5 Pieces of Survival Gear You Shouldn’t Forget to Buy

Time spent outdoors always has a way of refreshing both your body and your spirit. If you plan on “roughing it” on a future trip, you should do some careful planning to ensure you have all you need for a successful excursion. Unexpected problems can arise, and you will be able to deal with them efficiently if your gear includes a few essential items. Here are a five pieces to pack so you will be ready for anything.

Appropriate Clothing

The clothing you bring on your expedition can have a significant effect your comfort. Boots should be well fitting and waterproof. Take some time before your trip to break them in properly to prevent blisters. Bring a number of clothing items that you can layer, such as a long sleeve performance tee, sweatshirt and waterproof jacket, to put on and take off, as temperatures change. A hat is an important piece of equipment that will prevent excess sun exposure and will provide warmth when temperatures fall.

Multi-Use Tool

A multi-use tool can do a number of functions, in one handy item that packs easily. There are many different types on the market, but many of these have an excessive number of functions. Make sure your multi-use tool has a blade, pliers, scissors, can opener, small saw, screwdriver and tweezers. You can find tools with many other functions, but these are the most likely to be needed.

Water Purification Measures

A number of water filtering devices are available that remove pathogens from water that are commonly found in the natural environment. Many of these filters fold down into a convenient size for backpacking. If you prefer not to carry a filtering device, you can easily tuck water purification tablets into your gear to make sure the water you are drinking is free of impurities that can negatively affect your health.

Fire StarterEmergency Blanket

A space blanket can help to preserve body heat when temperatures fall suddenly. Also available are emergency blankets that are sown into the shape of sleeping bags, which prevent the wind from lifting up blanket covers. These products fold up into a convenient size for easy packing.

Solar Battery Charger

A solar battery charger is a convenience that will allow you to recover power for the radios and cell phones that keep you in communication with civilization. A few hours of recharging will keep these devices ready to use for the remainder of your trip.

Being prepared for any situation is the essence of survival in the outdoors. Experienced outdoors enthusiasts know that the right equipment can make the difference between a successful experience and one that is fraught with difficulties. These five pieces will ensure that you will be able manage problems that commonly occur.



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