since it can damage the band. I need to pick up some more ammo soon so I can play with...I mean practice with my newest survival tool.

This is not a toy! This is a very useful tool. Don't let your kids play with it unless they have been properly instructed how to use a slingshot and you are comfortable that they know it can be how to use it.

If you want to know more, check out Montie Gear's website. If you have questions, every time I have been there, Montie has been available to answer questions.


  1. Now something like this would be helpful- small, compact, quiet and ammo everwhere. Not good long range, but great to take out prey (or other things) short distances. This also would be a skill easily picked up.

  2. Hi!
    Is this open internationally?
    Thank you!

  3. Yes, except for certain countries where domestic and international laws forbid it.

  4. In this case I'm from Portugal.. do you think there will be a problem? Thanks

  5. I always have at least 1 lighter on my person (smoker) AND I carry a small 10X mag. lense in my front pocket (Sun+Mag. lense= FIRE). Also, Levis almost always have a bit of lint in the front pockets or you can scrape the bottom of your pants leg with a knife... VOILA, instant fire tinder.

  6. A lot of us don't have homes with basements, so we have to be creative with alternative storage. A seldom-used interior room of the house that can be kept dark, under beds, enclosed storage cabinets, underneath tables that have floor-length table cloths are all decent options. At one time, I even stored preps in the space between the back of my sofa and the wall. It's amazing how many hidey-holes you can find around a house without a basement.

  7. New to prepping.....i could sure use this!

  8. With sticks, paper and a lighter.

  9. I use a lighter, newspaper, and little twigs

  10. I use matches but this is an awesome kit to have in our survival kit :)

  11. Very carefully with use of a long Bic BBQ/Firplace lighter.


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