4 Ways to Feel Confident While Shooting

Shooting is an activity that is all about precision. Ammunition is carefully manufactured for accurate trajectory, and the firearms themselves are subject to the strictest development and assembly processes. To develop your skills in using this equipment to fire a nice, tight pattern, it is essential that you develop a natural confidence when the weapon is in your hands, and these strategies can help you develop that.

Get Training

Being self-taught is not the ideal strategy for building confidence with firearms. You need the watchful eye of an experienced shooter. The more time you spend under the instruction of a skilled firearms teacher, the more confident you will be in your abilities. Effective firearms educators will help you develop all the little details in your grip, aim, and firing. They will show you the finer points of your particular gun and open your eyes to what makes it unique.

Know Your Weapon

Every firearm feels a little different. It has a unique balance, a distinctive grip, and an individualized feel with the trigger and the safety. Quality weapons of all kinds, be they ar-15 rifles, muzzle loaders, shotguns, or old-school revolvers, will feel different even though they perform at the same level. The more hours you spend with a firearm in your hands, the more you will feel connected to it and comfortable with its use. This is a key first step for your particular piece.

Build Experience

Also important is the simple act of delivering a large number of rounds through the gun. A magazine or two every few weeks will make you capable but not proficient. Developing the high level of skill required to shoot accurately and consistency requires many hours on the range. There is simply no substitute for target practice. You will develop that balance and muscle memory that it takes for unparalleled accuracy and consistency, qualities that will help develop your confidence.

Protect Yourself


For rookie shooters in particular, the fear of injuries can really throttle their confidence. It is critical to use eye and ear protection at the range so that you can concentrate on the recoil and control of the weapon instead of bracing yourself for the noise and eye hazards. Check on shoulder padding for larger long guns as well. You will detect a greater level of relaxation, and you’ll find yourself far more confident.

Shooting effectively is an acquired skill that is built on your confidence with a firearm. Dedicate yourself to good training and lots of practice to improve your marksmanship.

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