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Defend Yourself: 4 Weapons to Have on Hand for Any Apocalypse

It seems like everyone has a plan for the apocalypse. Whether it’s rising tides or zombie hordes, people want to know that they’ll be safe if the worst comes to past. One of the issues that you’ll need to consider is personal protection – and that means knowing the kinds of weapons that you might need. Below are four weapons to have for any apocalypse.

Close Range

In most disaster situations, you’re going to want something close-range for personal defense. Why? Simply put, because you’re not going to want to use a weapon in any situation in which it’s not absolutely necessary. There are a few different options here, but it’s usually good to have something that’s simple and reliable for close range. A good camping hatchet, a strong hunting knife, or even a reliable handgun will be a good choice. When your long-range weapons fail, you’ll want something close at hand to fall back on.


You’ll also want something that’s precise. This is a two-fold necessity, because precision weapons aren’t just good for dealing with danger at range – they’re also great for hunting. As such, you’ll want to take a look at a good scoped hunting rifle or even a reliable .22 for dealing with small game. At the very least, having a precision weapon gives you the ability to deal with problems before they can deal with you. While hiding in a camouflage to hunt down food or in your bugout location sniping off looters, you’ll want something sustainable and easy to make long-distance precisions shots if you want to rule the post-apocalypse.


In a truly apocalyptic scenario, you’ll need something that allows you to deal with multiple targets at once. In situations ranging from fictional zombie apocalypses to very real invasions, weapons like AR-15 rifles are incredible tools. They have the ability to put quite a bit of firepower downrange over a quick period of time, giving you both the ability to keep yourself safe and to scatter any organized threats.

Defensive Traps

If you’re holed up in a safe place, you’ll be better off relying on defensive traps to take care of any major threats to your life. Traps range from simple sharp sticks and barbed wire to bear-traps and spring-loaded guns, but they all allow you to deal with threats without necessarily having to be present. Since you cannot be everywhere at once, these traps can cover your blind spots.

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you’re well-prepared for a dangerous situation. The weapons above are best for keeping you safe, especially if everything really does fall apart all around you. Remember, weapons like these are a huge responsibility – maintain them well so that you can use them in a worst-case scenario.

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