Automated Homestead: 4 Components for Self-Efficiency

If you want to be more self-efficient and self-reliable, there are certain steps that you need to take around your homestead. You may decide that you want to go off the gird or that you just want to have a backup option in place. Here are some of the components that you should consider in order to automate your homestead.

Look to Power Sources

There are a few different options that you can consider when it comes to your power source. The most common is through the use of solar panels. This could be that you install the standard solar panels on your roof or somewhere nearby. Another solution that could be coming is that solar shingles could help to eliminate some of the unsightly panels being placed on your home. There are also wind and water power options that may work depending on the setup of your property.

Water Collection Options

Water collection is another hot button issue when it comes to being more efficient around the house. Rainwater water collection in particular could help to reduce your overall global impact. The most common usage for rainwater collection is with the water required for irrigation purposes. This would eliminate the need for you to waste water just to make sure that your garden had enough. Water purification options may be another consideration if you wanted to use this water inside your home.

Total Integration Techniques

There are systems that can help to maintain the efficiency level of your whole home. These types of systems tend to involve the use of home automation. This is where everything in your home can be routed through a central point. It could control your electrical needs, temperature in your home, and a variety of other possibilities. This would help you to more closely regulate your consumption and make adjustments as needed.

Consider Heating and Cooling

Depending on the climate in which you live, heating and cooling can comprise a large portion of your energy usage. The layout of your home as well as the exterior features make a difference on the amount of energy that’s required to maintain the comfort level of your home. Insulation, roof pitch, color schemes, and window placement all play a factor in your costs. Invest in modern construction techniques so that you can limit your energy needs.

There are tons of factors that play a part in self-efficiency around the homestead. Consider these components and solutions if you want to become more automated around your own home.

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