6 Ways to Survive a Home Invasion

Suffering a home invasion is one of the most traumatic things you can experience. As violating as it can feel, dealing with the trauma is a lot better than losing your life during a home invasion. Unfortunately, anyone can become the target of a home invasion at any time. It is important that you prepare yourself so that you are ready if it happens to you. To help keep you safe, here are six ways to survive a home invasion.


Get a Gun and Know How to Use It

A gun can protect our and your family’s live during a home invasion, but it could also make things worse if you are not trained how to handle it safely. If you have a firearm in your home, you need to regularly practice with it and drill with it so that you can handle it like a pro in case of an emergency.

Get an Alarm System

Protecting your home with an alarm system is one of the best ways to survive a home invasion. Make sure that you get a quality alarm installed by a company like Arpel Security Systems, and get a loud alarm that will scare away intruders.

Have a Panic Room

If you do become the target of a home invasion, having a panic room in your home is the best way to stay safe. Once the alarm goes off, even the most brazen thieves will not stick around long enough to get into your panic room.

Always Have a Cell Phone Within Reach

If you do not have an alarm system or if it malfunctions, having a cell phone near you can save your life. As soon as the invaders strike, call 911 immediately to get the police headed your way.

BreakinDon’t Fight the Invaders

If the home invaders catch you before you can get to a gun or into your safe room, do not resist them. If you cooperate, they will most likely leave without doing you any harm.

Use a Bullhorn

A great way to scare away intruders is to use a bullhorn. You can use it to tell them that you have a gun and are not afraid to use it. Even if the bullhorn does not scare away the intruders, it can be used to signal neighbors that you are under attack.

Using these six methods can help save your life in the event of a home invasion. The important thing to remember is to stay calm and not to panic. If you can follow just a few of these tips, you should come through the home invasion unharmed.


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