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Shoot the Skeet Skeet: 4 Techniques to Improve Your Marksmanship

Improving your marksmanship has a wide range of benefits other than just impressing your spectators. It can be satisfying being able to shoot the skeet out of the air on your first shot. Here are some techniques that you can use that will help to improve your marksmanship.

Improve Dexterity

Your finger dexterity is an important part of being able to squeeze the trigger without throwing your aim out of balance. There are ways that you can work to improve your dexterity and strength that will positively impact your marksmanship. Look into getting a hand grip to improve the strength of your hands. In order to increase the dexterity of your hands, you can also work with a squeeze ball. Focusing on these exercises can benefit other areas of your life as well.

Focus on Stance

Your stance is another important component when it comes to being able to improve your marksmanship skills. Focusing on where the rest of your body is while you’re shooting can help you with your follow-through. This is crucial when you’re looking for a high degree of accuracy in your skeet shooting. Another thing to consider with stance is the size of your gun in relation to the rest of your body. You want to be able to maintain your position without being thrown off balance once your squeeze the trigger.

Invest in Equipment

Equipment and the amount of practice that you allow yourself will also work towards improving your marksmanship goals. Using a steel dueling tree target for target practice is one method that can help your overall performance. There are several different kinds of targets that you can use. Select a variety that will motivate you and keep you interested in achieving your goal. As your level of expertise improves, look into upgrading your unit so that you can further increase your marksmanship.

Check Your Sight

As with anything, being able to see your target is imperative to making the shot. You may need to have your eyes checked or look into adding a sight for your skeet shooting fun. Even a fractional increase in your ability to properly sight your target can work wonders on your overall marksmanship capabilities. The joy of this method is that you may find yourself able to make the shot that seemed out of your reach before.

Practice is the key to improving any skill that you desire to possess. Use these techniques so that you can achieve expert level marksmanship.

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