7 No-Hassle Tricks to Keep Your Home Secured 24/7

In a recent report released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2012, it was revealed that the number of U.S. violent crimes known to public authorities jumped to approximately 0.11% in 2011.

Given these figures, many Americans have made home security one of their primary priorities in life now more than ever. You can never be too sure about the security of your well-being, everywhere you go. You may find yourself pondering on ideas about how to achieve home protection easily, struggling to make efforts to protect yourself from impending dangers in your own home.

Worry no more as you can always find ways to secure your home’s safety all day and night. A little bit more experience and exposure sure does maximize your knowledge on how to keep your home safe.

Keep the Police Updated

If you’re going to be away on vacation longer than a week, advice the police that you’ll be gone for a while. The police may just drive by your home on patrol and watch out for any intruders.

Install security systems, and entrust your house key and code with a neighbor. Give the entrusted neighbor’s name and phone number to the police and the alarm manufacturing store. Get involved in a local neighborhood watch area project, if available. Encourage other members of your household to take part in projects that endorse neighborhood crime awareness. You may just get some additional insights from your family you may not otherwise tap into on your own.

Keep up to date with how things are going while you’re away. Call your entrusted neighbor once in a while to remain in the know about any changes that may take place around your home surroundings.

Assign a Safe Room

Reserve a safe room in your home. Inform other members of your household to hide in this room in case burglars or other intruders break in.

Secure your home and hard-earned property in this room, away from intruders’ sight. This room should have a landline phone and flashlight for easy access to help needed. Propel doors on hinges that swing in an outer fashion. These doors are harder to break into, as compared to doors that swing inside the room.

Keep the existence of your safe room a secret to other people, even to your entrusted neighbors. Keep the safe room’s door locked and put the key in a secure place. It’s better to take additional safety precaution and think one step ahead of intruders.

Smartphone as a Security Camera

You may install alarm systems on your smartphone security camera to easily avoid crimes before they occur. The alarm systems call your attention when an intruder is suspected to have been lurking around in your home.

A smartphone security camera lets you observe the surroundings of your home, on the go. You may easily spot possible crimes from your bedroom, or even when you’re out of the house! The smartphone doubles as a device you can easily use to make calls to authorities, once you detect a suspicious activity in your home’s surroundings.

Don’t forget to leave your smartphone’s number to loved ones and friends, too. Doing so will allow these people to easily reach you if they suspect an intrusion in your home that you may not be aware of.

Secrecy and Hidden Cameras for a Good Purpose

Avoid talking about a planned vacation in advance with other people. You just never know when word about your vacation will spread to possible intruders’ knowledge. Avoid talking about your vacation plans when eavesdropping is highly possible. Safeguarding hidden home security to ensure family’s safety maximizes home security without any extra inconveniences.

Hidden home surveillance cameras help you outsmart intruders when they attempt a break-in, even while you’re not at home. Not knowing you have cameras in your home disarms intruders from smartly navigating your home for intrusion. Think the way they think, and craft your own strategies to combat their presence.

Emergency Supply Kit Survival

Maintain home security against an earthquake by keeping an emergency supply kit. The kit should have 1.9 liters of drinking water, and other water supplies for hygiene and miscellaneous uses.

Always be prepared in case an earthquake destroys your home. The emergency supply kit tools should give you all the things you need to survive if you lose your home. Prepare the emergency supply kit in advance to have it ready before earthquakes even occur.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher within Easy Reach

Place your fire extinguisher, preferably within easy reach. You never know when a fire will strike. Better keep the essentials within easy reach to avoid panicking when it a fire does strike.

Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with how to use a fire extinguisher in advance to prep yourself in case disaster strikes.

Halt Mail Delivery

Look at all angles when implementing awareness on how to keep home safe from intruders.

Enhance home privacy and security by halting your mail delivery while you’re away on vacation. Cripple the intruders of possibly finding ways to pretend to be a mailman to break into your home.

Ask your entrusted neighbor to immediately report to authorities any suspicious mail delivery activities detected while you’re away.

You may want to consider having your mail delivered to a neighbor’s home while you’re on vacation. Make sure to inform all your mail contacts about the temporary address you’d like your mail to be delivered to, if you decide to push through doing this.

Ensure home security by being courageous enough to learn the ropes of combating disaster-causing events. Your efforts can go a long way in securing your entire household’s well-being on a long term basis. Do what you need to do before it’s too late. Remember, one careless move may instantly cause a lot of severe damages more than you can handle.

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5 thoughts on “7 No-Hassle Tricks to Keep Your Home Secured 24/7

  • August 31, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    We do most of these things already, but I like the idea of the safe room. Sorta like a 'panic room'.

  • August 13, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Never broadcast anything that you don't want the world to know. Once it's posted it is there forever.

  • August 13, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    Good reminders. I wonder, though, with shortage of police in many areas and rising crime rates, whether the police would have the manpower or time to even do a drive by to check on your home.

  • August 13, 2014 at 8:09 am

    With social media so much used nowdays not checking into 4square and advertising your where abouts as well as not tweeting or posting on facebook and instagram. It always amazes me what people share so easily.


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