7 Items You Must Take for Your next Hunting Trip

Hunting is one of those fun activities that keep you healthy and helps in wildlife conservation efforts. However, a hunting expedition can prove a success or a complete failure depending on skills and the items you take to the hunting grounds.


You can never go out hunting without certain things like a hunting backpack. Where would you put all the tools you need like a torch?  The following is a list of some of the items you should seriously consider when going out hunting.


A First Aid Kit


Getting injured while on a hunting trip is a big possibility. The manner in which you treat the injuries could mean life and death. Open wounds can get infected without proper care.


To be safe, carry your own kit that includes bandages, aspirin, antiseptic and burns cream among others.


Hunting BackpackA Hunting Backpack


A hunting backpack will help you put all your stuff in a single place. It is not possible to carry all the items you need with your bare hands. A backpack helps achieve a particular level of self-sufficiency and enables you to adapt to different conditions when out hunting.


The different gear you put inside a backpack helps deal with the varying hunting conditions you encounter. A flask of coffee drink will provide the necessary energy you need when you feel weary and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated. 




Anything can happen when out there in the wild. If you are the kind of person that loves hunting alone, then you should have a way of alerting others in case you get lost or hurt. Flares that burn for more than ten minutes are a lifesaver. They are conspicuous in all the directions and will guide the necessary help to your position.


HuntingHunting Boots


A hunter or hiker walks for many hours a day. He needs a reliable equipment to protect his feet. Hunting boots should not only keep the feet warm and dry but also have to fulfill the special requirement.


Good and adequate feeding with high-quality materials is important. Some hunting boots are made with high-quality materials such as genuine lambskin, natural felts, leather and, if necessary, an ALUTHERM membrane are used. These high-quality materials ensure comfort and keep your feet dry and warm.


The sole of a boot has to be non-slip which also guarantees safety in the muddy, uneven terrain. The high-quality profile provides the wearer with the best possible grip in all terrain conditions and still feels light enough when wearing.

Some hunting boots are often made of rubber and are therefore waterproof, but since they are not breathable, the feet sweat faster in these cheap boots which is extremely unpleasant and even has health consequences.

So here are the characteristics you must look for:


  •     robust and durable
  •     high wearing comfort
  •     breathing through natural materials
  •     thermally insulated
  •     double stitched
  •     waterproof


Hunting Knife


A hunting knife is a knife which the huntsman needs for a variety of hunting, killing and skinning. In general, almost every stable knife is suitable. Nevertheless, with time special forms of hunting knives have developed for the various tasks.


Hunting knives can basically be designed as folding knives or fixed knives. Fixed knives are preferred for reasons of stability, safety and ease of cleaning. The blade length is usually 10-15 cm. There are foldable hunting knives, which have several inserted blades or so-called exchange blades, which are exchanged according to the use.


 Hunting knives often have a clip point or drop point blade. To make hunting knives even better, the handle of many models is designed in such a way that the pointing finger can be placed behind the handle tip.


Hunting SunriseA Rangefinder and Other Optics


The rangefinder and other optics are essential tools that will give you an edge when you are out there coyote hunting. Binoculars and rangefinders are critical to making accurate shots over long distances. No matter how experienced you are, you will need these optics one way or another.


Don’t forget to pack an extra battery in case the juice decides to run out. This can be pretty frustrating especially when you are in the middle of your hunting.


The Wind Checker 


Some of the game you plan on hunting have a pretty keen sense of smell. If you are upwind, the buck or fox will sense your presence, and you will end up taking home tales of what you should have done.


No matter how equipped you are with some of the best weapons, you will need to beat the senses of your game. The wind checker will guide you downwind so you can get your game and head home a happy chap.


Final Word


Hunting becomes more exciting when you are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment. Don’t let a little oversight ruin your hunt. Put all the tools and equipment you need for the hunt in a backpack and have fun.



Author Bio:

Brian Millar is the owner and author of Backpackreviewed. He is a 28 years old blogger from California. He completed his graduation in Information Technology. He is a new traveler who is learning to travel around the world.

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