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4 Ways to Train Yourself in Self-defense

With self-defense, you can often protect yourself in dangerous situations, but there are multiple ways to do this. It is a good idea to understand the different ways to defend yourself in a variety of situations, and in some cases, you must use more than one method of self-defense. Here are four common types of self-protection in a difficult situation.

Verbal Defense

Before taking any physical action for self-defense, it is always better to use verbal defense actions. This is a way to de-escalate a potential crime by talking calmly to a potential thief or other type of criminal. Verbal defense is also a psychological approach to stop a dangerous situation. You may have seen actresses using verbal defense methods on television programs about police officers.

Combat Sports

There are several types of martial arts that you can learn to use for self-defense. Children, teenagers and adults can enroll in classes that teach the skills of karate, jujitsu or taekwondo. With these combat sports, you learn special body postures and hand movements to protect yourself from someone who is trying to attack you. In addition to self-dense benefits, this type of exercise is a great way to increase the strength of your muscles and the flexibility of your joints.

Boxing Techniques

You may have seen athletes boxing in a ring while wearing padded gloves, but you can also use these techniques for self-defense. It is a good idea to protect your hands with something before using boxing motions for self-defense, but in an emergency, there is often no time for this. If you take kickboxing lessons, then you can also use your feet and legs to deter a criminal.

Armed Defense

Armed defense doesn’t require the use of guns or rifles. You may have a situation that requires you to use what is available in a particular area to prevent bodily injury from someone on the street or inside your home. It is possible to improvise with everyday objects that can include the pointed keys on a key ring or by using a heavy flashlight that is in your vehicle’s glove compartment.

How Do You Learn Self-defense Methods?

You can learn self-defense methods by reading books on the subject that you can find at public libraries or enrolling in a class at a local community center. There are also online videos and DVDs that will show you how to use verbal or physical self-defense methods.

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