4 Shortcuts to Help You Train a Hunting Dog Fast

Training a hunting dog means that you need to take extra steps to obtain the behavior that you desire. Consistency and practicing daily will help you to train your dog quickly. Here are some of the shortcuts that you can take in order to get through the training process fast.

Select Your Breed

Choosing the right breed of dog will go a long way in helping to ease some of your training dilemmas. Decide on the type of hunting that you want to do and select a breed that’s compatible. Activity levels and stamina should also be taken into account so that you can match your needs with the dog that you want. The point of this is so that you don’t struggle through the training process and can get it done as quickly as possible.

Lay the Groundwork

Start with basic obedience training before you decide to move onto training for the hunting portion. This will enable you to develop a rapport with your dog before you move onto the more difficult commands. It will set the stage for the behavior that you expect out of your dog and will save you the frustration of trying to get them to behave while you’re out hunting.

Practice with Equipment

The hardest part of training can be the equipment that you use while hunting. Be sure to expose your dog to this equipment before you take them hunting for the first time. There is also equipment for hunting dogs that you can purchase that will make it easier to get your dog used to the hunting experience. This is all about setting the right level of expectation for your dog in order to achieve the desired outcome. For example, a collar that beeps can help to signal your dog when they’re out of earshot from you.

Focus on Reinforcement

Running Dog

As with any type of training, positive reinforcement is the fastest way to ensure that your dog learns their expected behavior. Be consistent when it comes to how you reward your dog. Once they’ve mastered the behavior, you need to cease any food rewards in order to make it part of their routine when hunting with you. Continue to verbally praise your dog to reinforce the bond that you share with them.

The most important part of any training regiment is to establish trust with your dog. This will create the most shortcuts when it comes to training your hunting dog.

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