5 Apps Every Survivalist Needs

When disaster strikes, there won’t be any time left to prepare. There’s no telling what situation you’ll be left to deal with, so prepping as much as possible as soon as possible is the wisest choice. Aside from books and in-person classes, apps can help you learn new skills efficiently, and since to use them all you need is a smartphone, you can prepare wherever and whenever, without having to use too many of your resources.

If you get into the habit of using these apps now, you’ll expand your knowledge base, allowing some of this information to become second nature. So when order and civility go down the drain and people are scrambling to find an internet connection to learn which plants they can eat or how to build a shelter, you will already be well-equipped with these skills and in a superior position to survive.

If electricity is still available when the apocalypse hits, there are some apps that will remain useful no matter how much you’ve learned. Either way, though, a solar powered phone charger will likely come in handy.
Here are five apps every survivalist needs.

  1. Emergency

    The “Emergency” app by the American Red Cross provides severe weather alerts, as well as the opportunity to verify the safety of your loved ones during a natural disaster. It can also assist you in creating a family emergency plan and contains pre-loaded content you’ll be able to access without internet or mobile connectivity. A flashlight, audible alarm and strobe light are included within the app, too, making it a useful all-around resource for nearly every survival situation.

  2. Cures A-Z

    Developed by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., “Cures A-Z” is a mobile medical guide that can help you treat hundreds of health conditions. Both natural and prescription therapies are listed in this guide, so even if you don’t have access to a doctor or pharmacy, it’s a great resource. Information on herbs and nutrition is also included, as well as general advice for a variety of ailments.

  3. Wild Edibles

    Foraging for your next meal is going to be essential at some point, and “Wild Edibles” will help you prepare for doing so. It provides information on over 200 plants, and with several high-resolution images available for each plant, it’ll become your go-to app for identification. Descriptions to further help you with identification, as well as explanations about how to use each plant, are also listed.

  4. ExpressVPN

    If the internet is still available when the apocalypse hits, it’s likely it’ll be controlled by the elite, at least to some extent. Our government has already been trying to regulate the internet for some time now, so you should get into the habit of protecting yourself online now so that you can’t be tracked, spied on or hacked. In a survival situation it may be necessary to hide out or keep a solid distance between you and other people. A Virtual Private Network app, such as ExpressVPN, is the best way to prevent your phone and personal data from being used against you.

  5. SAS Survival Guide

    A mobile version of the book “SAS Survival Handbook,” by John Wiseman, “SAS Survival Guide” will assure you’re prepared to survive no matter where you end up. Jam-packed with tutorials, videos, photo galleries, checklists and even quizzes to test your knowledge, it’s one of the best survivalist apps available. This app also doubles as a Morse code signaling device, as well as a sun compass, so it ultimately provides what other survivalist apps are lacking.

The above is only a short list of apps that will come in handy. Have you found any others that have been useful? If so, please share them with us by posting a comment below.

About the Author: Sandra is a blogger and prepper who enjoys writing about alternative news when she’s not busy blogging about survivalism. In her spare time, she likes to go camping with her family.

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