Apocalypse Now? 3 Major Ideas Fueling The Boom In Bomb Shelter Building

Bomb shelter building is on the rise once again. It seems that whenever times are uncertain, there are people who will do whatever it takes to make sure they are safe. Understanding why the industry is once more booming means understanding the mindsets of those who build shelters. There are three major factors that are leading to the current boom in bomb shelter building.

The Political Atmosphere
One of the major elements pushing the bomb shelter industry forward continues to be the international political atmosphere. There seems to be more groups than ever that are not only rattling their sabers, but that seem like they have the ability to end life as it currently exists. These groups use the threat of nuclear weapons as part of their grandstanding, but they also seem just crazy enough to use them in the real world. It should come as no surprise that the same industry that was so prevalent during the last era of pending nuclear crisis would be just as active today.

Apocalypse Now

Civil Unrest
The United States seems more divided than it has been in decades. This has led to many feeling more unsafe than ever before. Thanks to a media that is actively pushing a narrative of disunity, there are many who believe that their only chance of long-term survival is to hide and wait out whatever is coming next. While nuclear weapons aren’t usually considered in this scenario, there is a prevalent feeling that society might collapse. Those who have bunkers are often those who are looking at a long game that involves the collapse of the government.

The Big One
Of course, one of the most pressing issues in the minds of many of those who build bomb shelters in the biblical apocalypse. Apocalyptic sermons like those on biblically.com have been all the rage in light of the issues listed above, and many individuals believe that the current events of the world are a sign of the end times. Given the horrific occurrences that are meant to accompany the end of the world in biblical literature, it makes sense that many of those who view scripture as literal would take the steps necessary to provide themselves with some degree of safety.

The bomb shelter industry is booming because people fear the current state of the world. These fears may come because of international incidents, civil unrest, or just deep-seated issues surrounding their faith. No matter the circumstances, though, it is this feeling of deep fear and discomfort that leads to building a bomb shelter.


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