8 Effective Tips To Control Mosquitoes In Garden


The menace which mosquitoes create in your surroundings is not an unfamiliar occurrence for you. This is especially common in the damp areas or the places which witness frequent rainfalls. Nothing turns you off more than a swarm of flying mosquitoes buzzing around you just when you are having that relaxing cups of coffee in your garden on a certain evening after work. Not only do they disrupt your day to day working, but are also notorious for spreading various diseases which could lead to perilous consequences. Not to mention the inflammation they cause on the skin which leads to a deathly itching as well as a red rashes.

Here are a few tips as to how to control mosquitoes in your garden effectively

  1. Get rid of sources of standing water

    Mosquitoes are known to breed in and around stagnant water. Therefore, guard your house against standing water anywhere – bathroom, water accumulated at the backyard, swimming pool , pits near your house, even water tanks which attract a lot of mosquitoes since there is a vast number of germs breeding inside. Be very careful if your house area is a low lying area, since during rainfall, water logging at certain spots leads to stagnant water at many places. It is for this reason that the countryside places are mosquito induced since the maintenance level there is not as high as the niche towns.

  2. Wear Light Colored Clothes

    It has been observed that dark tones of color like black, brown, royal blue and others are the ones which attract the mosquito’s big time. So, especially when you’re outdoors in the evening, wear light shades like pink, lemon yellow, baby blue, peach, white, sea green and other pastel shades which are effective in keeping away the mosquitoes. Not only this, they are also effective in making you feel lighter, cooler and more comfortable during a hot and humid weather.

  3. Essential Oils Help In Warding Off Mosquitoes

    If you are looking out for some natural remedies to ward off mosquitoes and do not intend to use mosquito sprays, fearing the harmful chemicals it contains, then here is a tip. Get some lemon grass oil and peppermint oil from the nearest store. Mix 100 ml of both the oils in a small bottle and shake well. Apply on your body before sleeping or even while going for your regular routine evening jog. The staunch smell of the oils repels the mosquitoes greatly and they fly away from whichever area smells of these oils. If you do not buy the idea of applying the oils on your body, then buy some candles which are burnt using essential oils and light candles in your house using this oil. The atmosphere would feel much conducive than before.

  4. West Nile Disease

    West Nile disease is a fatal disease which is very common in the North America and it is caused by a mosquito bite. The disease has a mortality risk and as if the infection caused in the body reaches the brain, the victim dies. The risk is the highest during early fall and late summers when people tend to get careless and relaxed about mosquito protection. However, the medical researchers in North have observed that the chances of West Nile disease in a more severe form increases with the people who are stung by mosquitoes late in summers.

  5. Stay out of the garden when mosquitoes are most active

    Mosquitoes are usually very active either after sun down or early morning during the wee hours. So, one way to protect yourself from the mosquitoes is to stay away from your garden or any other mosquito induced place at those times when the risk of their presence of the highest. However, if you do not wish to restrict yourself or your family members, then instead of the regular measures, go for more natural gardening or organic gardening which usually involves the use of organic manure and other ingredients for keeping the grass and plants healthy but have a peculiar smell which drives mosquitoes away.

  6. mosquito net
  7. Make Use Of mosquito Mesh Nets

    While sleeping you are inactive and also unaware of the presence of any disturbances around you. And it is then, when you are most defenseless that mosquitoes attack you as they would get to suck your blood peacefully without receiving any defense in return. Therefore, choose to cover your bed with a mesh net whenever you are sleeping. Go for the ones which are fixed one time and do not require to be removed every day. The tiny holes in the net would give you the much needed oxygen while efficiently protecting you against mosquitoes.

  8. When Outdoor, Choose A Breezy Spot

    You must have observed that mosquitoes always fly to places which do not have proper circulation of air since their body weight is minimal and they cannot cover long distances. Therefore, mosquitoes are never able to fly very far. So, when you are outdoors, choose a place which is breezy in order to keep the mosquitoes at bay. If you are in sitting in a park, go for the spot which is right under the densely lush tree so that even if the breeze is light, you get to experience the soothing wind as well as keep yourself guarded against mosquitoes.

  9. Remember To Change Water Of the Bird Bath

    The small place where water is accumulated for the purpose of creating a bird bath is surely a thoughtful way of helping out the thirsty birds during summers. However, always remember to replace the water there with fresh water at an interval of 2-3 days as after that germ build up would increase leading to breeding of mosquitoes.

Jaden Sanders is a blogger. He likes to blog about tips and tricks to keep animals away from home and garden.

4 thoughts on “8 Effective Tips To Control Mosquitoes In Garden

  • April 20, 2014 at 1:17 am

    Another frequently over-looked harbinger of standing water are rain gutters – keep them cleaned out to avoid water damming up against clogs of leaves – and don't forget the downspout opening inside the gutter.

  • February 28, 2014 at 2:37 am

    I rarely get mosquito bites I don't know why but they hate me!! Thanks for the tips!!

  • February 27, 2014 at 7:04 am

    5 is the obly one that works for me I truly believe some attract them more than others and they sure like me!


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