5 Ways To Keep Your Important Personal Documents Safe and Organized



From social security cards to birth records, receipts for important purchases to school records there are many different types of sensitive documents that everyone must keep. Ensuring that these documents are kept safe and organized is essential for their longevity. Fortunately, there are some ways to make sure that your important documents are protected and easy to navigate. These five tips should help you to protect the documents that matter most.


Leather Binders

Keeping your documents organized in a leather binder is one of the best ways to ensure that they are kept safe. Leather is extremely durable and rarely ever deteriorates. You can keep your documents secure for years to come simply by utilizing leather binders to store them, such as real leather binders by Rustico.


Fireproof Filing Cabinet

You can purchase a fireproof filing cabinet for your home in which to store sensitive or important documents. This is one of the best investments you can make to ensure the safety of your documents. To improve the safety, you can also add combination locks, however, most fireproof filing cabinets come equipped with a lock or combination system.


Clear Labeling

Clearly labeling all of your binders, folders, and documents is a crucial part of organization. Having your documents stored is of little use if you cannot find the documents you need when you need them. By labeling binders, the tabs within them, and adding tabulated notes where necessary in your filing system, you can easily find the documents you need when you need them.


Plastic Page Slips

Purchasing plastic page slips for each document page is another way to keep them safe within their binders, helping to ensure that age, wear and tear, page turning, spills, and the like will not seriously harm the documents. Page slips can be purchased at most office supply stores and are usually equipped with three holes to be placed directly into three-ring binders.


Safe Deposit Boxes

Perhaps the best way to ensure that your original documents are kept safe is to keep them in a safe deposit box at the bank. You can keep copies of documents in your binders at your home, but the originals will be safest in a safe deposit box. The option of obtaining them from the box is always there should you need the original, but at least you can be sure that fires, break-ins, and the like should they occur at your home will not harm the documents.


Andraea Campbell is a freelance writer from Kahuku Hawaii. She enjoys writing, surfing, snowboarding, hiking, and being outside in general.


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