4 types of disasters you can overcome to survive doomsday

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Reading through all the disaster management websites preparing you for surviving the doomsday are nerve wrecking. People have spent hours flipping through such pages online; oh you too, eh? Of Course everyone wants to survive any sort of disaster that doomsday might bring forth. Read on to know the 4 disasters that we predict can be survived if you are well prepared!

  1. Yellowstone Super Volcano Eruption

    It had been predicted that a massive eruption of the boiling magma lurking right beneath the surface of Yellowstone National Park could well be the doomsday disaster. Yes, the volcano does seem to be a huge threat if it does erupt but it has been stated that it is not close to being a super volcano eruption. A supervolcano eruption volume is usually over 1000 Km3. While it is believed if the yellowstone volcano erupts, it isn’t going to be anything even close to a hollywood disaster movie scene, swiping off cities and vast geographies. It is probably going to cease itself within the national park. Nonetheless, the eruption is a threat enough to be worried about.

    The usual drill of a volcano eruption includes preceding earthquakes; that too massive ones to really jolt the whole city and indicate of the occurrence of the eruption. Thus, these indications would be enough for initiating the doomsday preps that you’ve been planning.

  2. Super Solar Flares

    Massive Solar Flare, Skylab Telescope (NASA Archive, 12/3/73)
    NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

    The sun has a magnetic field which is believed to be nearing its flipping stage. This mean that the sun is going to flip its magnetic field and since the earth orbits around it, it falls in its zone of the field. When this shall happen, the sun is going to create electromagnetic ripples that can affect the earth in a really bad way. It is believed that this could send out huge fire flares and could well cause a catastrophe.

  3. Nuclear Fallout

    Nuclear fallouts or black rains are the residual nuclear material that have been propelled in the upper atmosphere after a massive nuclear explosion has taken place. Given the nuclear weapons that countries have been fighting over and what not, there could be chances of a nuclear fallout happening. This could probably affect a huge portion of the US in a way that the generations to come would suffer the consequences of it.

  4. Pandemic travelling across the US

    The latest addition to the list of disasters that could turn into the sources of major hue and cry globally is a pandemic that could be travelling with an enormous speed, affecting everyone with what seems like a deadly disease. This could source from anything, but what seems more likely that anything else is it being Zoonotic in nature. Zoonotic refers to coming from animals. With market places flooding with just about any animal being sold along with the livestock, it would not be of much surprise to realise that the improper breeding, serving and fleshing of these animals. Be safe. buy clean stuff in general and make sure of what you are ingesting to survive anything close to a disease rooting from animals.

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