5 Common Issues Rural Homeowners Face

For many people, their dream is to live in the country. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, they believe they’ll truly be able to find the peace they are searching for. While this may be true, living in the country does come with its own unique challenges. You should be aware of these before you move far out of town. Below are five different issues that rural homeowners face that you should be aware of.

Lengthy Commutes

Living away from the city typically means having to commute longer to work and back each day. While some people may be lucky enough to find careers in rural areas, this is not the case for most people. If you don’t like driving a lot, living in the boondocks may not be right for you.

Remodeling Costs

New builders don’t typically focus on sparsely populated rural areas like they do the suburbs. Chances are it will be harder to find a newer house for sale further away from the city. You might be able to get a good deal on an older home. However, you also need to factor in the costs required to remodel that older home before you buy.

Extreme Weather

If you live in the city, you are sometimes shielded from the brunt of bad weather thanks to urban planning and city services. This is not always the case for rural areas. You may not have snow plowed immediately. You may live in an area that is at risk of flooding. You may come into contact with a tornado. Research the kind of weather you may confront.

Older Home Systems

Living in an older home in the country also means having to deal with older home systems. The electrical system, heating system, sewage system, ventilation system, etc. may be older and not be working as efficiently as newer models. This may require more frequent repair costs or paying to replace these systems entirely.

Rural Plumbing

Rural Home

Living in a rural area also means you won’t have access to city water or the city sewage system for that matter either. You’ll have to get your drinking water from an underground well connected to your house. Your house will also need its own septic tank sewage system. Both of these will require routine maintenance.

Overall, living in the country may be best for many people. Many people simply get sick of city life and want a simpler and more peaceful existence. However, living in a house in a rural area also comes with some challenges you should consider before you decide to move.

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