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4 Reasons Why You Should Conceal Carry

Today’s world is incredibly unpredictable. Tragedies such as terror attacks and mass shootings litter the news everyday, giving innocent bystanders more and more reasons to want to defend themselves. While the thought of owning a gun can make many feel uncomfortable, it could be the deciding factor that saves your life. Here are four reasons why you should arm yourself, and conceal carry.

1.  It Is Your Right

When drafting the various legislation that governs our country, our forefathers considered the consequences of the nation’s people being unable to protect themselves. The second amendment was their answer, and allows people to carry and bare arms. While originally drafted to fight potential tyranny from the government, the amendment holds true for everyday situations. The ability to bare arms not only gives people the power to protect themselves should they choose to do so, but also discourages potential crime from happening. In a society where anyone could be carrying a lethal weapon, the likelihood of someone acting out is severely reduced when anyone in the room could be a potentially lethal deterrent.

2.  Be Prepared

Acts of violence are everywhere. From small physical altercations to full time robberies, the threats could be anywhere. That is why it pays to be prepared. Taking the time to get trained, and understand how a firearm works and how to use it properly, will allow you to think on your toes in the event of a violent situation. Rather than panic and act recklessly, you can remain calm, centered and focused on the situation at hand, and act reasonably in the moment.

Firearms training involves how to use the firearm itself, as well as proper procedure for when and where to potentially use it. It includes the ability to identify suspicious behavior, and potential threats to you and those around you. In addition, if you have gun accessories like an AR-10 rifle scope, you can head to the range for additional training. It’s always better to be prepared, and not have to use the training, than to be unprepared and need it. 

3.  Peace of Mind

It is a dangerous and unpredictable world we live in. The ability to defend yourself and those around you is invaluable. In an era when anyone can obtain a firearm, it is to your advantage to learn how to use and carry one with you. Having the knowledge and experience to use such a powerful tool grants you a level of peace that only those who are trained understand. Knowing how to react in a dangerous situation allows you to remain calm and increases your chances of getting out unharmed. 

Those who choose to carry also tend to lead more careful lives. They are more likely to follow the speed limit, are more aware of local laws, and are more mindful of their behavior in public. Anyone who carries knows the potential risks that could happen if their weapons were to fall into the wrong hands. This added responsibility to protect not only themselves, but their weapon as well, promotes an increase in law-abiding behavior. Those who carry understand the potential complications that could arise in a situation involving law enforcement, and will go out of their way to avoid such circumstances. Carrying promotes responsibility. 

4.  Save Lives

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Image by Thomas Breher from Pixabay

While the topic of gun control is for another article entirely, the fact is that not every weapon is owned by someone who should have it. This means that violent criminals can obtain firearms, leaving the innocent public vulnerable to attack. Acts such as school shootings, gang violence and robberies can all be thwarted or prevented by a responsible concealed carrier who chooses to act in defense of the public. Today’s media prefers to paint firearms as nothing short of evil, but the truth is that responsible carriers have saved tons of lives. In the event that police cannot arrive in time, there is another solution to save lives.


Not every situation results in a shootout. Simply letting them know you have a firearm can be enough to deter most criminals from taking action. It provides a line of defense that can discourage wrongdoing before anything actually happens. Preventing acts of violence before they can happen is the ideal scenario, and through carrying a concealed weapon, you can ensure the likelihood of this will be much higher.

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Richard Douglas is the founder of Scopes Field, a website where he reviews the best scopes and guns on the market. He’s a strong 2nd amendment advocate and believes in science-backed gun solutions to our nation’s biggest problems.

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