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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Bug Out Bag

No one wants to buy a bad bug out bag. To buy the best one for your needs, think about the below factors before making a final purchase.

1.      Think About the Weight

Obviously, the weight of your bug out bag will drastically impact how long you can carry it around and how comfortable it will be for survival situations. You have to keep in mind that your bug out bag needs to be heavy enough to be sturdy but also light enough that you can safely packet full of the gear you need to survive.

Avoid getting a bug out bag that is too heavy to carry when considering all of the extra poundage that’s going to be stuffed inside. A good idea is to come up with a gear estimate weight and add it to the overall weight of a bug out bag you’re considering purchasing. This will ensure that you don’t overdo it and buy something too heavy.

2.      Pay Attention to the Capacity

Next, pay attention to the capacity of your bag. Many inexperienced preppers are tempted to buy the ones with the most space, but you should only get a bug out bag that has enough room for everything you need.

Extra space that you won’t use is extra weight that you don’t need to carry around. Once again, coming up with a gear list will let you estimate the amount of space you need in your ideal bug out bag. If you’re planning on carrying guns with you, you can even consider using a durable range backpack as your bug out bag. The benefit of range backpacks is that it makes it easy to compartmentalize items you plan on bringing.

3.      Consider a Hydration Tube

Some of the best bug out bags come with hydration tubes. These extend from a water container hidden inside the bag’s main compartment and reach all the way around to your mouth. These can let you get a refreshing, quick drink while remaining on the move and doesn’t require you to open your bag and expose it to the elements.

While a hydration tube isn’t strictly necessary, it can be an excellent convenience, particularly if you’re going to be possibly surviving in a hot or dry climate for an unknown period of time.

4.      Look at the Shoulder Straps

You should also consider the comfort and shoulder strap durability of any potential bug out bag purchase. The comfort of your shoulder straps is super important since they are where most of the weight and pressure are going to be placed.

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If these are too uncomfortable for you to bear, you won’t be able to hike very long even if the bug out bag is secure and durable. On the other hand, the straps need to be durable enough to withstand heavy pressure for long periods of time.

It’s a balancing act. The best way to tell if a pair of straps is right for you is to try the bag on and give it a spin in the store. Otherwise, read some excellent reviews to get a good idea.

5.      Take Your Body Build into Account

Finally, men and women have different body types on average. This affects the ideal spots for binding straps and bug out bag balance. The right bag for a man, who probably has wider shoulders, is likely not the ideal bag for a woman, who has a lower center of gravity and can support more weight around her waist.

Take this into consideration when buying a new bug out bag and take advantage of your natural shape for the best results. Men, go with bug out bags that are top-heavy. Women, go for bags that use your hips for support.


Buying the best bug out bag can be tricky, but following the above tips will help you make the best purchase for your needs.

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