4 Ways to Truly Test Your Survival and Hunting Skills

Studying survival skills is all well and good, but do you know how well your survival knowledge will hold up in real life? If you are ever in a true survival situation, it’s important that you be able to put your knowledge to practical use. Here are four of the best ways to truly test your survival skills so that you know you’re ready for anything.

Simulate a Home Emergency Situation

Though some people think of survival only in terms of being lost deep in the wilderness, the truth is that preparedness starts in the home with basic emergency kits that will get you and your family through a natural disaster or other emergency. To test whether you are adequately prepared for a home emergency, you can simulate an emergency situation and see if you have everything you need to survive for 48 hours or longer. Simulating an emergency can be accomplished easily enough by using no electricity, water or gas from your home’s utilities and surviving entirely off of what’s in your emergency supplies. If you can get through two days comfortably, you know you’ll be ready in the event of a real home emergency.

Take a Wilderness Hiking Trip

Do you want to know if you could survive in the wilderness with only basic supplies? As with home emergencies, the best way to find out is to actually do it. Take a wilderness hiking and camping trip with a basic pack of food and supplies to test your own survival skills. If possible, hunt for most of your food on this trip and use the food in your pack only as a backup. Be sure to tell people where you’ll be and have a way to communicate with the outside world if something goes wrong.


Become a Regular at Your Local Gun Store

Visiting a gun store is a great way to pick up new hunting tips and tricks. People who sell firearms are often experienced survivalists or military veterans who are wells of useful knowledge about surviving the worst situations. Gun stores are also great places to pick up survival gear and, of course, the guns and ammunition you’d need in a true survival situation.

Integrate Survival Skills into Daily Life

Survival, like any other skill set, becomes more useful the more you practice it. To hone these skills, try using them in daily life. For instance, try cooking your dinner on an open outdoor fire instead of your stove or re-purposing spare parts you have laying around your house to creatively solve problems with the materials you have at hand. The more you use your survival skills, the more you’ll be able to depend on them when the time comes.

These are just a few of the ways you can test and build your personal skill set as a survivalist. Remember to test out everything you learn before relying on it in a real survival scenario. If you enter an emergency situation with a proven, reliable base of knowledge, you’ll have a very good chance of getting through it with minimal difficulty.



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