5 Must Read Tips to Prepare For and Recover From a Disaster

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Disasters happen, there’s no getting around that. Thinking “it won’t happen to me” won’t stop it from happening to you! It’s best to be prepared and never have to face anything worse than a rainstorm than to not be prepared and face a hurricane, earthquake or civil unrest, to name a few possibilities. 

You may want to provide duplicates of some things. Storage units are excellent places to keep copies, duplicates and extras if you carry the key with you at all times. Don’t assume that you can get to your vehicle, or that you’ll be home or can get home when a disaster occurs.

There are five things that are critical to surviving and recovering.


Food and water are the two most talked about things when the subject of preparing for disaster comes up because they are critical to survival. Everyone should have a system of water storage or know where to get it. Whether you buy hundred gallon containers or simply fill gallon jugs as you come across them, have an adequate supply for drinking and sanitation.


Food storage has become big business lately, but you don’t have to buy it. Make your own dehydrated and canned food and keep it handy.


Depending on the disaster, you may not be able to stay in your home, or you might be away from home and not be able to return. Don’t rely on emergency services to provide shelter, especially if the disaster is widespread and long lasting. Keep a few “moon” blankets and some warm clothes on hand. Two Mylar type blankets can be set up as a small tent as well as keep you warm in cold weather.

Learn to build shelters from vegetation, but don’t just look at the pictures and listen. Go out and build one so if a disaster occurs and you need shelter, you have the confidence to do it.

Personal Care

Prescription medicines, over the counter medicines and first aid items need to be on hand so you can grab them or find them in the dark. Scissors, a small hammer and a saw can be included in this stash. 

Vital Paperwork

Documents are critical for recovery. Insurance papers, automobile titles, real estate deeds, driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, health insurance papers and more are needed to not only get help, but to establish who you are when everything else is unavailable. Keep copies at home and another safe place away from home.

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  • April 6, 2014 at 6:27 am

    A shovel is also a good thing and hnestly I would consider something that involves self defense.


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