5 Ways to Make Sure your Property is Secure and Safe

Most people want to feel safe in their home and know that it’s secure from outside intruders. Unfortunately, there are easy ways for burglars to break in and steal valuable items. To enhance the level of security on your property, there are a few important steps to take to reduce your risk of a break-in.

Add Window Treatments

Hanging blinds, curtains, and shades on your windows can prevent a burglar from looking into your home and eyeing valuables that may be in plain sight. Using window treatments can prevent your home from becoming a target and will reduce the risk of a burglary with electronics or expensive jewelry that is left out.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

Burglars often scope homes out by hiding in dark corners on the property at night. Protect the property by installing motion sensor lights that will detect the movement and immediately illuminate the outside area. This can make the intruder visible to the residents and other neighbors, which will likely cause them to flee.

Reinforce Entry Points

Homeowners should consider securing entry points on the first level of the home, which is where 60 percent of all burglaries occur. Install steel-wrapped wood-core doors, which are more challenging to kick down. Professionals, like those at Suburban Lock, know that an extra deadbolt on every exterior entry door with a cylinder or double lock creates much more security for the home. Most people have a deadbolt on their doors, especially these days.

Steel screen doors can also be installed on front and back doors, which are an extra deterrent against intruders who try to break in.

Make the Home Look Occupied

Burglars are known to target homes that look unoccupied during the day and night with mail that is left outside or lights that are turned off indoors. Using timed lights or music can make it look as if you’re home. It’s also important to leave a vehicle in the driveway and put your mail on hold if you’re out of town.

Trim Shrubs

Tall bushes and shrubs make it easy for intruders to hide on the property as they wait to break into your house. Trimming the shrubs will make burglars more visible and will also make it a challenge for them to attempt a break-in.

When you want to secure your property and reduce the risk of theft, there are a few steps you can take that are practical to increasing your level of security. It will not only keep your family safe but will also offer peace of mind as a homeowner.

Written by Rachelle Wilber

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