4 Items Every Prepper Needs in Their Emergency Bunker

An emergency bunker can give you a feeling of security and safety that’s quite simply matchless. Peace of mind is extremely important in this unpredictable world. If you’re the kind of individual who loves nothing more than being fully prepared at all times, then you need an emergency bunker on your side. You can never anticipate disasters. You should fill your bunker up with these four undeniable essentials.

Sufficient Water

People often don’t realize just how critical proper hydration is. Humans and animals alike require water to thrive and stay alive. If you want your emergency bunker to be effective, you need a substantial amount of water. Store a single gallon of H20 for each individual for 24-hour periods. You need to have this much water for a minimum of three days. Clean water isn’t only vital for intake purposes, either. It’s also vital for basic hygiene requirements.

Sustenance is Imperative

Water is a must-have for all emergency bunkers. Sustenance is just as crucial. If you want your emergency bunker to work well, you need to make sure that it’s equipped with food that’s non-perishable. You need to make sure that you have enough for a minimum of three full days, too.

Bunker DoorComprehensive First Aid Kits

Medical problems are always a possibility in times of disasters. That’s the reason you need to make sure that your emergency bunker includes a well-rounded first aid kit, zero exceptions. What should be part of your first aid kit? Put in sterile eye dressings, plasters, gauze pads, elastic bandages, soap, antiseptic wipes, splints, tweezers, surgical tape, and scissors. Never forget the stresses of urgent medical crises.

Spare Batteries

It’s always prudent to make sure that you have plenty of spare batteries on hand inside of your emergency bunker. If you have a radio that you depend on for updates, you need batteries. Realizing that your battery has died can be a major problem. Don’t make yourself vulnerable to that. Keeping spare batteries in your bunker can save you a lot of worry.

A balanced emergency bunker can help you take it easy and sleep a lot better. Be as thorough as possible. Cover any and all bases carefully. You can never be too exhaustive or too meticulous. It can help to have maps of nearby towns and cities in your bunker. It can help to have flashlights, mobile device chargers, can openers, whistles and more as well.


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