Figure 1: The Statue of Liberty flooded in the desert.
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5 Most Likely Doomsday Scenarios

It seems that in the last couple of decades the possible doomsday scenarios have become our obsession on a global level. More and more people, individuals and scientists alike, have turned their brains on the active mode to figure out the most likely ends of our beloved planet and humanity on it. Those who are more on the extreme side have been continuously searching for the best strategy to help them survive the apocalypse if there is even the slightest chance for that. So, what are the 5 most likely doomsday scenarios? Read about them while you still can.

1.     Artificial Intelligence Attacks

A Robot
Figure 2: You have created me, but the time will come when I will rule your world.
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To describe how the fascinating recent developments in technology and artificial intelligence, in particular, could turn on us in the future, we cannot resist but mention Victor Frankenstein and his both disgusting and intriguing monster. In one of their dialogues, the monster says that the scientist is his creator indeed, but that he, the monster, is the scientist’s master. Undeniably, this is something that we can expect too when it comes to artificial intelligence.

While technological advances can make our lives significantly easier in various fields, there is justifiable fear that certain artificial intelligence systems could reach such perfection that will enable them to destroy mankind completely. It does not take much to realize that these super robots can function flawlessly without the help of human experts.

2.     A Global Pandemic Could Decimate the World’s Population

There have been several pandemics in human history so far that have had serious consequences to the world’s population. Sciences are warning that a similar scenario might be expected in the future as well. Unfortunately, there is a reasonable doubt that we are not well-prepared to fight this treat as we do not pay consistent attention to this issue, but solve problems only after they have appeared.

The major factor that enables the fast-spreading of infectious diseases is the high density of the world population. If you consider the fact that you can get anywhere on this planet in only 36 hours, it is easy to see that some new diseases could spread worldwide in quite a short period of time. Hence, if we are searching for global risks that could have a fatal impact on this planet and its residents, a global pandemic is definitely one of the winners.

3.     Devastating Consequences of Extreme Climate Change

A hurricane scenario
Figure 3: Devastating consequences of climate change might become our reality.
Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

The rise in temperatures due to global warming has already started to change the Earth’s climate. Despite people’s attempts to prepare their homes for natural disasters and improve the safety of their families, nature is the force whose strength we are yet to discover. If we turn it into our enemy, chances are, we have no decent odds to survive.

The most likely scenario if the global temperature rises only by 2 degrees Celsius is bone-chilling. First, the sea level will rise too and huge areas – cities and islands, will be flooded and completely wiped off the Earth’s surface. On the other hand, some parts of the world will be affected by devastating droughts. Consequently, a serious shortage of food and drinking water will emerge, and here we come to a new disaster that might destroy us – the war. Various nations will enter the battle for food and water in the attempt to prolong their time on this planet. 

There is another point to bear in mind in these circumstances. The rise in temperature, floods, and droughts, bring diseases with them. People will have to steer all their efforts in the direction of finding cures for these diseases as fast as possible. Should they fail in this endeavor, a global pandemic is what we may expect. Frightening, isn’t it?

4.     Asteroid Strike Is Also One of the Most Likely Doomsday Scenarios

An asteroid heading towards Earth in one of the most likely doomsday scenarios.
Figure 4 Asteroid attack is one of the most likely doomsday scenarios.
Image by Родион Журавлёв from Pixabay

Scientists have been studying space for many years. Unfortunately, its fascinating size makes it very difficult to find out all one needs to know in this field. NASA, together with its partners, has been consistent in its efforts to identify asteroids that present a potential threat to Earth. Namely, this is the only thing we can do – be on alert, observe closely, and try to bring the potential damage to its minimal level. Sadly as it sounds, our choices are limited in this mission and the only strategy that could help us is the derailing of our killer asteroid and the evacuation of the problematic area. Hence you need enough supplies for packing at hand at all times if you live in one of the risky spots on the NASA map.

5.     Nuclear War

Nuclear war is one of the most likely doomsday scenarios and our self-destruction option if dominant forces decide to go for it. Even the seemingly minor attack could trigger a global apocalypse. Destroyed cities, people killed, radiation, are only some of the consequences the whole world might feel. It seems that powerful owners of nuclear weapons need further informing on and the presentation of the catastrophe they could cause due to bad politics and negotiation skills.

Are we strong and skilled enough to survive nuclear attacks? Well, it turns out these factors are not as important as luck. If we succeed to go through the first stages of the nuclear attack cycle – the blast and shock wave, our chances significantly rise. Having a survival kit at hand and staying either much higher or lower from the blast increases our chances significantly.

About the Author: Steven Bellamy is both a passionate reader and writer. He likes science fiction a lot and frequently writes on the subject. In his free time, he likes being outdoors, hiking or going to the cinema to enjoy one of the latest science fiction movies.

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