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One of the most appealing factors of the apocalypse is that it will rid the world of debt. It acts like an equaliser across society meaning that money and wealth are no longer the measure of a man. This also means that all your fancy gadgets and piles of money have no value. A new currency will emerge and at the top of the list will be food and drink. Entertainment may become more popular as the apocalypse ages but to ensure you are wealthy then a large stock of Home brew is a great currency. As escapism people will turn to alcohol to forget the nightmare that this planet has become and with stocks of shops being looted and large brewers out of business then industry will have to begin again.

Home brewing is not as difficult as you would imagine, and it is something that you can easily start today. There is simple instruction here. The most important thing is to source are the materials needed to produce this. A small set up can produce you a batch of 24 bottles every four weeks. A lot of the ingredients you can grow if you have a nice roof garden or greenhouse in your survival camp and of course a natural spring will be useful to supply the water you will need.

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You could even be the first pub in the new world and attract survivors from all around the world, ensuring you charge a good trade on entry to help you build a stockpile of weapons and supplies. You could have your very own bar, complete with hot barmaids and bottled beer. Everyone who is prepared for the zombie apocalypse has seen Shaun of the Dead, owning your own pub just like the Winchester is every man’s dream. Think of it as a way to bring capitalism to the apocalypse and your Steve Jobs, the guy at the top.

One drawback to serving alcohol in the apocalypse may be that the decision to turf someone out onto the street for being a bit too drunk may actually mean they lose their life. A few rooms upstairs just for paying guests may be something you need to consider. Security on the other hand should be simple, get everyone to strip down to basics before entering to ensure no concealed weapons. After a few good trades you will have built up a rather tasty arsenal of weapons to rely on when looters come calling. But most likely people will enjoy your pub and customers will protect this little slice of heaven in a nightmare world.

So forget learning how to change a light bulb and rewire a toaster the skills you need come the apocalypse will be simpler than that. Once you have attempted a few batches you will get more adept at flavouring and ensure that you have different varieties, perhaps a nice fruity batch for the lady survivor and a dark and heavy batch for those hardened road warriors.

You never know, beer might just save your life. Home brewing is a valuable skill that if suddenly over run by looters you will be able to bargain for your life with.

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  • March 14, 2013 at 4:56 am

    I have a friend who has been making her own home brew for about 10 years. She makes some good stuff.

    slehan at juno dot com


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