Apocalypse – Life After the End

Sooner or later, we will find ourselves in a post-apocalyptic world. Our world’s governments are so preoccupied with power and military strength that not fundamentally destroying our world’s society would be considered laziness on their part. As such, it is only reasonable, nay, responsible, to think through some of the potential scenarios we may find ourselves fighting through in our inevitable matrix-like future.

In the wake of total global destruction, our digital infrastructure will surely be destroyed. Amidst the rubble of collapsed skyscrapers and broken bridges, finding a functional ATM would be like finding Elvis. You many think you’ve done it, but you’re actually just a crazy person. Today’s world of online bank transfers and check deposits through our iPhones will be gone. Our items of value will become the tangible items we can gather. Physical resources will be both the point of focus and the point of contention.

In a world that looks like the one from Stephen King’s The Stand, wiping out a thick wallet and thumbing through a wad of hundred dollar bills will get you nowhere, aside from perhaps a swift punch to the head. Paper money will hold zero value. Our money is based on the accepted purchasing power it holds, and in a place with no centralized system of transactions, bank notes would have no such purchasing power.

The most desirable of resources will be those that offer protection, transportation, and communication. Assuming a total breakdown of our political structure, a centralized ruling body will hold no authority, and the task of protecting yourself will rest squarely on your own ability to do so. Guns and ammunition will become some of the most sought after items. But we all know this. It is only natural to want protection in a lawless world. Thinking in a more economic sense, possessing personal weaponry will give you serious bartering power in post-apocalyptic marketplaces, in more ways than one. Not only do you have a precious resource that others would have a real interest in acquiring, but if negotiations go sour, you’ve got a gun. Loose a few rounds in the knee of your foe. Then take what you were trying to barter for in the first place. It’s a lawless realm, take advantage of it!

The ability to travel is also critical in this environment. Property ownership will mean nothing; being able to move from place to place will be the key to survival. Again, without a means of assigning real value to an asset, owning a plot of land or a building in an apocalypse would be worthless. With no forms of public or private transportation services to be found, being without a reliable vehicle will mean you are stranded. Natural resources will dry up quickly in a planet with a scorched sky and barren ground, so moving from one source of nourishment to another will be constant. Inherent in this need for travel will be things like engine parts and fuel. Unless a collection of Good Samaritan’s gets together to re-establish the oil industry, fuels will become a wildly rare and finite resource, more precious than gold. Like with guns and ammunition, if you’ve got fuel, you’ve got the power to negotiate. Brush up on your siphoning skills. You’re going to need them.

The least essential of the major sources of value will come from communication devices, radios, receivers, perhaps even cell phones, assuming our warring world did not turn every satellite orbiting the earth into some kind of missile. Though not directly essential in the hunt for sustenance and personal protection, the ability to connect with others of a similar condition can be important for any kind of long term survival. If there is any hope for some semblance of a civilization in the aftermath of the apocalypse, communication will be a must.

The landscape of our post-apocalyptic world will be chaotic, to be sure. As humanity has grown more and more apart from its hunter gatherer roots, our first response in the event of a collapse of society will be to find things that emulate it; finding a valued currency, a way to establish control and hierarchy. This will take time. While everyone is running around, trying to reestablish order, be sure to arm yourself, find some reliable mode of transportation, and a device to communicate with others; things that have real worth in these times. Even with all this, you may still find yourself at the mercy of total chaos and anarchy, but at least you can shoot someone in the knee if you feel like it.

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  • May 4, 2013 at 6:02 am

    knife, flashlight, shelter, weapons, rope, water and equipment, compass, communition, food and equipment, first aid, etc.


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