4 Useful Pieces of Emergency Equipment Every Prepper Needs

The time to prepare for a disaster is now, long before it happens. Whether your survival is jeopardized by a natural disaster like a hurricane, a catastrophic failure of the power or water systems, an economic collapse, civil unrest, or war, you may quickly find yourself forced to rely on yourself alone to survive for days, weeks, or longer. Once the disaster strikes, it’s already too late to go shopping for the right equipment, and once disaster is imminent, supplies are likely to dwindle fast. To ensure your family’s survival, get these 4 essential pieces of equipment today.

Water Filtration System

Backpacking and camping water filters are great because they are a natural fit for your bugout bag. If you need to evacuate, you are likely to locate many sources of water—few of them reliably healthy. These systems can purify all the drinking water you need to stay hydrated. They can also be useful if something interrupts the clean water supply at home. For home use, also procure a gravity fed water filter. These can hold several gallons of fresh drinking water ready for immediate use. Keep some extra coffee filters around. You can use them to remove sediment before filtering water, which increases the lifespan of the filter.

Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguisher

When there is no fire department to call or no way to call them, you need to put out fire fast. Don’t let it get out of control. Once it does, you will have no choice but to flee. Strategically place fire extinguishers near where you cook and any combustible materials. Also, make sure you know how to use them. A fire extinguisher can put out a fast-spreading fire in seconds. Without it, that fast spreading fire can quickly consume a house.


Cellphone networks are vulnerable to failure. Software problems and hacking can shut them down. Heavy weather can knock out the towers. In cases of civil unrest or war, they may be shut down indefinitely. Good old-fashioned radios provide the alternative. World bank radios, ham radios, and short wave radios can keep you connected to the outside world. Extra batteries and a solar charger are essential to keep them running through long-term disasters.

Power Sources

Prepare for life off the grid, even if you remain in locations where the grid used to exist. Light-weight, bugout bag sized solar panels can be purchased for very reasonable prices. These can be used to recharge essential electronic devices, like cellphones, flashlights, and computers. Deep cell batteries also provide energy. Each person should have a high-powered headlamp. Propane lanterns are good for lighting well-ventilated areas. Oil lamps provide great light and last longer than battery powered sources.

One of the main causes of injuries and fatalities in disasters is the rapid speed at which they occur. There may be little or no time to flee or nowhere to go. The ill-prepared always suffer. By having your bugout bag ready and stocking your house with supplies that assure you have fresh water, power, communications, and fire-fighting materials, you insure your ability to survive the unpredictable.



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