8 Most Useful Weapons For The Apocalypse

The idea of an impending Apocalypse has spread like a flame across the world and gave birth to a movement of preppers – people who are preparing for imminent doomsday. Their focus is to gather as much gear and supplies as possible before the unfortunate events begin. Those supplies include food and fresh water, aid kits, tools and so on – basically everything you would need to survive. But one of the most important things that preppers buy are weapons. Whether it’s a zombie Apocalypse that’s coming, an emergency caused by natural disasters or any other kind of doomsday scenario, weapons are essential in defending yourself and your family.  Here are some of the best weapons on the market that will keep you safe during Apocalypse.

Remington 870

This is a 12 gauge shotgun that’s perfect for survival. It’s able to do a lot of damage fairly precisely – it’s not the most accurate firearm available but people buy it for the sheer destruction that it does. Even a warning shot can scare intruders away but in case that they continue advancing towards you, you can shoot them and stop any attack before it even happens. It’s also fairly cheap and available to civilians.


Avtomat Kalashnikova or AK 47 is one of the most popular weapons out there. It’s sometimes called a $10 weapon of destruction. It’s a Russian weapon chambered with a .762 ammunition. It comes in many versions that you can choose from but the power of it is amazing. It will provide you with maximum protection while giving enough space between you and the danger.


This is one of the most popular weapons in the US and a Civilian version of M16. One of the best versions that you can find is Bushmaster AR 15 chambered in .223 cal which comes with an adjustable stock and a convertible handle which can be used with accessories on the Picatinny rail. “It’s perfect because it can shoot long range, preventing you from getting too close to danger. It’s efficient, safe, and it would work perfectly in a zombie Apocalypse scenario. “ says Alan Jones, a Prepperdness writer from Writemyx and OriginWritings.

Colt M1911

This is a semi-automatic, .45 caliber pistol designed by John Browning in 1911. Many countries are using this weapon in their military and for a reason. It’s strong, durable and it can product you in all kinds of scenarios. Since it’s so available, you’ll have no problem getting it no matter where you are.


This weapon was designed in 1990 and it’s chambered with 5.7 ammunition. It’s easy to use with little recoil, bullpup style and ergonomic design. It has Cmore red dot sight, laser and a flashlight. The magazine has 50 rounds  which means that you’ll be well protected in case of danger. This weapon would be good in most scenarios, keeping you safe and saving you time with its ease of use and a large magazine.

Glock 27

This is a sub compact,.40 caliber concealed carry gun. This is the best gun to have on hand – reliable, strong and easy to carry. It’s a semi automatic, small and powerful, easy to hide, carry and fire. Glock 27 is a favourite among law enforcement and special forces. You do need a permit for this weapon since it’s a concealed weapon. Various states and countries have different rules and regulations concerning the concealed weapons so check with your officials. This is a perfect gun in emergencies.


This is a good companion for the Glock. It has a. 40 caliber, a laser and a flashlight which makes it great to keep in a night table. In case of emergencies, this gun will prove as extremely useful and safe for use. You can sleep soundly knowing that this weapon is next to you.


“This is an unconventional yet useful weapon against all kinds of dangers. It won’t be as safe as a shotgun would be since you have to get fairly close to danger in order to eliminate it but it’s effective and it does a lot of damage. It has great sharpness and strength as well as style with a curved blade, light weight and a long grip.”says Hugh Fullerton, a survival blogger from 1day2write.


While the Apocalypse isn’t coming any time soon, being prepared is always a good idea. Having a sturdy and reliable weapon can make you feel more at peace, knowing that you will remain protected no matter what happens.

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Joel Syder works as a business analyst and writer with AcademicBrits. His main goal is to help people realize their potential in IT. He also likes to write articles on topics he cares about like prepping for doomsday and sustainable living.

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