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Aftermath Automobiles: 4 Options for Bug-Out Vehicles

It’s hard to overlook the appeal of an automobile if something goes wrong. A good car is one part transport, one part hauler, and one part mobile fortress. Given the sheer amount of vehicles on the market, though, it’s good to know your options for when things go bad and it’s time to bug out. Below are four of the best options for bug-out vehicles, as determined for disaster type.

Short-Term, One-Way Escape: Hybrid SUV

While staying on the grid might rankle a hardcore survivalist, you want to look for high gas mileage in a one-way escape. A good hybrid SUV combines the best of all world when on-road, giving you plenty of room for passengers and gear while still allowing you to go the distance. According to Edmunds, you can expect to get around five hundred miles on a single tank with a 2016 RAV 4, which should get you clear of any disaster.

Short-Term, Off-Road: Traditional Off-Road SUV

Image by allinternet from Pixabay

While a hybrid’s nice for staying on the roads, you’ll need something more rugged if you don’t think the roads will be available. This is perhaps the trickiest category, because you’ll need to consider taking everything you need while still having the full expectation of someday coming home. A traditional off-road SUV can get you there and back again, but be careful—there are plenty of SUVs out there that look rugged but can’t actually leave the road.

Long-Term, Shelter: Minivan

While conversions might offer you more space, you do want something that will keep you on move on a more limited amount of gas, such as a minivan. A modern van not only provides ample space for both passengers and goods, it also has the requisite hookups to provide both power and entertainment for those inside. Consult a car dealer like Woody Sander Ford if you have questions about the available features you need. While vans aren’t ideal for going off the road or long hauls, they can make for a fantastic shelter when you have no other choice.

Long-Term, Shelter Provided: Rugged Truck

You’re looking for a farm truck here, not a luxury model. A good truck can handle a lack of roads, deal with the weather, and provide you with hauling capability. If you have a fallback location—and you should—the lack of passenger space in the cab should become a non-issue. In a worst-case scenario, you can even bring several passengers with you in the truck’s bed. Trucks aren’t always ideal because of their lack of fuel economy and passenger capacity, but they can’t be beat for long-term survival.

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