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4 Simple Steps to Prevent Home Invasions

You’ll want to do whatever it takes to keep intruders from entering your home. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to prevent a home invasion and keep everyone in your family safe. Here are four simple steps that you should take to prevent a home invasion.

Test Your Home Security System

You likely already have a high-quality security system to help protect your home, but it’s important to test your system regularly to ensure that it’s still fully functional. Your system should have come with instructions on how to test the alarm, but you can also look for the instructions online if you don’t have them. When testing your system, make sure that it’s in “READY” mode and not “ARMED” to avoid accidentally setting off your system and alerting the authorities. If your alarm system includes a keypad, you should be able to perform a communication test.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

In addition to looking nice, having a tidy yard will help deter thieves and other trespassers from trying to enter your home. Unkempt bushes and trees often provide excellent places for would-be home invaders to hide so that they can try to enter your home when you least expect it. An untidy yard might also make your home appear vacant, and intruders may feel more inclined to try to enter if they think that no one is living in the home.

Install Security Doors

Door Security
Image by Nenad Maric from Pixabay

Having security doors can give you extra protection and prevent break-ins through your front and back doors. Many security doors resemble classic storm doors and can provide an additional protective barrier that’s tougher for home invaders to crack. The best types of these doors are made with aluminum and other sturdy materials that can withstand the efforts of intruders who might try to enter your home.

Don’t Hide Keys

Intruders often look for hidden keys around doorways, under welcome mats or in flowerpots that will unlock the front door and make entering easier. Hiding magnetized keys underneath your car can also be a bad idea. Instead of hiding any spare keys, it’s advisable to ask trusted friends, family members or neighbors to hold onto them in case you ever lock yourself out of your home accidentally. You might also want to consider swapping your standard locks for ones that use keypads or have other keyless entry mechanisms.

Securing your home against intruders can keep you and your family from being victimized by home invasions. Going over all the important details carefully to safeguard your home thoroughly can help everyone in your household avoid certain dangers.

About the Author: Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball.

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