4 Essential Pieces of Equipment Every Survivalist Needs in Their Shed

As a survivalist, there are many helpful tools and pieces of equipment that will facilitate your safety in an emergency. While you cannot keep one of everything in your supply shed, these multi-functional pieces of gear could make the difference between life and death in an emergency. Be sure to have these four pieces of equipment in your cache of supplies.

Weather Radio

Weather radios are an essential piece of equipment that alert you to weather emergencies and other natural disasters. A hand-cranked weather radio requires no electricity, which makes it ideal for your survivalist supplies. Weather radios could inform you of an impending severe storm or alert you to the potential for a flood. Weather radios also provide information about where and when to evacuate when a natural disaster is in progress or has just occurred.


Tarps are useful in a variety of situations. If you have a pile of wood that needs to be kept dry so that you can use it for a fire, a tarp will keep moisture away from the tinder. Some companies, like Nans Tarps, know that tarps are also key to protecting your sleeping bag, food, and other fragile or perishable items. If you need to sleep on the ground, a tarp could provide a clean and dry surface for your sleeping bag.

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is made to last. These helpful pieces of cookware can be placed directly over or even in a campfire. With cast iron cookware, you can cook without electricity while camping or practicing for a life without modern conveniences. Consider a couple of pieces of cookware to keep with your survivalist supplies, including a pot with a lid and a frying pan.


In addition to other basic tools, your survivalist gear should include a hacksaw. These tools make it possible to cut through a variety of materials. If you needed to cut your way out of an enclosure or cut pieces of metal or plastic pipes, hacksaws make quick work of the project. Be sure to regularly maintain the hacksaw. Its blade could get corroded or dull while in storage or after a few uses. A blade sharpener keeps the hacksaw in good condition.

These four pieces of essential equipment are affordable. In addition to using them for survivalist activities, you will also find many other uses for them. Purchase the best quality of survivalist equipment you can afford and maintain it in order to make the most of your investment.

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