4 Essential Resources Preppers Should Have on Their Property

Preppers vary wildly in terms of what they’re prepping for. Some prep for local natural disasters, such as hurricanes or blizzards. Others prep for disruption of the social order, and still others are somewhere in between. Regardless of what you want to prep for, there are 4 essential resources that you should have on your property.

Non-Lubricated Condoms

These are useful for their obvious, intended purpose, of course. However, the reasons most preppers have them on hand are of the nonsexual variety. Condoms are great for keeping tinder and matches dry in rain or a damp environment. They also make an ideal slingshot for hunting. And they can carry up to two liters of water. In a pinch, they can also work as rubber gloves. It is critical that they be non-lubricated for all of these purposes, so double-check before you stock up on several boxes.

Barbed WireBaking Soda

When you think of baking soda, your first thought is probably either baking or that little orange box sitting in your fridge or freezer, untouched, for the last decade. While it can still be used for those purposes after a disaster, there are other reasons for keeping a stash of baking soda on hand. Body odor is one. When hunting, it’s important that your smell not give you away. Sprinkle some in your shoes to keep out moisture and thus avoid trench foot, a condition that can cause your skin to literally rot. Another good use is for brushing teeth. Keeping your teeth as healthy and intact as possible will be critical when there’s no dentists and you’re eating beef jerky for survival.

Emergency Plastic Water Tank

Depending on the kinds of disasters you’re prepping for, this can be small or large. Some companies, like MGM Plastics, know that water is critical to survival, which is why it’s so important to have on hand. Remember that you not only need the container, but also a source of water (rain, river, etc.), and a plan for welding a plastic emergency container in case of trouble.


Smoker or not, a stash of cigarettes will help you trade with others. Use cigarettes to get more food, water, or other things you need.

When it comes to prepping, you need to think outside the box. Life as we know will no longer exist, so it’s time to take stock and figure out what you use today that can serve an entirely different purpose in the wake of disaster.



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