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Turn Your Basement Into The Ultimate Survival Bunker

In America, 30% of new houses are built with a basement. This can be a perfect space to create the ultimate survival bunker. First though, you will need to make sure that your basement is an airtight, moisture-free area that is equipped with all of the resources to keep you alive for the foreseeable future. Once you have done this, you can then start filling it with your stockpile and your communication resources.

Make sure your basement is free of moisture

Before you start your conversion, you should make sure that your basement is completely free of moisture. Damp causes mold which can trigger breathing difficulties and allergies. Bearing in mind that you may be spending several months or even longer in your basement and you don’t want damp to affect your long term health. Your basement will need to be air tight if you want to ensure that there is no possibility of air leaks from nuclear fallout, or the possibility of toxic gases or infectious diseases getting in. It is only once your space is airtight you can start to purify the air. Using an activated carbon filter is your best way of doing this.

Securing a water resource

One of the essentials to survival is to have an incoming water resource in your basement. Bear in mind that if there is major social collapse, you may not be able to rely on municipal water supplies. However if there is access to municipal water, see if it is possible to include a shallow well in your basement. Remember that if you dig too deep, you might be compromising the foundations of your house. Once you have a well, you will then be able to use a hand pump to draw supplies when you need it. You may also want to put by a small area for water purification, so that you can reuse water that has been used for cooking and washing. Urine can also be purified ready for drinking in the same way.

Considering food production

Although you will have accumulated a stockpile of dried and tinned goods, this will only last a finite length of time. You should consider how you can produce your own food whilst in your survival bunker. One option to produce biomass is to keep insects. Crickets, grubs, ants and other insects can easily be kept in boxes and fed on scraps from your kitchen. These can provide a vital food source and provide plenty of protein. They can also be ground into flour to make bread. Another food production option is vegetables – sprouts in particular are extremely fast to germinate and they produce a vast number of seeds from a single plant. You can produce several pounds of sprouts from only ¼ lb. of seeds. You will need to equip your bunker with an artificial light source if you are growing vegetables.

Turning your basement into the ultimate survival bunker means that you are going to have to address some of the major practical issues. Once you have done this, you can start addressing what you need for daily living.

Written by Jennifer Dooley

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