4 Practical Skills Every Prepper Needs to Have down Pat

When you are a prepper who wants to survive a major disaster, there are several skills that you must master. During a catastrophic event, you probably won’t have nearby amenities such as a supermarket or medical facility, so you must learn these survival skills.

Building a Fire

You might think that it is easy to build a fire without a cigarette lighter or matches, but the process of starting a fire with only sticks or wood is difficult. You must practice to learn how to build a fire with basic items such as dry grass or straw along with logs. It is possible to create sparks with stones or other materials, but you must learn how to time this precisely to start a fire.

Foraging for Food

It is essential to have nourishment during a major disaster, and eventually, the food that you have stored will be gone, so you must understand how to forage for food. In addition to hunting for animals such as deer or fishing for trout, you must know how to find wild vegetables that will provide all of the minerals and vitamins required for remaining healthy.

Man on RockCoping with Injuries and Illnesses

To cope with illnesses and injuries, you should enroll in a first-aid class that teaches you how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In addition, you will need to know how to deal with lacerations, sprains and broken bones. Make sure to create a first-aid kit that is appropriate for long-term survival after a disaster occurs.

Preserving Food for Long-Term Storage

After you find wild vegetables or hunt for animals, you must understand how to preserve the food for long-term storage. You probably won’t have a refrigerator or freezer, so you must learn how to dry food in the sun or preserve it with sodium. With this essential skill, you will have enough food to survive during the winter.

If you want to learn these survival prepper skills, then you should join a group of other survivalists who can teach you how to use a bow and arrow to hunt for squirrels and rabbits. Another survivalist can also show you how to preserve foods such as wild berries and mushrooms along with any food that you grow from seeds. Make sure to go on long hikes and campouts so that you can learn how to live in a lonely area in the forest or mountains for several weeks.



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